The octogenarian died of starvation after being abandoned by their children, and the remains have not yet been buried. Regulations This is a poignant report. Parents raise their children, shit a handful of urine, and say a’ tired’ word? From ” quack” landing to studying in college or even marrying and having children, they pay not only sweat and money, but also painstaking efforts and tears,,,,,, All Chinese families have a habit of letting their children go to higher education even if they smash pots and sell iron, but there are also boomers like xu feng, the hero of my grandson’s regulations, who will also think about whether the failure of education is their own problem while feeling deeply about it.?     A few days ago, I saw on TV a boss of Tianjin who took his mother to talk about business, whether in hype or real things, he had this heart and gratitude to his mother, and we all gave him thumbs up..     People who have been mothers and fathers, the love we have for our children, is the love our mothers and fathers had for us. We have to look at it in perspective. Now that our mothers and fathers are old, we have been travelling outside all the year round for work reasons. Which old people in the family have already prepared delicious food and drink and are looking forward to seeing their children home for a reunion year and pinching their fingers every day to count the day we return. Yes, we are now 30 years old and our parents are nearly 60 years old. Even if they live for 90 years and 30 years, we will accompany them at home every year.? Can we guarantee to go home for a month every year? Can parents guarantee to live to ninety?     Our parents raised us. We don’t say that we’re going to die for the old age, but we’re still fighting for the little so-called property they left behind. Even the big fight is still going on. Do we really lack the money like xu feng?? Can we really sit in the air-conditioned room waiting for the money earned by parents’ coolies? Yes, everyone in this society is short of money, but parents only have so much blood. How much do we have even if we suck it dry??     If parents are not allowed to bury their parents because of who should pay the funeral expenses, then such children are really the son of man, and we should revile them while denouncing them.!