For months, I’ve been reading the works of Eileen Chang, her novels, her essays, as well as comments about her.A little spare time, he won the book to read, chat with three people to talk on Eileen Chang, I became a “Zhangmi”.Her rich literary skills that I admire, she’s enduring talent I admire.In between her character walking, as if riding in the jump keys, one step at a wonderful vanish soon aura of a legend.I love to read her fantastic cut, Smart Life of language, one percent more anxious to put her wit my brain implant let my words chromophore, the statement joy of life, chapter Yee Mei.She always wanted to write a small text, to thank her for several days free training of love, but she has such clusters in the ocean waves, filled in when the red sun rises, and Xia Sheng Kaihai sky color of twilight, so that I see dazzling, and no way of picking, but will not fit this humble pen.Ailing, I became tryin knot.  (A) does not know Xiangyu rub shoulders on Eileen Chang had first met nineties, I do not know where it comes from Eileen Chang’s hot air quietly on the Chinese literary world with diffuse attack, local newspapers and well-known publications after another report with Eileen Chang’s legendary life.”Eileen Chang opening talk, do read poetry and literature is also in vain,” the statement as falling Fei Xu stuck in my ears, but unfortunately she has not read one word.When I was in a magazine and saw an article about when Eileen Chang’s article, immediately to the interest, but after that indirect contact with Eileen Chang, surging enthusiasm was suddenly dropped into the valley of despair – is contemporary literature lovers Ailing favor for me turned out to be a morose, lonely woman!She aloof towering rocks on misty clouds, trace of awe cold eyes, gazed toward the lofty sky, and closed slightly upward mouth emerges a full look of disdain.I stared at her, “photograph”, as she is also like that to a look of disdain.  ”Miss decline of the bourgeoisie!What arrogance?”Momentary feeling in my heart soar out, so proud eccentric people, how can I accept the?Nothing more than bourgeois writers to write some romantic gossip pastime for those who need to worry nothing, how could write “Huoshaochibi” tragic?Not to chant “rubbing shaved his head tethered horses, split clothing line underpaid pumping flag ‘ambition.What I can not accept that when she went to the factory work, to wear with her fancy dress: tight-fitting dress of green satin literally “bloom” with big flower clouds, white mesh shawl casually around the aquiline on the neck, an elongate tassels “thump” sound heeled shoes to float them the proud.She marching all the women’s line of sight, looked straight ahead and walked forward.  Her air of arrogance life I do not like her narcissistic personality I do not like, especially reading her philosophy of life, to really surprised me a lot: “If a person is not expertise, is best done particularly, be attractive.Its doing a mediocre person over a lifetime leisure life, end of his life, unknown, it is better to be a special person to do something special, so we all know there is such a person, whether it is good or bad, but the fame finally have the.”This is downright absurd argument!Confucius After hearing this will be their ears, XII warned: “Evil words, hear no evil ah -“.  Words are the voice, the text as it were, her mouth how can chant gives a force and beauty Elegy?  She is in my heart gradually cooled down, and even a few years ago hit “Love in the City” is very disgusted with me – Miss young master who still can not forget the love nest looking at the critical moment of the life of the nation, although living in social unrest in the background, do not let their “little love” into vigorous “love” in – Eileen Chang’s work is always a small fly not “love” and instead of focusing on how and Qiong Yao’s “Romance, rain “compared?Although all romance novels, but her subject matter was too vulgar a stream in.  At this point, in my view, the Eileen Chang I was completely “shield” the.  (Ii) Prior legend slowly over here for some time, my colleagues and I talk about Mo Yan Xia articles in the office, I kind words of Mo Yan is not a break in the mouth.I love his characters rich “high density” style, his new favorite grains of sweet chilly “Red Sorghum” green ants.He read Zhuopu wise and because language, as Hanyin cup of old wine, when the entrance pungent, soft and mellow when glide stomach, exhaled breath, a group of people drunk.While I swim in turbid Mo Yan “Autumn” vast, Xia rather abruptly a questioning my thoughts back to reality.”If Eileen Chang to attend the Nobel Prize award winners whether?”” Can not!”Without thinking, I said,” how can she be compared with Mo Yan?She only took violin babbling to sing ‘Xiaoxiang anything lightly back, on both sides of the water Bisha Ming moss’ gentle minor.  