The feeling of this year’s New Year’s Day adds some novelty and joy to the insipidity.     After eating two meals for the New Year’s Eve reunion dinner, I went back to the county seat from December 29 and stayed in the hotel for a night. I rented a car with my little sister to drive home at noon, because the new house built for my parents last year was next to the second sister’s house, and the second sister arranged Chinese food, so the two families ate the reunion dinner together. Such as pasting couplets, laying a new bed, preparing to set off firecrackers, preparing dinner for parents, and having reunion dinner together in the evening.. Although not as good as the red tape of the Chinese New Year when I was a child, stewed pork and sprinkled wine to worship ancestors, this year’s reunion dinner was innovative, with two families. In the evening, the children’s nephew of Dajie’s family also came along. The three generations of ancestors and grandchildren, a pair of twin nieces, grew up, and everyone enjoyed the New Year together..     At home for the New Year, I was the most free to do. I didn’t have to do a lot of things, such as being a guest at home, asking me to eat when the meal was ready, and warming up when the meal was ready. The only thing I like to do is to set off firecrackers and not play cards. Even if there is a shortage of three to one, there is no choice. I only played mahjong during the whole New Year, and I still think I played slowly when I lost money.. At night in the fire pit of the second sister’s house, the two families opened two tables, one mahjong table and one flower card table. I don’t understand the flower card. After watching mahjong for a while, I still can’t lift my spirits. So I went to the living room of the new house to watch the Spring Festival Gala with my mother. Although this year’s Spring Festival Gala was held against the backdrop of the ice and snow in the south and the show was shown, the humble performances did not mention my spirit, only saw the appearance of ten o’clock and my eyelids began to fight, so I went to bed alone.. In the middle of the night, the elder sister’s nephew ran into bed after playing cards, and I woke up and went to sleep again.     Ma Liang of Tianma woke up from urine. It was already the first day of the New Year at 6: 30 on the mobile phone. I thought of opening the door and setting off firecrackers. When I just put on my clothes and opened the bedroom door, my mother was just getting up. I said to my mother that I was going to open the door and set off firecrackers.. Mother said she would wash her face before opening the door. ” Really? I asked doubtfully and quickly washed my face and then opened the living room door. At the gate of the courtyard, I started firecrackers more than three meters long and lit them with lighters first, but the wind was so strong that they couldn’t be lit.. Kid sister said smoking was more important. I said I quit smoking – starting from January 1, 2008, and I couldn’t quit smoking in the past – so I lit a cigarette, smoked only one mouthful, lit firecrackers again, and Mars popped up suddenly and resounded through the morning.. In the noisy firecrackers of the new house, in the smoke of the smoke, in the first ray of dawn of the new year, a new year has begun..     On the second and third day of the next year, younger brothers and sisters came back from the county seat and elder sister’s brother-in-law came to pay New Year’s greetings. They took turns to have meals at their parents’ home and second sister’s home, but the main activity was playing cards, or opening two tables, one mahjong table and one landlord table. The sun played in the courtyard of the new house during the day and the fire pit of the second sister’s home at night. Even eating was in a hurry, younger brother simply stood eating and said he had been doing activities for a long time.. When I think of the New Year when I was a child, my relatives came to pay the most attention to eating in New Year’s Eve. In the upper room, they put on generous tables. How could they gather together ten bowls of food, big fish and big meat, elders sit on the table, fill the wine, toast each other, lift their arms, hold the cup in their right hand, hold the glass in their left hand, and do not clink the cup, say ” dry” and just drink it.. In the process of drinking, one must ask about the harvest, family matters and the New Year’s plan.. Eat well, the host invited the guests to ” sit in the fire pit” and continue their daily life while warming the fire, or talk about state affairs, or talk about the past and the present.. But now in addition to playing cards, what else can I do?     Very not easy to stay at home for two days, during which one or two friends came to pay New Year’s greetings, all of which were usually helpful, thanks, including the head of the township station and village cadres.. By the morning of the third grade, the childhood playmate and the new village party secretary came to talk about his ideal of governance, strive to repair the village road, repair the electricity exhaust port, and then consider the next project. He said he also wanted my support – provincial reporters have the convenience of finding provincial leaders and departments – to approve some projects and some money. I instilled in him a view that village cadres should lead farmers to find the money they need for infrastructure construction rightfully.. For example, which road and which school in the city require the citizens to raise funds, while schools and electricity in rural areas are all farmers raising funds. As a result, farmers not only have no property rights, but also have to pay for school, install electricity and pay for it.. It is also an investment in public facilities construction. Why is it that there are two days between urban and rural areas?? Therefore, we need to find the above money rightfully, and the rest is to make good use of and manage the money and projects that have been approved.. No, he was deeply impressed, inspired and approved.     At this moment, I said I would go to the elder sister’s house for dinner together, and my parents all went to her house. I couldn’t cook by myself. I only took out some snacks and poured a cup of tea.. He said to eat well, but also to go relatives, simply send me to elder sister’s house. So he took his motorcycle to the elder sister’s house, and his brother-in-law gave him a pack of cigarettes, said nothing to stay for dinner and went away..     If I keep a running account, I will play at the elder sister’s house, where two or three tables have been opened by relatives at both ends of the family and the husband’s family. As usual, I only look at cards. After a night at Dajie’s house, I got up early in the morning of the 4th to take the early bus to the county seat. Together with my nephew, he went to work in Changsha. After I sent him on the bus, I went to my friend’s house to pay New Year’s greetings..     Let’s talk about the next story later.