The simplest emotion in mother’s philosophy is the greatest emotion.     The author writes that her mother is a honest plowman. She, like all ordinary people, has no grandiloquence, no great creation to make the earth quake and cry for ghosts and gods.. She just did her duty as a mother, having children and toiling on the yellow land. Although she has reached the age, she still can’t leave the farm work. Several of our younger siblings advised her, ” Don’t do it again if your body is so damaged.”. But she just refused and said, ” What do I eat when I leave the ground?”? The plowman depends on the ground. Mother still didn’t listen to us. In spring, my mother was busy drying seeds, turning dung and picking up stones in the fields, and just planted the four fields again. Every time I see her exhausted and powerless appearance, I feel a pain in my heart. I’m asking myself: can’t I really let my mother rest? But my persuasion made soup with my mother again.     Mother has deep feelings for the land, and that kind of devotion to the land is enough for us to experience it with all our life’s feelings.. If you don’t say far away, the four acres and six parts of my family have always been accompanied by my mother’s shadow since the fixing of production quotas, and they can’t be torn apart.. Each season has its own life. Light work is attached to heavy work, while dirty work is attached to hard work, which can’t be finished all year round.. I rarely see that day as a day of rest for my mother. Cadres have plenty of weekends, but her weekends are printed on the calendar on that page? I still can’t find it. When she was busy, she got up and went to bed in the middle of the night, but she just didn’t say a word of rejection.. In the world, there is a kind of person who is willing to take his career as his life’s goal to operate faithfully, but in his mother, I have seen such a deep-rooted tenacious will to bear the weight of life.. If you don’t fall down one day, you will send the sun home comfortably and let the joy of the children on the kang send her sorrow away. Another bright day, her silhouette was painted into a beautiful picture in the field.     The concept of philosophy in a bowl of water palm is obvious. My mother has a very good reputation in the village, and she is also very measured in handling the relationship between neighbors. In her words,’ a bowl of water is smooth’. I don’t know whether this is called philosophy or not, but this subtle emotional change in life is not compatible with philosophy, but I think it is extremely human and even equal to philosophy.. Any preaching is futile and will not be known without experience. There is a woman in the neighbor’s house who is very fierce. To tell the truth, I don’t like her very much.. But on the day of the mill, my mother asked me to help. I still murmured in my mouth that I would not leave, and my mother was in a hurry: ” Go, everyone has a busy schedule.”. My mother seemed to see what was on my mind. She said, ” Even if she is not good, I’ll take our road.”. I have nothing to say, so I have to be poor. This is actually a kind of mind. She can tolerate other people’s shortcomings and mistakes, put her conscience on both ends of the scale, and let others say on the merits that she will not do that kind of wicked thing.. Once I went to the field to drain the water, but when there was water left, it did not flow. It turned out that someone else had taken it away.. The water was put in order. It’s someone else’s turn to miss the date.. I was very angry and ready to ” repair” this rogue bastard, but my mother stopped me: ” Forget it, what are you doing?”! You can’t put it in the daytime or in the evening. Don’t you just sleep a little less? ‘ in this way, a fierce fight in her tolerance and understand. No matter how big a thing is, it will become smaller and smaller as soon as she says it will become smaller and smaller.. I remember the years when life was tense. In spite of the difficulties in life, my mother was willing to do a good job of entertaining people.. The meal for the cadres in the team was made separately by their mother, without our share. If there is a share left for the cadres, the mother will give several to our younger siblings, tasting the offerings in general and drooling over the food, and there is no spare share.. White flour was very rare and luxurious food at that time and was usually used to entertain people.. Our main grain is corn flour and highland barley flour. The scene changed only after the land was contracted. Once I went home to visit relatives and bought some rare fruits in the countryside, such as oranges, bananas and watermelons, my mother went to give them to the neighbors to taste. I said, ” Forget it, it’s not much at all. Keep it for yourself.”. Mother lightly chastised: ” Less food, less melon seeds do not satisfy people’s hearts.”. ‘ three times five divided by two, I came to filial piety as my mother’s food was shared by her to the neighbors.I think, yes, we are often not around. We have a headache and a hot brain, which can not be hydrolyzed from near thirst.. As the saying goes, 300 taels of silver will buy the neighbors and 200 taels of silver will buy the village. Sitting on the kang with a shout, there will be an echo. Mother always takes care to take care of everything, and takes others to heart first, preferring to suffer herself rather than let others suffer.. When she really saw something unusual, she simply said, ” Old days have eyes.”.     