Xia said she was finished last night, breath in the computer “Shanghai memories” when she talked about Zhang Ailing complex life experiences, a look of pity and sympathy, as if her loved ones like Eileen Chang.”Eileen Chang is really talented, but unfortunately..You taking the time to look at it.”She sighed softly.  ”I will not see.”I thought to myself – I did not see so far.  Then, I found more than a book on her desk – “Eileen Chang Collection”.I browse the directory: “Red Rose and White Rose,” “Eighteen Springs”.Just look at these problems, people can not help but uttered a sigh: “Love, everlasting topic ah!”, And” Burnt “has attracted my curiosity:” Burnt “and” Sandalwood Penalty “From the point of view on the subject seem to have some of the connection, whether Zhang of the novel can be spectacular?Poke curl of smoke, I doubt groping into the sea of tall white small houses nestled Greenwood Lane.  ”Please find a monk Chuan green mold Banlan copper incense burner, a point Burnt” I frown: This was written for people to see enough to eat nothing to do, and ordinary people at home how can a copper incense burner?Someone they can afford to Burnt Point?Really “opening one thousand tables delicate beauty of jade, silk clothing and ten thousand pen to show” ah, unless it is living a life of luxury in these people can relaxed in Joy to listen to her “story pre-war Hong Kong”.Debauchery, dissipation of Hong Kong before the war, to have any good stories?It is nothing more than their love Bale.Sure enough, the article still Marriage of the whirlpool ups and downs with, while the ups and the indifference of the human inside, for a person they lost in the emptiness of secular – this is mutiny her living environment and is interpreted as the pen modality, but in the end did not out of her field of vision confined to that well, but she was delicate and vivid style of writing makes me a shock, her singular powers of observation and distinctive imagination really got me a sigh – ordinary mountains in our eyes evening scene, the beauty in her fluent pen becomes a magical fairyland.  Eileen Chang finally ice with extraordinary talent, painted a warm touch of the new green in spring-filled background, gradually, I love this wipe gleaming new green, green and gleaming new glamorous saffron flower Mo Yan pavilions, has vivid colors my window of heart.  Shanshan of “rumors” from the peacefulness of the Shanghai came up to me, “Dream of Red Mansions nightmare” riding on a month-hui, flying over the vast Pacific Ocean, my eyes drifted.Glowing night, Yindeng sparkling, I accompanied “waterfront Dendrobenthamia people”, sipping aromatic coffee, listening to “Rose always open” music, chat Su Qing, Tan Yan Ying, female Kan Santa Maria “hand sleeve when the Church do, eyes looking at the heavens” school of the old man, until after dawn residue month window, window frames buckle when dawn, I accompanied her to the Dongcheng District of New York to visit the venerable predecessors Hu.I would not let “she lonely than fireworks,” I want to see her flock, hand dance “Flower Zhangmi” were coming from all directions to her place, competing with her photo, rushing to get her autograph.  From mid-spring to muong xia, I always get along with and Eileen Chang, the exchange.  The small courtyard in Hong path, biting of small troubles plaguing me: a strange, perverse, and even some sparse mad little girls even start a “genius dream”, but also wrote a novel tragedy – lovelorn girl to West Lake to suicide.Amazing, childhood ought to be happy and carefree, and her heart was on the cage clouds Yin Hui, after listening to Aileen’s “whisper” I did not know the cause of her character generation: a warm home happy Harbor, is the cradle of love bred breeding situation, however, as her home was in the storm in the sway of the boat, people feel bumpy grief, her delicate little hands clutching the boat must be obtained cable, otherwise there is Britain such as the risk of icy sea.”Official second generation” unexamined father all day, smoking opium, Guangyao Zi, spending billions of dollars to the extravagant life, the ancestral dissolute.Fashion-minded, independent personality, like Nora rebellious mother ran away from home from time to time.Cynical, cruel stepmother and father unruly collusion, sinking under the alcoholism, the monthly King.Aileen grew up in such a family environment, how could clear a childlike heart?  