The first time I saw the name Eileen Chang, still young at the time of reading, it is a both material and spiritual poverty of the times, we choose to deal with reading is one of the most effective ways of poverty.In Plum Heights plum blossoming fragrance, first arrived in Yangzhou studying my father still with eyes looked all farmers, even this vision about my reading, I am doomed to narrow.Write to farmers and rural Shaanxi famous writer Jia Ping’ao work became my love.In Yangzhou that heavy antiquarian bookshops, I out money from limited living expenses, then you can afford to buy all the works of Jia Ping’ao, voracious reading.Process of Jia that time has not yet issued a “Deserted,” received critical acclaim for his community.I became a complete “Jia fan”.Many of his works have a preface, at the beginning is always: “Eileen Chang said, life is a gorgeous robe, filled with lice.”A very vivid metaphor to express the embarrassment of life, consistent with the course of my life.Love with Eileen Chang just walks into my field of vision attention.But I did not read any of her work, first, because of my interest in reading; the second is my machismo.To be honest, I always stubborn agree: The article is a great cause of the country, the event of eternity.The real life works, mostly by men, such as rafters of the pen.The vast majority talented woman, once the fetters of marriage and family, worldly air fairy will never fall into the earth and become mortal.Later on teaching the history of modern literature at the time, intermittent understand Eileen Chang: She is the granddaughter of the late Qing Dynasty minister of state Li, the thirties were full on the beach, there have been several unsuccessful marriage, in mid-1949 once the new China life ,, because the environment was not suited, after moving to Hong Kong, where she delivered a controversial novel.Later she went to the United States, leads a solitary life.In our era that ideology is still closed, her behavior has treasonable enough in our hearts set off a tidal wave.As her “Legend”, Eileen Chang in my heart is legendary, but when she works rarely seen in the bookstore, my impression of him and nothing more.And then I returned home to teach in a small town.Comfortable life, and spirit become lazy.Few reading, former favorite of the Pro Process of Jia’s book is also lost and exhausted, unwilling to mediocrity I had peace of mind to live the most mundane of life.This time, Zhang Ailing about the topic and works gradually heat up in the community, she’s more appealing to the eye about love and her famous classic romance and love story Hulan Cheng Jour image is discarded, even more than her focus on the work itself.Although she then people across the ocean, in a lonely nursing home, never connect with people, and in her birthplace, her name and those big star names, like everywhere in the newspaper, this time Eileen Chang has It is entertainment.So the real history of Eileen Chang should be like a man?Perhaps a thousand thousand readers Hamnet.Eileen Chang and Li Qingzhao, is a highly talented woman, if born in times of peace, she must find a husband Zhao Shicheng style, woman singing with her husband, together forever.But she was born in troubled times, suffering damage to her happiness, but also created her life and length of life is not extended, the thickness of life because of suffering and deep extension.After the door Eileen Chang must be different: a good family education and a new Western-style education makes her elegant atmosphere, the weather changed her but can not change part of her restless factor.Once she’s restless factor is activated, one day like wood to burn.Young Hulan Cheng Zhang Ailing know perhaps the beginning is wrong, she does not love Qingzhao girlhood “and go off.Yi Men going on, yet Ome olfactory.”Innocence, shy and reserved.Her love sweet brief, unforgettable pain is long: Among thousands of people meet the person you want to met; in thousands of years, the wilderness of time there; neither earlier nor later step, which happened catch up with, nothing else to say, only gently asked: “you are here.”Pearl can also not only infinitely sad when we’d meet, never married.Eileen Chang is still burning themselves, turning back.Although she knew her love is how outdated and even absurd.Her happiness pain, the pain of happiness.This life experience for her personal feelings is unfortunate, but she also created a deep and her work.I discovered Wife loved, concentrated wine drunk I discovered.When the same passion yet burn firewood, there are two roses presented in front of Eileen Chang: you get red roses, red roses in front of you is a touch of mosquito blood, white roses is your Moonlight; you get white roses, white rose is a grain of rice rice, red roses on your clothes and your chest is a cinnabar mole.For his love for Hulan Cheng Zhang Ailing never thought perfection, she outcome for all, has long been clear understanding.Hulan Cheng finally left her, only Shanghai and Zhang Ailing lonely beach back.Ten foreign market of brilliant lights that flooded the round moon love Ailing hearts.Hulan Cheng and lackluster return, Eileen Chang to give him its power alms, alms but this is neither love nor hate.Ten million are considered to Mingzhuantou Eileen Chang, Hulan Cheng and Zhang Ailing definitely the story of Beauty, only in terms of calligraphy, then resident in Japan Hulan Cheng was hailed as Yasunari Kawabata: Japanese calligraphy no one had the right and left.After the liberation of Eileen Chang only lived in Shanghai for two years, a new kind of life-style rain storm illness is not suitable for soothing classical Ailing, she went to Hong Kong, went to the United States.Where she began a new life.From Eileen Chang has been resident in the United States, she twists and turns in the United States emotional life, and this time she Qingzhao old age, like harbor just want to have a soul, a warm home.She fell from the moon Earth, her love marriage to a woman’s normal state of mind, the other is a poor Hollywood director, she once again to pay, and he even wanted a baby, she was pregnant, but he was not, she left a lasting regret.Still later he suffered a stroke, Eileen Chang looked after him until his death.Eileen Chang’s heart is dead, from living in isolation until the old man died in the serene courtyard.Many people do not understand Eileen Chang old age, old age, she does not understand why so content with loneliness.For perhaps seen too much through the bustling downtown Eileen Chang, the brilliant eventually attributed to plain, only loneliness is real.As perhaps Jia Ping – wa said, even if the name is sometimes used only by others.;