REVIEW sky became blue, high, clouds become white, and pale, and the autumn.Heaven noisy gradually died down, a lot of gentle thunder and lightning storm, and occasionally noisy brought a modicum of autumn.  Autumn just arrived, very much like spring hidden in the winter in the same, it’s still shy cheek buried in the hot summer of arms.Reincarnation suona sounded, out of the boudoir of time to, told the sound of autumn in the summer of embarked on a palanquin.Seed crops, ripe fruit, yellowing of trash, chirp of insects, just as colorful wedding dress bridesmaid shallow sing, autumn light Prostitute to the hallowed halls of the season calls, the arrival of the fall of the town.    Summer and fall too close to the boundaries of any significant return, but added that insects are sensitive to seasonal cattle are a reminder of the arrival of autumn.Cicadas, chirping in the trees height of some hoarse, long hot tune in with how many tragic tremor; Grasshopper, squatting leaf screaming Huan, green color tone gradually filled with thick brown-red; knives mantis, green transparent posture dormant in Caojian and jujube trees son, forearm huge demonstrations waving staggered manner; flocks of sparrows in the grass after landing to catch a flight before, his own interpretation to catch insects stunt.The grass is not lonely, carapace length to be the ‘cattle class’ crawling’ Gadfly ‘lazy basking fins off, the underlying roots are also noisy, grasshopper’ Tate ‘flat’ multi-up, when the sun twilight down when the depths of the field quiet corner of the old hospital children have heard the crickets sing jack.    These creatures, locked up this season, the interpretation of the afterlife this life, obsessed with his own fall.    Spring Green yellow autumn, winter snows Hsia, walking his own season in the same steady pace.Early autumn, the earth’s crop is still green, and some are still filling, still pregnant seed; fruit of the tree is still green, still growing smear the blushing; pace of the fall sometimes go so hasty Zhuomang, it seems night the effort put into a bright yellow field.”Spring planting one grain, seeds Autumn Harvest million units,” nourish the earth, God of rain, hard work, mature into a harvest, the harvest turned into joy.    China is a farming nation, for the foundation of this country, people still insist to remain.We have always seen the yellow is noble, because it was a flash of bright gold, once the royal color exclusive to this, as a people, is the dream of the yellow, because that is the hope of the people desire the fields.    Autumn in the true sense, comes after a cold autumn rain washed the.Everything has lost its desire for rain, rain sucking thing of the past, just the morning dew still so tough Zhaxian forward, so there is even a little while, it has been difficult to wet the people’s legs.Has felt the cool morning and evening meaning, it was a trace of skin refreshing, with a hint of skin Qinru cool, by definition, the term cool is tailored to the fall.    Cover crops cut the lake, the lake becomes deep blue ink, shake a stick lake Po, white spray shore, mountains, streams emerge from the lush grass, river rock stream also in stretch.Earth perceive the fall of body temperature, from the foot of the slopes, weaving colorful leaves of autumn dream.Autumn is the season of Chrysanthemum open this autumn love flowers, light fragrance, yellow purple flowers, covered hillside, connected into a film, visible, in the noon sun as well as bees butterflies dancing among the flowers.    Blue sky becomes high, the clouds became white, light, clear and crisp the.Heaven noisy gradually died down, a lot of gentle thunder and lightning storm, and occasionally noisy brought a modicum of autumn.Deep lofty sky, the outline of the mountains against the background of the curve, geese flying south herringbone elegant orderly ranks, and even sunset glow red tassels are so bright.Sun far enough away, autumn close, getting a green vision, came to the front of the vast.This land, full of green time is so full of vitality, red yellow when exposed is so open mind.Growth and reproduction of all the earth came to live the rest of paragraphs, come taste the fruits of a memorable time once again faced with the growth of dormant.    Pious look at autumn, candid look at the leaves scatter, awe watching the brown grass, we feel fortunate with a cycle of the seasons, watching the creatures to fend for themselves.Where appropriate, come to savor, with different angles to see the fall, sentiment varies, this force of nature, this autumn and autumn chapter, and like everything else we perceive the.The only difference is that we can still enjoy the grace of all things at the same time review things in the world.And they, that were born of its territory, sadly, people live I, vegetation of a fall.