Parents did not give her a happy life space, but he gave her clever genius gene – Zhang Peilun grandfather, the late Qing Dynasty scholar, specifically to accompany Emperor Guangxu into words and ideas, grandmother was the daughter of Li Li Ju coupled grandfather was the first Ren Changjiang Navy Admiral Huang Jun Huang Yisheng door.Father Ting deep heavy old school skills, poems and couplets, casually at random, mother Huang Yi new Vatican received a good education.  However, I still hope to see a happy little girl with the sun, holding parents hands into the joy of spring in the spring.  (Three) years of quiet good final is a dream “Spring rain started falling, chrysanthemum pillow three-shift catalyst.Lian Lian eaves rain, for whom the injury change of position?”Pattering rain kept beating the tall palm trees growing on the window, weeping and complaining of rain filled the lonely night sky, slowly, banging on my hands books, tick tick falls on my gloomy eyebrows.I feel bad, I’m sad, do not have talented woman can not enjoy the “years of quiet good, this life peacefully,” the life you?Talent complex than Miaoyu cents in the most brilliant moments of life submerged in the mud, poetry flying Xue Tao in the end “life difficult for water Gorges cloud” hopelessly waiting while away a whole life, profound scholarship Hu Jia Cai Wenji in the pathetic sound of traces in the horizon.God, ah, do not “Xu Yong,” the daughter go through Unfortunate catastrophe, emotional ups and downs it?  In mid-1944, a fragrance of roses in a Ailing open bright and clean heart, she was in love, love infatuation, love obsession.She met him, it becomes very low, low to the dust, the dust from bloom.In her bright eyes, he is a shining glowing pearl, she can not wait to pack his tight, sew on the good incense bag, filled with lavender fragrance collection in the closet.She fell in love with a man should not love – literary talent Pei Ran, suave, both ways between Puppet traitor Hulan Cheng.  Good at writing romance novels, she has not been in love before, but she wrote countless poignant love story, the one rich inner world vividly show in people’s eyes, as if she is an emotional expert, well versed in this like before, she did not vigorously talked about first love, however, she was in “two incense” describes a girl looking for love Weilong.Her own interpretation of love in all grafted Weilong heroine who – longing for sincere and romantic love, but do not know what true love.  In Hulan Cheng “natural wonderful project, is marching content” of praise, her heart was completely Hulan Cheng went Krupp.A pure girl love how the enemy of his superb magnetic field, she indulge in Hu’s kind words, she is obsessed with love at first sight mythology: the vast sea, a thousand years, he met with one of his, she secretly glad that this love of fate.  He meets her drawing near, and harps phase of romantic love, and he let her taste the cut candle west window, snow plum sweet life, she felt that she was the happiest person in the world, however, in the meantime, she did not write as the West’s “Eugenie and Juliet,” the East “Butterfly Lovers” love Masterpiece like startlingly ambitious, I want: to be confused burning love she would love to own modeled ingenuity to devise a hack vulgar masterpiece, however, she is offering a “red rose and white rose” love story to the reader: “married red roses, over time, changes in the red touch of mosquito wall blood, white or Moonlight; married a white rose, white became soiled clothes on a sticky rice sub, red is cinnabar mole on her chest.”Reflect on this language, or to marvel at Aileen’s forecast.Before Hu know, she is a red rose, with Julio after the marriage, she became White Rose.  ”Womanizer” Hulan Cheng, after all, is promiscuous rogue scholar, how could he give Ailing achieve “years of quiet good, this life peacefully,” the love life of it?She finally wake up from the fairy tale of love’s over, stroking loved injury riddled mind, this little dust inside out flowers will fade..Under rain started falling, mournful spring, a mustard-yellow oil Busan, Aileen Riverside Tiqi.A river surging waves rolled melancholy, the name of swirling child to go forward flow.  Rain started falling, spring evening Xiao drop, rain outside the window as if from a lira broke out like a violin, Wuwuyanyan hiss crack in my heart.My heart is sore good acid, for her, has passed a three-shift lights Yindeng.  I admire talented people did not return to make her life happy and stable life, As for the later period of the marriage in a foreign land, did not let her enjoy everlasting love Message – Megan, after all, is not that the former liberal chic, personable the young playwright, and he gave Aileen is ill and aged and weak, let Aileen’s tired all day making a living.  