Xinhua News Agency May 24 the first electric "Taobao electricity supplier training program" 24th start in Hong Kong, designed by professional and diverse courses to train more local Hong Kong e-commerce professionals, to help Hong Kong enterprises to solve the problem of lack of talent, let electricity supplier companies to better grasp opportunities。
The cooperation program organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, the Hong Kong Young-professional network, Hong Kong entrepreneurs funds and Alibaba B2B e-commerce platform。
According to reports, it plans to "electric business operations", "foreign trade electricity supplier", "electricity supplier promotion," "electric business activities", "local electricity supplier marketing" and "trade finance" for the six training axis, providing a total of 40 hours of professional training courses。
Organizers will hold two courses in one year, the first phase will be held in July, it is expected to be able to train 50 people each issue。 Wu Zhi, president of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce network rights attended the event, and tells the story of his experience to develop e-commerce business on the basis of traditional。 He said that e-commerce is a general trend, with its companies, for example, the production and sale of smart cards for nearly 20 years, three years ago began to develop network business。
In the past it has always been the traditional way they interview guests and phone calls and other contacts, and later found that business declined because more and more of a tendency to guests from the Internet to find products to promote the development of the electricity supplier company。 In his view, the product can be put online how attractive, is engaged in a key electricity supplier, coupled with customer communication patterns change, now more than ever dependent on the Internet, which are relevant to the needs talent to achieve。 Hong Kong Federation of Youth Chief Weiyuan Jiang said that Hong Kong needs to cultivate more electricity business professionals, this program will help to fill the needs of the market。 Some first-time entrepreneurs around the use of the YMCA electronic business platform to promote their business, and this is what they plan to promote their products, open up the market to take the important step。
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