I rarely see my mother when she is angry without angry words. I think she is indeed a traditional Chinese woman with a good wife and a good mother.. Don’t feel inferior because of your humble origins, or get carried away because of your temporary determination.. She has always been a workhorse plowing diligently and steadily.. Don’t envy luxury, also don’t disdain clean. If you are sleepy, lie down for a while and do it again. There’s no big deal in this world. People say I’m bad. You just say it, and it doesn’t affect my three meals a day.. When something went wrong, she still showed such a peaceful tone and put her anger into her stomach. She doesn’t feel sad at all. She often stands in the position of a third party and looks at problems. In the present words, it is called’ empathy’. Whenever there is any contradiction in the neighborhood, as long as she comes forward, it will always be dirty in clearing up the flow and turning the fighting into a peace.. I often see a lot of people the size of her telling her their grievances. When I came, I had a sad face, and when I went, I strolled around.. Some of the younger siblings were not strict in discipline and showed no weakness in quarreling with others, so they could not refrain from swearing, and their mother said with a straight face: ” I told you not to say that kind of angry words.”. Said what’s the use, will only hurt people. The bee didn’t have a mouth and hurt people with its buttocks.. I don’t quite understand this kind of angry words. I guess my mother’s main idea is’ too much’,’ too much’ and’ too much’ and’ people won’t be spared.. For example, the harsh language with sarcasm and obscenity used in swearing: ” I X Your Ancestor””’ Broken Root’ and so on. Mother is the most taboo to say such a thing. Although she didn’t fully understand the word ” civilization”, she thought it was impossible to scold, and people were afraid of hurting trees and skin.. This kind of angry words, perhaps is angry head of a person’s privacy into the depths of the Juebi. From my mother’s point of view, it is not only impossible to say, but also damaging others and myself.. The one who lost his life is too unique. This gives us a kind of ” Q – style” spiritual law. When our dignity is humiliated by others, we are far from being able to treat others in their own way.. As soon as other people’s rude words and dirty words are exported, we are like a dumb gun, swallowing their anger and letting go of the’ son scolding Lao Tzu’. In fact, this way of treating people is a pure farming civilization. The countryside is a little vulgar, but the elegant thing still reflects its light. Who would have thought that this kind of atmosphere and tolerance came entirely from the inheritance of my kind-hearted mother. If you want to build a monument, this glory should be worthy of her. We should also be grateful to the land that Huang Tian did not live up to.     When I was a child, I didn’t know much about the word ” duty”. This is also a word my mother often said in her mouth.. I often hear her say: People should do things according to their duty. The general understanding is not to cause trouble or make trouble at home. As a matter of fact, this duty is a rule of life. In my mother’s place, the meaning of this duty is wide and wonderful.. For example: Eat’ Big Pot Meal’ At that time, the life of hundreds of people was very tense, and it was often heard that food was stolen from the yard of the production team.. My mother has repeatedly urged us to ” do our duty” and not even let us pick up the beans that fell off the edge of the field. When our family’s things were stolen, my mother explained it differently.. My family has a yard of apricots, which can stand alone after years of success. After all, there are still some pocket money.. At the time of wheat and yellow June, apricot seeds were ripe, and Chengcheng Huang’s branches were full of trees. At first glance, people could not stop drooling.. Because the courtyard walls are low, greedy’ lazy cats’ will take advantage of it. Although we were also relatively tight – guarded, some people climbed up the tree and even walked around after eating.. When we see it, we scold it. Mother will stop us: ” Let them eat a few. Who doesn’t like it?”? ‘ When the apricot thief heard my mother’s words, he obediently went down the tree, bowing and apologizing to my mother: ” Who let your apricot be so yellow, three old ladies?”! My mother has a large number of generations in the village, and the disciples and grandchildren of the younger generation often look at each other with ease and eat whenever they want, and my mother doesn’t really take them to task.. Another meaning of duty is not to lie. Once I borrowed money from the school exam to collect the examination paper fee, which was obviously only 50 cents, but I made a false statement of two dollars..This matter was later known by my mother, calling me irresponsible, lying at an early age and doing serious things when I grow up. I regretted for a while that my mother was my mother. What she taught us from an early age was what we didn’t learn in textbooks.. However, it is so simple and simple a few words, even oneself all think those words are not important, say it, listen to is your business, don’t listen to is my business. The subtle spirit of seeing is precisely those simple and simple words that are deeply imprinted in my heart, showing a greatness in the ordinary and showing a kind of fraternity in the care, which has affected my life..     Zip code: 730500 Tel: 15025837280 Address: 16 # 251 Zizhuyuan, Lintao County, Gansu Province