What to eat to grow taller girl and development?Girls hope that they can grow tall, that you want to know the girls develop eating what you grow taller?Following small talk to a girl with you exactly what to eat to grow taller useful to develop it。
What to eat to grow taller girl and development 1, spinach。 Spinach is rich in iron and calcium, favorable long high。 Many children do not like to eat spinach, so do not make salad, fried rice can be cut into filaments, or in the kimbap plus inside。
2, black beans。 Soy protein is recognized as the food, the higher the protein content of black beans, and it is conducive to the growth of good food。 When added to the list to make rice, or ground into soy milk drink can。
3, chicken。 Most children like to eat chicken。 Into different seasonings baked chicken let children eat can not stop。
Gravy or added to salads, chicken protein-rich mother could give a child in chicken, help children's growth and development。 4, milk。 Inside the nutrient-rich milk, and this element is also rich in calcium, and milk easily absorbed by children。
Although drinking milk does not guarantee the president high, but the lack of calcium in the body is certainly not grow。 So drink milk is no harm in。
Drink 3 cups of milk can be taken to growing the necessary daily calcium。 What to eat to grow taller girl and development 5 eggs。 Eggs are a high-protein food。 Many children like to eat eggs, especially egg whites are rich in protein, it is very conducive to the child's growth。
Some mothers worry about cholesterol in egg yolk contains not good for children, but in the formative years of a child without worrying about cholesterol, eat 1 a day?2 eggs is more appropriate。
6, carrot。
Rich in vitamin A, protein synthesis can help。
Children generally do not like to eat a piece of carrot, it can be made into different dishes。
For example, juice drink, if you do not like carrot juice, juice may taste together with apples and carrots。 In addition shredded carrots can do chicken, pork, beef fried together, so not only can children seasoning, nutrition and more abundant。

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