No longer young but looking for the feeling of heart beating, I found a way to stimulate me to cross the bridge. Ah, accidentally opened a poem written a few days ago to participate in the bill of crossing the bridge, and my heart flew back to the Longtan Grand Canyon, recalling the unforgettable experience of crossing the bridge. I couldn’t help but feel the surge of emotion and extrapolate my thoughts..     Longtan Grand Canyon is located in Shijing Township, Xin ‘an County, Luoyang City. It is the core scenic spot of Luoyang Daimei Mountain World Geopark, a typical canyon scenic spot dominated by the geological landscape of Hongyanzhang Valley Group.. Across the valley from Guan Xia, Tanbaolianzhu, Wan Ren stands on the wall, and Gorge Valley is secluded. After 1.2 billion years of geological deposition and 2.6 million years of water cutting and erosion, the high gorge, urn valley, landslide and fissure wonders are among the best in the world and rare in the world.. Enjoy’ the First Gorge of China’s Zhang Valley’,’ Ancient Marine Natural Museum’,’ Gorge Exquisite’,’ and’ Yellow River Landscape Gallery’ and other good names.     The high-altitude bridge is located in the last section of the scenic area’ Long Yin Valley’, also known as the high-altitude steel cable bridge, which is erected on two mountains in the north and south. The bridge is made up of two parts, a steel cable bridge and a wooden bridge, with a span of 88 meters from north to south and a height of 36 meters from the ground. The’ Long Yin Valley’ has a relatively open terrain. In addition to the high-altitude bridge, there are also’ The Road of Brave’,’ Rock Climbing’ and other recreational facilities in the scenic area.. The two of us and our friends took advantage of the summer vacation to visit the Grand Canyon. When we arrived here, the two ladies sat down in the long corridor tired and relaxed, and my two male compatriots and I remained in the same mood.. When my friend went to Zhou Xian for a round trip, I challenged the ” Road to the Brave”, which is a road of complex terrain composed of ropes and nets.. I challenge success and my confidence is greatly increased. At this moment, I saw a bridge across the sky and looked down at the people walking on it like ants. It was very breathtaking..     It may also be that I have just challenged the ” road to the brave” and the excitement is not diminished. I have an impulse to think about a bridge at high altitude.. Age is not small, like this kind of young people playing things, I don’t know how to return a responsibility today very much want to play, like young people looking for stimulation, playing heartbeat. Perhaps life at ordinary times is too dull, there is always a feeling of depression in my heart and I want to release it well.     I talked with my wife and said, ” Let’s cross the overpass.”? ‘ My wife got a fright and said, ” I dare not, I am so tall.”! My friend’s wife was also surprised and said, ” It’s so high that I can’t cross it.”. It’s not a problem. There’s a safety belt. It should be very safe! This time I want to go crazy once, otherwise I’m afraid I won’t have a chance to play this thing in my life. ‘ I consult with his wife with a smile.     ‘ Do you really want to go, go with Jianmin elder brother, we don’t have the guts. ‘ wife watched in high spirits, also don’t want to sweep my interest.     Jianmin is my friend. He hesitated with a smile when he heard this.     ‘ go, let’s treat, we buy tickets. ‘ wife encouraged with a smile.     ‘ really, you buy tickets I will lay down their lives to accompany the gentleman! ‘ friends also smiled.     I’m glad to see my friend willing to go. I spent 40 yuan to buy two tickets at once..     Listen to the two women’s exhortations, in their smiling eyes, my friends and I climbed the mountain that built the high bridge with a feeling of unease..     36 meters, it doesn’t sound as if it’s much taller, but looking down from above, it’s horribly tall. There are restrictions on crossing the bridge. Patients with heart disease, myocardial infarction, hypertension, asthma, etc. are not allowed to participate. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to participate in the bridge. Elderly people over the age of 55 and drunk people are not allowed to participate.. There are not many people crossing the bridge today, but they are all young people in their twenties, most of whom are girls. People in their forties like us are just the two of us.. All say girls are timid, but in fact they are not. I have seen bungee jumping, roller coaster and other adventure games before, and there are also many girls playing.. Like this time I found that many girls who had crossed the bridge were wearing slippers, and some wore slippers with very thick soles, which made people look worried. According to the mountain manager, a girl’s shoe fell off today.     