The rain trickled down for half a morning, and it didn’t begin to converge until the car entered the winding mountain path of Fushou Mountain.. I looked out of the window, and the blessed longevity hill in the misty rain and fog seemed like a veiled woman, shy, shy, pure, beautiful and graceful, and my heart felt somewhat anxious..     Although this is my first visit to Fushou Mountain, Fushou Mountain is well known to me, but I have not met it for a long time.. As early as the second half of last year, the Ming and Dongming brothers told me that Fushi Mountain Villa, the literary and artistic creation base in Hunan Province, is under construction and is expected to be completed by June and July 2006.. Before the Spring Festival, at the meeting of the presidium of the Writers’ Association, Chairman Dongming proposed that a literary writing session be held at Fushushan Literary Creation Base this year, and everyone agreed one after another.. Therefore, I have long been itching to go to Fushou Mountain in advance to see its mysterious and charming style.     Strange to say, when we arrived at Fushushan literary and artistic base in Fushushan at noon, the rain stopped suddenly and a few rays of sunshine were emitted from the misty mountains.. It was already one o’clock, and after sitting in the car for more than four hours, I was already hungry and had already waited in front of the door for our leaders such as Peng Dongming, deputy secretary of Pingjiang county party Committee and chairman of the city writers association, and Li minister of Pingjiang county party Committee propaganda department, to lead us directly into the restaurant..     Hunan’s literary and artistic creation base was built at an altitude of more than 1300 meters under the fukejian, ” fushishan” was inscribed by Li Rui, former vice minister of the organization department of the central Committee and a famous Chinese scholar. Mr Zhou lingzhao, a famous painter of Pingjiang nationality, also participated in the architectural design of the villa.. Fushi Villa takes stone and wood structure as its main body. Its architectural style is simple, natural, elegant and one integrated mass. Its unique architectural design makes our eyes shine. The villa is the first time to receive guests, so we are particularly lucky. Entering the villa is like entering a unique courtyard with wooden floors, doors and windows, wooden chairs, wooden stools, and even stair corridor handrails all made of pure wood, giving people a visual impact and aesthetic feeling of returning to simplicity and authenticity, freshness and naturalness.. Standing in the upstairs corridor, you can look up and enjoy a scene – the peak of fukefeng. Peak elevation of more than 1600 meters, that like a huge bucket stone roar proud sky, give a person the feeling of being born.     Seasons are already midsummer. I didn’t expect the climate to be as cool and pleasant as spring. After inquiry, it is warm in winter and cool in summer. The highest temperature in the year is only 28 degrees. It is no wonder that the bed in the room is still covered with thick cotton wool.. Fushou Mountain is really a lucky place. Even the weather here seems spiritual. When we entered the room, the sky suddenly brightened, but after lunch, when we just lay down and rested, there was thunder and lightning outside, and pouring rain, causing the energy-saving lights in the room to crackle and burst into flames.. We originally agreed to see a canyon and waterfall at three o’clock, but the rain stopped before three o’clock. Under the guidance of Secretary Dongming, we walked along a winding path with umbrellas and rain washed clean mountain roads.. Sucking the fresh air after the rain, climbing the old wooden vines, they were sweating and panting before they knew it.. The scenery here is indeed picturesque, pleasing to the eye and fascinating to linger on. Up the canyon, it can be said that every step of the way is beautiful and beautiful.. The tangled thousand-year-old vines, grotesque and spiritual pieces of’ fairy stones’, are like like a pouring of large and small pearls into a plate of jade’s numerous waterfalls, as well as humorous folk stories, which are really vivid and have profound implications. They always inspire people to think. I think it is difficult to enjoy the beauty and beauty of this place after playing here for ten and a half days.!     The rain began to fall again, and the more it began to fall, the more dark it became.. We had to go back to Fushi Mountain Villa through the twilight. After dinner, everyone sat on the terrace in front of the villa and chatted all over the world. Chairman Peng Dongming suggested that we should perform a few programs on the stage with the steps. Artists from the Music Association and Dance Association were eager to try and dance with melodious songs, followed by applause and cheers. Ah, in the singing and dancing and the hilarious jokes of writers such as Duan Hua and Mei Shi, a night full of laughter and happiness passed unnoticed.. The night was already deep, and it seemed like a bit of coolness had hit me. The next day I was going to drift to Lianyun Mountain, and there was a World Cup football match at eleven o’clock. I had to go inside and add my clothes.. After lying in a gentle quilt, after watching a peak fight, I fell asleep. Although the wind and rain kept on at night, I had no dream all night .