Not all stories need a good ending, just like the princess and prince in fairy tales.   Like you and me, I talked about you again when I talked to my friends today.   A lot and a lot are about me and you, our happy and smiling faces together.   Close your eyes when you go to bed, and countless scenes have been in your mind like tape rewinding..   Think of the first time you were drunk when we quarreled in the street. Think of your home improvement. Frogs scare you. Think of the ship we went to see together. Think of the story you told me about you and your first love. I think what you said in nonstandard English to me was happy. They said it was a human instinct. We call it’ seeking profit and avoiding harm’, so did you also forget the harm my love did to you?   After a long time, I have been unable to judge whether those scenes really existed, but there are always some pictures lingering in my head..   Two years later, I can’t forget you now, can I forget you later?   Sometimes I dream that you pass me by. In fact, I am afraid of dreaming about you. It feels like telling myself that I lost you again..