Some say: The benevolent Leshan and the wise enjoy water. I was born stupid, but I just like water, especially the vast waters with surging atmosphere. Unfortunately, so far, I have not seen the sea with my own eyes. It’s true that when I was young, I used to cross rivers in small wooden boats and became a memory that I couldn’t forget in my life..     Because my grandmother lived across the river from us, my seven-year-old brother and I started a trip across the river without my parents during the winter vacation when I was just in grade one.. At that time, transportation was inconvenient and communication was even more inconvenient. What happened to my grandmother or mother was a message from an acquaintance.. It is more convenient for my mother to send a message to my grandmother than for my grandmother to send a message to my mother. Because grandma lives in yellow mud lake, where vegetables are mainly grown, people often take a boat from Li jiazhou to yueminglou to the dock to sell vegetables. Mother is easy to meet acquaintances when she takes to the streets, and when she is lucky, she can also meet a neighbor on the team.. The day we went to grandma’s house, we agreed with grandma in this way through a message..     On the day of departure, it was a bit dark, although the wind was not strong, but it was a bit chilly. We woke up early in the morning and told our mother to do it again and again. It was nothing but to be obedient and pay attention to safety and so on. We were excited and took what Niang said as a deaf ear, but promised it was loud and clear for fear that Mother would not give us the chance to change her mind.. It’s about seven or eight miles from our home to the Huangxi Bridge ferry, and my brother just ran to Huangxi Bridge step by step.. Arriving at the river bank, Niang pointed to a vague figure on the other side and said, ” Well, Mom is waiting on the other side.”. We jumped up and held our hands together to trumpet and shouted, ” Mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm.. ‘ I wish I could jump into the water. Huang Xi Bridge, a place called a ferry, actually has neither a dock nor a stone platform. It is a gentle slope stepped out day after day by people crossing the river and leads to a relatively gentle water edge.. The ferry’s Han Guo lives on a platform on the river slope. There were two or three people crouching in the sand and waiting to cross the river. Seeing our arrival, they shouted to a small house by the river, ” Han Da, the people are about the same, cross the river.”.     A gray-haired old man came slowly down the slope, and his mother rushed forward: Han Cheng, I am no longer a river, and my two children will trouble you.. Han Cheng took over the ship’s money from his mother: Don’t worry! Han Cheng put our brother and sister on the partition in the middle of the boat and smiled: Sit tight. Adults are sitting on the boaters on both sides. When the wind blows, the small wooden boat swings on both sides and the boaters cling to the surface of the water high and low, like a ladle for scooping water. As long as Han Guo changes pulp one second earlier or one second later, he may scoop water into the river.. I was so nervous that I was afraid that they would be thrown into the zijiang river if they could not sit still.. However, they talked leisurely about their daily life like nothing. Some of them asked, ” Han Da, if this is a storm, will the ship still be stable?”? Han Cheng smiled casually: ” Why do you have to rush across the river in a storm when the days are long?”? Han Cheng, have you ever had any trouble with this little wooden boat? The accident was all man – made. How could it have happened if the nearest river, paddling deep in the water and punting shallow in the water, did not take this wooden boat to hit somebody else’s big boat?? Han Cheng, you have spent so many years crossing, Mi Da’s eyes are passable. Killing pigs and beating tofu is not a good idea for the old master and shoring up a boat and crossing people. It’s a life of life and worth a lot of money. You can’t change it without changing it.. When the boat docked, Han Guo inserted the pole deep into the river sand, and the bow firmly leaned against the shoal. We got up and rushed toward grandma’s arms.. Han Cheng laughed: People kiss bones and smell sweet. Happy grandma held our hands tightly and refused to let go. His mouth was bound to scold his daughter for her return trip. Grandma refused to take us across the river in a small wooden boat anyway, saying it was cold weather in Leng Yue and the wind was not safe.. Grandma took us ashore from Lijiazhou by iron barge to Yueminglou. The motorized iron barge was very large. When the three of us were crowded in the center of the planking by the stream of people selling vegetables and vegetables, the boredom was a torment. The noise and bustle of the scene always felt the head buzzing and the wood was in a terrible mess.. Fortunately, when she landed, Grandma made money from selling vegetables in her daily life to satisfy our gluttonous appetite.. As long as we can eat wonton, rice noodles, white pellets, baked bread, fried dough sticks, candy bars and other snacks, grandma will definitely be willing to empty her purse.. At that time, it was not easy for children in the countryside to go to the streets. Grandma made us feel as prosperous and superior as possible..     Many years later, I crossed from this shore to the other side by boat countless times to see my grandmother, or took her over from the other side. When I went, I would choose to take a small wooden boat. The gentle turbulence or quiet smoothness would always give me some mood for no reason.. However, with my grandmother, I will miss the rush hour and choose the iron barge, which is safe, stable and fast. From being a child bride to starving two young sons in the Great Leap Forward, Grandma watched her grandfather die of jaundice. The sufferings she suffered in her life were not borne by a small wooden boat..     The small wooden boat sat much longer and no longer feared, but felt an incomparable comfort and comfort.. Sometimes I put my hand under the help of the boat and plough the waves gently. No words can express exactly that wonderful feeling. The kind of small wooden boat that paddles with two oars, the quietness of the boat as it glides over the water, the comfort and flying that it brings to the heart, the quietness and the remoteness. If the wind is a little stronger, the small wooden boat will bump on the river with irregular undulations, and people will sit on the boathouse like a water swing.. When the scenery on this bank becomes dim and unreal bit by bit, the scenery on the other side becomes clear and clear bit by bit.. If one or two birds fly across the river or soar under the blue sky, that picture will always sway the landing mood properly.I’ve always wondered how I felt lonely and empty in my heart when I was so young.. Is it the fate I have set in my past life that I should make up for my stupid, dull, introverted and self-abased body with a state of mind that I can’t express in my heart?.     Life will always be a ferry, or swimming, or rowing, or striving, or leisurely, speed has nothing to do with width, but the tools we ride are inextricably linked with mentality, fate, and intelligence quotient.. I am a slow – thinking, ignorant and dull person, unable to adapt to all the high efficiency, high IQ and high rhythm ferry ways. Only the calm of the small wooden boat crossing the water and the slowly receding or clear scenery along the way have gone through all the joys and sorrows of my life!