Help! Help!! ‘ A woman’s cry for help pierced the evening sky, looking so piercing. When people gathered round one after another, only the woman who fell in the pool of blood was dying, and the assailant had already fled. Who is so vicious that she wants to kill a woman? The woman was quickly sent to the hospital for rescue, and the police began intensive investigation..     After the doctor tried his best to rescue the woman, she was finally out of danger, but there were many wounds on her body. Looking at the wounds on her body, she only felt that the assailant was so cruel. But she asked what kind of person the woman had assassinated her and what kind of rancor she had with that person. The woman only shook her head desperately but refused to reveal any information with her mouth closed.. Who on earth is so vicious?     After careful investigation, the police finally caught the murderer. It turned out that the murderer was none other than a woman’s ex – husband. As the saying goes, ” One day, one hundred days of husband and wife is good”. Besides, they are more than just one day of husband and wife? There is also a lovely son! Even if you don’t think about your old love, you should also take into account that she is the mother of your son. This identity is not so cruel! What is the reason for the former husband to hate his wife so much and kill her??     It’s a long story. Things have to start N years ago. Zhang Fan, a handsome man, was introduced to a girl named Cai Yan at the age of marriage, that is, the woman who fell in a pool of blood as mentioned earlier.. The girl looks small and exquisite, making the man feel love at first sight. In order to catch up with the girl he loves, the man tries his best to show his good side and won the girl’s heart soon.. The day of love is sweet. After a period of contact, the relationship between the two people is getting warmer and warmer, and they are really inseparable like peas and carrots.. Their marriage was on the agenda, and with the blessing of relatives and friends, they stepped onto the red carpet and entered the door of marriage.. When they really entered the marriage, the life of daily necessities diluted the veil of mystery and passion in the past, making the two men jostling and bickering incessantly.. Sometimes when a man’s sails are not working well, he will also add his fist to a woman’s Cai Yan. It is said that marriage is the tomb of love, but this tomb has also come a little too soon, and women feel unwilling to marry such a man because they have lost their eyes.. However, the day still needs to pass, and the arrival of my son in the collision will inject fresh vitality into this small family. With children, there will be more laughter and laughter. Children are the treasure of parents’ hands and hearts. Men like Zhang Fan love their children more than anyone else..     If you have more children, you will spend more money. If you open your eyes every day, you will need money. Life will be tight.. In the face of the reality of embarrassment, can feelings be used as food? The quality of marriage also requires certain financial support. Looking at the increasingly tight funds at hand, women also become nagging, and men who have always been extravagant feel that it is boring to earn so little money by going to work and never have a day of success, always fantasizing about falling pie in the sky.. After careful observation, Zhang Fan, a man, crouched at the door of the bank on this day, saw a woman dressed in fashionable looks and carrying a fashion bag leave the ATM and rushed forward to quickly take away the woman’s bag. The rich woman was stunned by the present scene, shaking her body like wrecks. This is the hard-earned money of the factory workers, waiting for her to react and desperately call” Robbed, Catch Thieves!! With the concerted efforts of all, the case soon broke down. This also gave Zhang Fan a ten-year prison sentence. A long decade! For that little money, put your youth and family in, is it worth it? What an asshole!     Within the high wall, Zhang Fan’s biggest concern was his infant son, who felt sorry for his son and hoped his wife would raise him well until he was released from prison.. People have feelings. I will treat you well even better than you treat me well.. However, Zhang Fan did not cherish his wife before and even took her as his punching bag, so that when he went to prison, his wife filed for divorce and left her son to her in-laws to find her happiness again.. The woman Cai Yan was angry in her heart and didn’t treat herself well. Although the child was innocent, she saw that the man was in prison at this time and she seemed to be liberated and didn’t want the child to drag herself down any more.. The pain in Zhang Fan’s heart inside the high wall, hate oneself unwillingly and hate his wife for abandoning her family, secretly planted the seeds of hatred in her heart and vowed to revenge her after she was released from prison..     The ten-year sentence is long and short, but the ten-year prison term did not make Zhang Fan repent, and he always felt that he hated his ex-wife and that he did not want to leave his family and son.. He swore in his heart that the first thing to get out of prison was to find his ex – wife. He wanted to settle accounts with her and revenge her. The seeds of hatred gradually took root in his heart.. In a twinkling of an eye, Zhang Fan was released from prison this day, and he did not forget his oath.     After ten years of separation, he came out of prison and found that everything was different and his ex-wife did not know where he was.. People who would have repented will walk their bright life rationally and surely after the previous lesson. But Zhang Fan is different. He hates, hates his ex-wife and hates the world. He wants revenge. His hatred has taken root in his heart.. A person who wants to do one thing will always find a solution to the problem. After several days of detailed investigation, he found out his ex-wife’s work unit. On her way home from work, we saw the first scene.     If good returns good and evil returns evil, hatred will germinate in the heart. Hate mentality will not solve the problem, and it will ultimately hurt you.. Waiting for Zhang Fan will be deliberately killing people and accepting legal sanctions. As for Cai Yan, he shirked the responsibility of being a mother and got retribution. His physical injury can be healed slowly, but he ate the pain, but the trauma of his heart is the pain that will never fade away..