Because there are more people playing today, and for the sake of safety, there is a limit to the number of people crossing the bridge every time, we wait in line on it. Looking at the bridge across the two mountains, especially the cable bridge, wobbly, let a person look scared. The bridge is a single line, passing through the wooden bridge and coming back from the iron cable bridge on the opposite mountain.. The bridge bearer came back slowly. The leader was a girl dressed in fashionable clothes. The latter urged her to leave. Her voice trembled and said, ” Don’t push, I’m afraid …” It was our turn to pass and watch the staff put safety belts on us. My heart beat wildly.. I was behind a few young people, and my friends were right behind me. The people in front of me had already stepped onto the wooden bridge. I stood at the edge of the cliff and looked at people like ants below. I felt dizzy and dizzy.. I stood at the edge of the cliff and hesitated for a few seconds, and the staff at the back encouraged me to say, ” Come on, it’s all right.”! ‘ I finally get up the courage to step on the plank bridge.     As soon as I got to the bridge, the suspension cable shook and looked at the height below. My heart was very frightened.. Try to calm myself down, try not to look at the bottom, look at the people in front, pay attention to the bridge deck, and I finally took my steps. After walking for a while, my heart slowly calmed down, and my fear was less. It was more of a stimulating feeling, like walking in the sky, and there was an impulse to sing.     After crossing the plank bridge and reaching the opposite cliff, my friend followed me. The next thing to be crossed is the iron cable bridge, just past the wooden bridge. I feel very excited, and I don’t have too much fear.. However, when we set foot on the cable bridge, the situation was completely different, because we walked fast on the wooden bridge, there were so many people on it when we crossed the cable bridge, and the bridge shook badly..The cable bridge consists of seven wrist – sized cables, five bridge decks and two other handrails. With the shaking of the wire rope, the wire rope standing on the foot below fluctuates up and down, plus the abyss below, the in the mind feels very frightened.. I used to step on an iron rope with two feet, but because the two iron ropes fluctuated up and down, I felt very unstable, so the way I followed was to step on an iron rope and cross the bridge.. Stepping on an iron rope because it is always stretched straight and has less ups and downs, but the next two iron ropes are easy to touch the shoes when they rise and fall, and my shoes are almost knocked off. So when you cross the bridge, your eyes will always be fixed on the front and the iron rope, and you will be afraid of stepping on the empty foot..     As far as possible to stabilize the mind and move forward step by step, the heart also gradually calmed down. By the time we reached the halfway point, all the people in front of us had passed away. There were fewer people on the bridge and the shaking was lighter.. But then there was no one in front of me. I seemed to be crossing the bridge alone. Walking on the bridge, my mood is very complicated. I wonder if I will fall if my hands are loose.? There is also a safety belt on the waist, and obviously it will not fall off. So it’s actually safe to walk on the bridge. All the fears are just the illusion caused by high altitude. They seem very dangerous and can’t pass the danger barrier. In fact, they are just their own psychological effects.. Isn’t it the same in many times of life?? Sometimes feel very depressed, even feel life is coming to an end, but in fact, bullet teeth are not all coming? I walked forward, thinking that if I crossed the bridge this time, I wouldn’t be frightened by anything difficult in my life, and I would be strong enough to walk past.!     Finally came to the end of the bridge, I stepped on the cliff and felt very excited. I had an impulse to yell a few times, and I wanted to yell, ” I finally came here, and nothing could frighten me.”! Looking back at my friends, I was still walking in the middle. I didn’t walk very slowly. After a while, when my friend arrived at the bridge, I snapped some photos for him, stood on the bridge and asked him to take some photos for me, and also stood at the edge of the cliff and asked others to take a photo for us..     We went down the mountain with excitement and joined the two ladies to show them the photos we took and talk about the thrilling experience of just crossing the bridge.. The two women looked at us like children, smiling from ear to ear. I looked up and looked at the high bridge in the sky. It was so high that I really couldn’t believe we had just walked back and forth from above.! On the way back from the scenic spot, I looked at the beauty of the roadside, but my heart still stayed on the bridge, and I wanted to keep everything I had ever had. A poem was slowly formed by participating in the regulations of crossing the high-altitude bridge..     . Ah, it’s not difficult to overcome the self – bridge, but there is no fear that can’t be overcome. Life is like crossing a high bridge.