Data for: Mongolian railway constructed by Chinese companies in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa to Nairobi, successfully launched。
Reporter Song Fang Canshe In this case, the supply-side structural reforms in many ministries are listed as the first priorities of 2018。
  National Development and Reform Work Conference, to continue to deepen the supply-side structural reforms to bolster the real economy, especially the manufacturing transformation and upgrading, quality and efficiency, accelerate the development of a new form of kinetic energy the main force, destruction with promoting the "three to a drop a fill "。
  Chinese Finance Minister Xiao Jie also represents the national financial work conference to deepen the supply-side structural reforms, implement the "three to a drop fill a" key tasks, to promote the development of the real economy, promote the realization of a new dynamic equilibrium of supply and demand。   Further opening up is one of the key agenda。 Previously, China has repeatedly said executives on different occasions, and open China will not close the door, only bigger and bigger。
  He Lifeng, director of China's National Development and Reform Commission said it would substantially relax the foreign investment in areas such as access to finance, promote the implementation of a high level of investment facilitation measures, the implementation of the new national security review mechanism for foreign investment。 Proposed National Industry and Information Technology Work Conference, to enhance the level of openness and cooperation, in the enjoyment of "Made in China" policy support in 2025 to give foreign companies the same treatment in accordance with law。 Carrying out "along the way" initiative to promote international exchanges and cooperation in intelligent manufacturing, and other areas of the Internet industry。
  Prevent a significant risk to resolve the prevention of major risks has been listed as the first of three tough fight in the future China should focus on the fight。 Strengthen risk management and control, as many ministries work in 2018 a large keyword。   He Lifeng said that to continue to improve major risk monitoring, analyzing, early warning mechanism, fully cooperate with relevant departments to promote risk prevention policy initiatives to ensure positive results。
  For local debt risk, Xiao Jie said that the country should be responsible for local debt。 Resolutely stop the illegal acts of financing guarantees, non-government investment funds, governments and social capital cooperation (PPP), government purchase of services on behalf of disguised borrowing。