This pair of embroidered shoes in his hand is very small, green, and the thread on the white lotus petal has broken a lot, mother said. This can’t be taken, throw it away! However, I still hold tightly in my hand, hold tightly in my hand, and never give up, because this is the only gift you give me.     The memory of you almost stayed when I was eleven years old. You were very strong at that time, always wearing a blue cotton-padded jacket with broken flowers, a pair of grey breeches, a pair of black Beijing cloth shoes, and your white hair was behind you.. You still walk like a flying horse, but the once straight waist was already bent a lot at that time. It was the first time I saw you. I really have memories of you and know that you are my grandmother. Before that, my memories of you should be said to be blank.. Before your death, you loved to do needlework, and everyone in the village knew that you were good at workmanship and that embroidered shoes were also the most beautiful.     Now, you’ve been away for six or seven years, and I’ve grown up too. I didn’t personally take you on the final journey at the time of your final death, which can be said to be one of my regrets in this life.. Because I live in the same room with you, I can always see you doing sewing under the oil lamp. I remember when my father said your eyes were not good, so don’t do it.! But you just scolded 1 and then continued to do it. I looked at you from the side and took the flower mirror to do it seriously under the oil lamp. If you don’t watch the clock, you will still stick to those already withered hands..     I remember when you touched my head and shoved the shoes into my hand. I also shrugged off them and turned to my father. Now, I think again that it was really unreasonable at that time. I don’t know if you drove them out overnight.! It’s a long worry! Now Dad has also gone to heaven with you. Did you see him! If you see him, please bring me a greeting!     Time has gone so fast, and now I also know the bitterness of family separation. Looking at this pair of embroidered shoes, tears trickle down on the broken lotus, but the love never broke because of this line. I have never sent you a gift, so let this simple text bring my late love and this pair of embroidered shoes bring me deep concern. If you see the same shoes in heaven, please put the broken lotus on a new link.. Okay?