My pain is from that time the street was raining last night I started the phone a blind sound, disappointed frustrated do not know who to turn to a number I can not remember everyone’s name can only look at the time, together with the dark daze my loneliness and indifference I have lost the affection and friendship I am a man crouched in the corner shivering with cancer, AIDS, rabies, abscesses and all the warm embrace, become friends I feel very effective frown Dong Shi of the United States Lipa Navarro Di said she was singing in heaven my sun I think of all the secrets of my soul hatched overlooking the heart of an old cat pounced stove Diao in the night outside a delicious puffer rain harder and harder skies resounded with electricity flash thunder my life has entered the countdown stage Gaohuangshu would reach for gentian violet and iodine, with death a drink