Ancient euphemism up, we can only shiver of sunny modern sources pickup culture (ID: shiyafengshe) reprint please contact to pick up that culture chrysanthemum, flower recluse.   Only a Northern Song Zhou will be equivalent to the ancient Chrysanthemum hermit.Otherworldly, cold high range of children, properly properly, all good chrysanthemum.   Today, the younger generation to use their brain a huge hole, the meaning of these terms were extended.   Figure left without leaving any kind, chrysanthemum people stabbed.   I laughed all loose chrysanthemum.Since then, the World Wind Kusakabe, not chrysanthemums.   Looking back, I read love Ju, seldom heard after Tao.Huqu startled.   Are we really become shameless yet?   It is not!   We really want to face up too.   China is a country tactfully.How do euphemism?   Town House!   A pear tree pressure Begonia!   (Too famous phrase, do not explain.) Ping Ping curl more than thirteen, cardamom Shaotou early February.   - Du Mu Cardamom this shape.Keke Yao Wen Shen Xiang bark, there the woman awoke and stretched, shaking her husband something obscene language.Cardiff raving, not very early should, shake it more than women, the two language gradually intermingled, from bed and Jia Jia.   - “ventriloquist” bullying playing you can not make out all right!   The force of the surging pollution ancestors taboo words show naked in front of everybody, always use a fig leaf to mask out one side, and chrysanthemums, cucumbers and the like has become a piece of fig leaf.   Later, the fig leaf has a name, called euphemisms.   The ancients created characters have a custom, simple and rude.   How simple it?Characters and knowing method, a glance.Hugh word from people from wood, a man is justified by trees, doing it?go to bed!   Rude, you can only glimpse clues from a fuck (CAO) word.   Fuck meat is on the lower structure, meaning that enter into the flesh, in essence, shaped to expose only the vocabulary of sexual intercourse.   Of course, there Nong (agriculture four tones), what to rub up and down this behavior is not something that can blow your hand?So Nong meaning of the word this is masturbation.   Because too knowing, too cicadas at a glance.These words are blocked.Despite the loss of fuck and Nong, we invented the dry line and get daily exercise Lv plug and other words.The latter is the former euphemism.   It stands to reason the latter euphemism, the first time I saw the word, a look of senseless force.But in fact, we are more willing to use the latter.   I am X your ancestors!   The reason is simple, the word fuck and Nong too vivid, but could not get the Chinese people’s interest, because the more vivid words, the more space there is no association; no more think of space, the less gas and show romantic.   For example, saying the North’s dry day, exercise, the day the sun, meditation three times, phantom limb has been hard!   When the day turned into a fuck, fuck, the fuck the sun, Big Brother can not change a word?!Expression too monotonous ah.   And the word fuck Nong too naked, from romantic to genuine hard work of this step, if you use the word.Ha ha?This is the euphemism of charm!   Infinitely more tactful, more dirt appears surging force, pass into millions of households.Of course, common euphemism does not make you become the master of sister.Mouthful of chrysanthemum cucumber grapes will only make you more wretched.   Euphemisms sense of opportunity which can not, like our ancestors to learn this.   First of all to be a dream!To dream of a strong sense!It is best to imagination.   Formerly kings dreamed of a woman saying: concubine, Wushan women also willing to recommend pillow mat.   Kings Q: What are you doing in?I’m not a casual person woman A: Dan concubine is Zhaoyun, twilight rain row.   - Warring States Period Song Yu, “Gao Tang Fu” kings slept become a morning cloud, misty rain late change of woman.   They sleep process was brutally think everyone is Wushan rain.   Wushan rain two words aptly ah!   Wushan rain Huan bed sleeping mat.Written by Cao Xueqin in the “Dream of Red Mansions” The Sixth Round gem first test clouds and rain is in love between Jia Baoyu and the maid was very hot at the scene of sexual intercourse, but carry very hot here Jia Baoyu intercourse there is no climax is not known.   Second, we must think of!Young people, be more imaginative point!How much heart, there is more wide bed!   Dianluandaofeng, Luan Bird, Phoenix is the Phoenix.Dianluandaofeng intention parable in reverse order.   If Dianluandaofeng for people who have a meaning of sexual intercourse.   Yuan Wang Shifu “The West Chamber” fourth this second compromise are: your tapestry readiness to stay in effect, Dianluandaofeng Pepsi and some records; “Dream of Red Mansions,” the sixth five back there that night, and he Dianluandaofeng Jia Lian, loving every possible way.   Well posture is very rich.   With the words now, is 69.Mentioning 69, older drivers smile.Dianluandaofeng becomes even more intriguing.   When it comes to content, Yuan Wang Shifu another term in “The West Chamber” – The adult sexual connotation more.   Fish and water comes from the story of the first famous “Three Kingdoms”, Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang’s comment is this: I have Ming, still fish in the water was also.Describe the relationship harmonious cooperation partner.   When cooperation partner become men and women, it evolved into a duck adult sexual.   There are many such words, Yu Fei of the willing cloud Zhaoyu twilight Martin at the turn of the tube.Everyone’s happy with, is really good!   You like sex, I like asakumo Muyu.Do you like about it?I like to spend the moon dark cage haze, good to go tonight to the edge Lang.   Chinese profound in euphemisms here can be said to be embodied in the head.Compared to naked, we prefer to be hesitant to strike.   Even euphemism also avoid embarrassment.You can directly go to the hospital daisy vocabulary to express this, doctors are able to understand your meaning every minute.However, do not expect the term appears on your medical history, the doctor can not humor you so.   (End) Welcome to the circle of friends to share Netease news?Qu Wen knife can pick up a pen tranquility moves of martial drag racing can scan public concern number to see more exciting content to the recommendation of River Song Case Closed, how many people can knot unsolved!   How can so many young hero, no good wife could not understand why men no object?      Thank you friends thumbs up support