Earth coloured glaze, devoted to falling heart, turns melancholy and makes the world warm. Holding hands with prosperity and simple heart.     Spring breeze slowly, the sun is shining, and the worries of February, such as pink, willow and green in spring, and the colorful world, are no longer gray from now on..     The corner of the heart, left a trace of melancholy. The life in the besieged city is monotonous and dull, but it is also plain and light. There is not much right and wrong, just like my mood at the moment, calm and cool.. The heart that occasionally wants to be released is also overwhelmed by the ruthlessness of life. Those pale expectations may become blurred with time as early as possible. Not don’t want to, not don’t read, just think less times, read a short time, slowly also as does not exist.     As wide as my heart is, I have as much desire as I can, but I only have to shrink my heart and shrink it again so that there won’t be too many thoughts. The heart is small and the heart is small, but this does not mean that I will give up pursuing and dreaming, but just pack them up and put them in my bags … Ah, the story of spring is expanding at the moment, like rattan in the jungle, slowly and slowly stretching my body to find the moisture of sunshine and rain.. However, deep inside, can you find what you want to pursue? Whether, at this time, she is also stirring.     Looking at the sky in the distance, my heart gradually flew away to my hometown thousands of miles away. The mountain scenery of that city is calling my soul. The mountains in the distance are full of new green, the scenery of the same color, the fragrance of the air, the fragrance of flowers everywhere. The songs of the birds, accompanied by the busy figure of the people, are drawn into a beautiful spring scenery picture.. Think much, throw yourself into your arms, smell your breath, and shout together with the mountains and rivers of the earth.     If I can stay with you for a long time, even if I have more spare time inside, I will be filled by you at this time. No matter how much sadness you have, you have also smoothed it out. No matter how much you don’t give up and miss, even the heart lost by the neon will be dragged back by you. What else can I not be satisfied with.     Hold hands, wandering heart was pulled back, think about it, even if the reality is merciless, as long as your heart is no longer wandering, everything in the world becomes simple, and the melancholy in the heart is no longer so miserable.. In the depths of the world, there will always be warm sun.     Holding hands and being prosperous and simple, I can do it. You can also do it.     Let’s give up those heavy worries, say goodbye to too many and too many worries, and start simply.   Let the broken heart no longer be lost … ah