[ Editor’s Note ]With the heart to look up at the moon, there will be leisure, romance and enjoyment of life.. This article narrates the truth of life in light language. Please also have a heart to look up to the moon.     Desire to wake up naturally in the morning after a rain, with green eyes and fine rain, Gui Xiang in the air is mixed with grass and earth.. This Mid – Autumn Festival is windy, rainy and moonless. In fact, it has long been known that Mr. Meteorology has expressed it more than once.. The Mid – Autumn Festival without the moon may be a disappointment for some people, but for me, it has a different feeling.. After dinner and walking along the mall in the neighborhood, the feeling I longed for came by unexpectedly. Those things, those people, and those flowers slowly emerged, filling my heart with silence, peace and contentment as soon as I remembered them..     Friends said that as long as you have the heart to look up at the moon, the first half of the first month is a good day.! That’s good! For a moment, I didn’t even believe that this Zen – filled remark came from someone who dealt with numbers all day long..     Looking up at the moon’s heart, I have. But most of the time, like most people, they are busy, pursuing hard and busy? What to pursue? I rarely ask myself, and I don’t necessarily know myself. In 2010, I was busy from spring to summer and then to autumn. I was too busy to read many books, write many words and ignore many things and people.. On the eve of the Mid – Autumn Festival, when I thought of sending greetings to friends and relatives, I first got a lot of care and blessings.. At that moment, in addition to joy and guilt in my heart.     It turns out that we can only walk out of sight but not out of caring heart for our loved ones, relatives and hometown.. The same is true of true friends. Sometimes, when we walk along the road, we break up, stop and get together again. But life is not so? There are good things between gathering and gathering, stop – and – go, good things between gathering and gathering, and true feelings in the clutch. There are always some good things and sincere things in the world that time and dust can’t escape.. Although it takes time to realize these things, I believe that you and I can both.     In this life, people will inevitably experience ups and downs, and life will bring a little coolness from time to time. As long as our hearts are empty and our hearts are light and happy, we will have the heart to look up at the moon.. With the heart of looking up at the moon, the rain and shine in our eyes will be a kind of beauty. Beauty can be supernatural or low in dust. Most of us don’t have beautiful faces, but each of us can have a heart of dust. When we can see ourselves as low as the dust, we can laugh at the time, wait for the wind and rain, watch the tide rise and fall, and our life will be more abundant and full because of the calm..     On the 16th of the evening, I watered my flowers and plants on the balcony and inadvertently looked up. I found the night sky in the city very quiet and occasionally saw a full moon and bright stars next to it.. Clouds keep coming. Sometimes they are just small pieces, but sometimes they are dense layers. It is not clear whether clouds pass through the moon or not.. To be sure, if there is no cloud, the month tonight must be very bright and bright, and the stars may be much more than they are now … ah, there is really no cloud, is this month still so delicious?? When it emerged from the thick clouds and smiled at each other with the little stars around it, I felt that it was at its best at this moment!     In this way, I stood on the balcony for a long time, looked for a long time, looked at it and remembered what my friend had said. I also accidentally received a photo of the moon from another friend in another country. The moon above me also brightened a lot.. Yes, as long as there is a grateful and contented heart, every day can be a good day! A bright moon can be seen every night.     However, how many people can slow down like this, stop looking up at the moon and looking down at the grass? How many people are willing to give up grudges and smile at one another?     Do you have that heart that looks up to the moon?[ Responsibility Editor: Butterfly Love Flowers ]