When combing or shampooing, the hair falls one by one, looking in the mirror, the hair turns white one by one, and the bags under the eyes become bigger day by day.. Pick up the hair, drag the white hair, lost, helpless, sad, bouts of attack on my heart.   The youth years seem to be just yesterday, how to say old is old? I always reflect on the way I have travelled when I lament the unrelenting nature of the years.. He has a strong temper, impatience and outspoken speech. He always has words to say to leaders and colleagues, never hides anything, and always wants to pursue perfection for something. As a result, he often gets tired, hurts his feelings and even bears resentment..   With the growth of age and the enrichment and comprehension of life experience, I feel I have learned a lot of temper and matured a lot, but it is not enough to calm down and think about it..   Looking at the women around me who are gentle, cool and quiet, I envy and gasp in admiration, much more enlightening and urging. I know very well that calmness is a gesture, a charm, an empty spirit, a quality, a feeling, a distinctive grace, a light and elegant cloud, an intriguing simplicity, and a beauty of returning to simplicity and truth.. They are cool and idle, calm and elegant, quiet and beautiful like autumn leaves, giving people peace, but full of skill, composure, sincerity and beauty..   With this idea, I try my best to change myself. So, I often said to myself, to be a quiet woman, try my best not to get bored or annoyed, not to be impatient or impatient, not to fight or rob. Based on personal reality, do not pursue high taste, do not participate in flashy things, do not compare with high or low taste, do not care about personal gains and losses, lead a good life calmly, work hard with your husband and your son, and have a clear conscience.. Don’t be vigorous, just be safe and happy. In life, not make – up, let nature take its course, as long as it is clean, agile and generous. In the conversation, there is no need to talk too much, the voice does not need to be high, the face always smiles, and it is true to treat others.   I often tell my husband to be a quiet woman, let him feel the warmth and sweetness of love at home, let him remind me, ” supervise” me and encourage me. Have their own preferences, principles, beliefs and pursuits, do not rush for quick success and instant benefits, do not exaggerate and frivolous, be modest and calm. Whether things are big or small, whether things are good or bad, be calm inside and calm and gentle in manner. Learn to understand, learn compassion, learn gratitude, and learn to repay kindness.   I often say with books that I want to be a quiet woman. After a busy day, on weekends and holidays, we use knowledge to give charm, and use books to spend our leisure time and enrich our hearts.. Hold a favorite book, release your meditation in the flexibility of words, and taste a relaxation of selflessness. Holding the scroll in his hand, he quietly bathed in the fragrance of the book and chewed a pleasurable heart. Or the true feelings are exquisite, or the style of writing is gorgeous, or the lasting appeal is long, reading with the good, thinking at will, feeling with the feeling, recording with one’s inclinations. Because knowledge and literature will give women a kind of wisdom, a kind of romance and a kind of temperament. When a woman falls in love with words, her heart fills with surging passion.   I often tell my friends to be a quiet woman. Again busy also have to make some time to meet friends, go shopping; No matter how busy you are, you have to play the piano, open your melodious voice, listen to the light music, release your mood in the melodious music, and let your mood fly to your heart’s content. Again busy also must use own skillful hand, weaves a pair of gloves, a pair of cotton socks for the family, tasted the achievement joy; When you are happy and sad, you can cry as much as you want and let your tears shed all your sadness. When you lose, don’t hate. When the husband was tired, he smiled calmly at him, served a cup of hot tea, and squeezed his shoulders to make him feel a mild warmth. When the old man was ill, he handed over a pair of hands to help him feel the filial piety of his children. When children are confused, give them a gentle comfort and let them feel growing up in warm arms. When relatives and friends miss you, give them a kind of meeting and send blessings to relatives and friends in the meeting.   I know the years are in a hurry, the years of China are fleeting, and the time is fleeting. What can’t be seen through is the world of mortals, and what can’t be waved is the passing of time.. In fact, life should have been like this. As long as you think your heart is safe, cool and carefree, as long as you can touch your heart is happy.   It’s good to be a quiet woman!     Address: Liu Lijuan, Chengguan Town Central School, neixiang county