In “I see Su Qing” in an article Aileen wrote: “.Her hand there are naive and easily put people very lofty fantasy, then quickly discovered his despicable thing, again and again, looking forward shattered, “she wrote in a friend Su Qing love experience it?Or in the perception of their own love life?  (D) the moon is the hometown of Aileen ever left the mainland since mid-1952, to mid-1995 in the United States died, has not returned home, do not melancholy love between these four decades how a “thinking” Zile.  August 1944, Zhang Ailing in the “poetry and nonsense” in order to appreciate the strokes comprehension of the “February window” of Lewis, Lewis’s poem in praise of the great cause of recruits Ting, hazy beauty outside, but also on Ni Hongyi “reunion” in the description of the poetic praise, then, went on to endorse their feelings: “so live in China have such a cute: being dirty and messy and sad everywhere will find valuable something that makes a happy morning, a day for life.If I could not bear to China – has not left already homesick.”Who knows, this poem became prophecies: Eleven years later, she made a piece of the delay of the West to worry about people’s clouds, burst into tears in carrying a long, mournful voice of the eagle.  In the fall of 1953, the rustling of autumn grazing on a cruise departure, reluctantly led around the side of the ship leaning on a woman Yi Mei.With a loud whistle, she rolled her tears trickled down.A cruise to Japan, she immediately gave in Victoria Harbor to see her off with friend Stephen C. Soong Mei Qi Guang wrote: “Do I cried all the way back to the room, the joy and the last to leave Hong Kong when the opposite happens, I write to you now still tears.”- her last departure is to avoid war return to their home, but this trip is unknown fate, how can she tears it?Before, I just feel Aileen bring the world is proud, glamorous side, who knows, her heart still weak side, the wind blows too weak to fly on rushing Lala Tiling.  May want to be seen, in the days and nights among the heathen four decades, how many incredible day, silently, she sails the February window.Reverberates Yingti, Nenhong bud, potherb mustard plum, Qingchi Lotus, are in circulation time in the dream to weigh the window of moonlight.”Where the home in a dream, when the moon is home?”She began to warble a.In 1984, when the Los Angeles Aileen finishing items, found a 1954 photo on a passport from Hong Kong to the United States when shooting in Hong Kong, can not help but be filled with emotion, Nan Yi affair, pen and ink drop memo: “Chang Wang a thirty autumn shed tears, depression foreign land is not the same. “.  Meng Yan Lan Mi, drizzly evening cool.Indus even take rain, frost off a yellow Chrysanthemum.Heathen pot of snow, how warm was full of hurt feelings?Gloomy countless nights, according to read it slowly and Coolness.Liang Jian full moon, what day to send home?Throughout the ages, Imitation, bloom next month, became the hearts of countless wandering Qiannian situation, how can Aileen Chang Wang tears?  ”Light a dream fly free, boundless Siyu fine as worry,” when every rain every now and then, Aileen is the most hard time.In sorrow and loneliness of the long night, she did a lot of nostalgic dream: she saw her brother Zhang Zijing and playing in the park in Tianjin, next to love often bicker servant Gan and Zhang dry; she came to the aunt’s house , aunt accidentally break a glass door, glass scratch her legs, legs wipe the red syrup flow along the legs, like eating like a knife sword king five; she came to his mother and brother West Lake in Hangzhou, got into Jiuxi hole; she saw her father beamed at her reading “modern Dream of Red Mansions”, he saw his father angrily with a pistol and threatened to kill her; she came to Hong Kong female Santa Maria school, see their own column in the graduate survey wrote saying: “hate a woman of genius suddenly married”; she saw his “two incense” positive fragrance in Shanghai, violet Zhu Zhou Shoujuan being gratefully revel in the “two incense” glamorous in.. (E) a few times Yanjuan sigh Zhang Jun Some time ago, I read an article entitled “literature to ground gas” in the press articles, the authors Lishu You brilliant expositions on the “ground gas” so I suddenly see the light.  ”.Extensive contacts with people, and they him into one, the bottom of people’s reactions desire, aspirations, interests, not lofty, unrealistic demands and aspirations of real people, not floating on the surface, but to get down, deeply rooted.”Author and television with a large number of facts to illustrate the creation of literature can not be out of gas.  Began to read, my eyes appeared a man – Ailing, admire her talent at the same time, I am also sorry for her: she should not have left the source of Shanghai, Shanghai world is her creation, where she was familiar life, she has an inexhaustible supply of material, she accomplished her dream of blue sky.  