Early in the morning, the sun just rose. The breeze slowly swept across the clear blue lake of Walden Lake, leaving ripples rippling slightly.. Thoreau came out of his cabin, lit a cigarette and looked at the rising sun and sparkling Walden Lake.. Large and tenacious boots trampled on the grass near Walden Lake.. He said to his dog, perhaps to himself, a blessing for the whole day during the morning walk.! A happy and happy smile appeared on his face, and his dog, perhaps a lion – haired dog, or a watchdog in the American countryside, or a stray dog, was running and jumping between the vast and beautiful Yuan Ye next to Walden Lake in the early morning sunshine.. While walking, Thoreau began to think deeply about life, fate, country and so on, and fell into the loneliness he created – I like to be alone, and I have never met a better partner than loneliness.! Thoreau said as he smoked.     A gentleman is cautious and independent. Thoreau refused to get married after spending two years in Walden with loneliness and books. In his lonely meditation, he felt the joy and happiness brought by solitude every moment.. He said that life is inherently worthless unless you choose and give it value. No place is happy unless you bring happiness to yourself! He also said that everyone is his own happy craftsman!     Where is happiness?? What is happiness?? When we are struggling to pursue and manage, have we ever found that what we get or what we choose is happiness? Happiness is nothing. Different people have different understanding and cognition of happiness. But Thoreau told us a pertinent and strange opinion: everyone is his own happy craftsman!     We can imagine our happiness as a stone that has not been carved. We plan his appearance in our hearts. We begin to carve it with our own hands. We like the happiness we like.. We can also imagine happiness as a piece of rice paper, on which we will draw the happiness we like and love.. We can also regard ourselves as an architect, and we slowly build our own happiness in our hearts… We can try our best to carve happiness with our own feelings and feelings, but what about the result?     What is our happiness after we have endured hardships, baptism of sweat and various carvings?     Thoreau said that as many diameters can be drawn through the center of the circle, there will be as many ways of life. Similarly, there will be many kinds of happiness!     So we saw different patterns of happiness: happiness can be a smile, a date, a nice dinner, a cup of wine, a reunion with family, a rich wealth and luxury life, selfishness, a long journey, a smile from someone you like, and the pain of looking at others.. Happiness varies from touch to touch!     Thoreau added that heaven is above us and under our feet. So happiness, in heaven or under our feet, whether happiness is smiling or crying lies in our own hearts: because we are our own happy craftsmen! Don’t live up to the power you have given yourself. We are the leading role in our life and in our pursuit of happiness.. And we know the happy result!