August 29 electric Recently, a US third grade math papers, causing hot Internet users。
According to Canadian homes reported that the students correctly answered the two channels is 2 points out of the question, but go deducted 1 point each。
Problem 1 students "duplicate addition" is equal to 3 is calculated by a few 5, the second questions requires them to draw a 4 by 6 "array (matrix)"。 Problem 2, students drew a portrait 6 rows of four points, the teacher again minus 1 point, and the right picture 4 rows of 6 points。 Some netizens analysis, said: "There is no long-lived in English-speaking countries, it is difficult to understand the problem……In English-speaking countries, often we see the ad with the words 2 ×, 3 × and the like。 What means?That is two-fold, 3-fold meaning。
But never seen written × 2, × 3 of。 Thus in the context of English, a 3 × 3 5 5 5 3 instead of。 "But the friends that" this matter does not blame students。 Blame the teacher taught inadequately。
"Some netizens completely disagree with the teacher wrong judgment:" Although the English language 5 × 3 read fivetimesthree, sounds like 3 appeared five times, but can also be read into fivemultipliedbythree, meaning 5 Repeat 3 times。
"User Cranky24-7 wrote:" This is a good example of destroying the child self-confidence。 Perhaps the child is really smart, perhaps the thought did not box, I did not need points。 You can sit down and tell the child, telling him made according to standard methods to answer。 But here, I do not see what students need to do the interpretation by the teacher。 On "reddit platform, users mixed reactions。 (Screenshots) Some friends address him: "This is simply philosophical university exams, just like to say at the differences and similarities between birds and aircraft。
"Chairman of the US National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Xidai An Bly Wales, said:" We teach children things that are a part of is to let them learn to solve problems, there are thinking。 We want students to know what they are doing, not just arrive at the correct answer。 "Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

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