She left the wet ink of the gas, no water and fertilizer to nourish their native land, how can bloom out eclectic Rose?Fragrant blooming jasmine?If she did not leave the country to put into perspective the magnificent mountains and rivers, wind and thunder stirring of transformation, and Bing Xin, Yang Mo, Ding Ling together to jointly write a new hymn to life, so that “small orange light” to illuminate the way children grow, so “Song of Youth” played the strongest voice of the times, let the bright red sun forever shines over, thousands of families warm and bright little window.But she did leave her hometown of writing brilliance, therefore, the history of literature in her fifties and sixties, leaving a few faint wipe the clouds, otherwise, that blue sky, clouds will be rolled flounced Man Chung kept, such as a painted illusion painting, people look inadequate, not enough product, praise without a break.  Aileen once said there are three major regret in life, “Dream of Red Mansions nightmare” – the Begonia no incense, shad prickly, unfinished Red House.I guess she regrets also a metaphor for life itself: “Begonia no incense” – she left Shanghai to gas, nutrients can not accept a foreign land, in line with the United States could not open the exotic flowers.  ”Shad prickly” – she should know Hulan Cheng regret, leading to her as a “traitor’s wife” reputation, and is a turning point in the history of her own destiny while sigh, but did not consider the future of the country, and more Xia Yan should not listen to persuasion departure abroad, most unfortunately, during the transition undone, she did not like the awe-inspiring as the “Strip” to encourage people toward a new life, to “Sunny” to praise the “dare to call new ones day sun and the moon,” the Chinese people, but in gray perspective and write a large anachronistic “Younger” and “red earth”, of course, the Taiwan authorities are overjoyed, the United States guy is all smiles – she later learned that the United States not appreciate her lines like water, like Fly Me literary talent, but with the color of her article reaches a certain political purposes.Also helping her regret that she had lost contact with the mainland scholars the opportunity to exchange – when the famous sequel Weishao Chang visited the United States, no visit to Ailing.  ”Dream of Red Mansions unfinished” – “green wax still spring roll, Dream of Red Mansions unfinished.Fans rest of his life to research, Huan fear also calm.”When Eileen Chang suffered a cold in the creation of the United States of fiction, then she Transition of” Dream of Red Mansions “, also of Chinese classical novel” Flowers of Shanghai “translated in English, to the world.During this period, she lives most of the time constraints, she is also the most emotional moments of sad lonely.She left her every year in the United States Megan husband in 1967, she was left desolate night of Gu Ying, after the late autumn cold rain bleak sound of cricket.Accompanied by solitary, she walked into the love life of “Dream of Red Mansions”, in the “Time Goes By” years, her “Dream of Red Mansions” as the lives of spring, lotus wine.  ”The research is stand and watch people today – a chance to sit down, as for myself, my only qualification is really familiar with” Dream of Red Mansions “,” This is not a boast Aileen’s words, this is a genius readme.She began to read, “Dream of Red Mansions” is eight years old, a teenager parody “Dream of Red Mansions” wrote a novel “Modern Dream of Red Mansions”.In approaching research “Dream of Red Mansions”, she read a lot of research as a basis for data Redology borrowed “this B this” Hu from there, and painstaking, and got “Rouge”, “full transcript” through various channels “this process (process A of the present, the present process b ‘) of the present process high’, ‘Title A’, ‘Title A Zhipi’.In these boring classical, she read the “Funi in love,” her interpretation of “cold in the feat.”.Her research results to make the domestic Redology Master Cultural Studies amazing, but more of a regret, “while not hateful met several times Yanjuan sigh Zhang Jun”.To this end, Cultural Studies wrote “Dream of Red Mansions is given the human,” given the “Nightmare Dream of Red Mansions,” “The Rock, cloud hanging Highly” praise.  ”Ten years fans feel a textual, won the Dream of Red Mansions nightmare name.Who knows where Camsing taste, I hate to ask brothels blue lamp “.  Dream of Red Mansions unfinished, people still admire the most sincere look forward to dream of Red Mansions, the US text to praise the rhyme flow in our literary history of standing up a mountain – Eileen Chang.  July 6, 2013