I have been to the grasslands, I have been to the desert, and I have also been to Yuan Ye in the western part of the country. However, I have not seen the flowers.. Maybe she doesn’t drive on the earth, but in people’s hearts.     When the milking grandmother dragged the child around the yurt, the child said with begging eyes. ‘ Ma, I want to go to school.”. Ah Ma was holding an empty purse, helplessly looking at the distance. At this time, the flowers of Gesang were blossoming! Sends infinite hope, lets the child enter the school. Ah Ma smiled. The helplessness on his face drifted away with the cloud over the grassland. The child smiled and turned his head on the grass.     In the snowy season, Abba and her children languished in the cold felt room without cotton-padded clothes and red fire.. Only gusts of cold wind whipped Abba’s heart. Abba whispers silently, ” Children, how do you get to the school near here without cotton-padded clothes?”. At this time, the flowers of Gesang were blossoming! A thick cotton-padded jacket and a lot of wood and carbon were brought in. Abba smiled, warmed up the carbon fire and smoothed out the crepe on his face. The child smiled and built a snowman in front of the school.     The school’s house is broken. It doesn’t block the wind or rain.. His sad face is like a rolling dune. Mr long sigh: ” alas! Such a house, let children how to study”. At this moment, the flowers of Gesang were blossoming! Wood, cement and white ash were delivered. Mr. Wang smiled, his face was sad, and with the white ash on the wall, he stretched out to his heart’s content.. The child smiled, his tender little hand rubbed the bright glass on the window..     Textbooks are old and knowledge is about to be updated. Abba and Abba look at Mr. with eager eyes, Mr. with helpless eyes, and the child looks at the old textbooks on the desk with eager eyes.. This boundless depression pervades the school. At this time, the flowers of Gesang were blossoming! New textbooks and new knowledge were delivered. Abba smiled, her mother smiled, her husband smiled, and the children laughed!!! The laughter echoed in the blue sky for a long time.     In this holy place of religion, I didn’t see people’s obeisance to idols in their hearts. But I saw the people’s great love for Gesang flowers. When people worship Gesang flowers as gods, they also kindle my incomparable respect.. Galsang flower! The Gersang Flower in People’s Hearts!