You seem to always miss seems tired of always busy when flowers are blooming in the spring to see their hidden colors so beautiful but you do wash Magnificence hang some flies you write the years in the twinkling of an eye the other end of life’s fleeting bloom youth entangled in a dream you dream indifferent crazy how many stray outside the blame to turn the tide just fell in love with foliage dependent eternal life in the rain you sigh pity to let go of it and that is the sad fate that no one can not escape the change in the cycle of changes outside the Red We are changing each other of the original appearance of piety in the past filled with memories of the oath heart of the eternal moment only delivered to a pure color that the color of spring earlier than accompany the lonely snow cold season added a touch of elegant the fragrance of pure ice ice is not sad that you do not like plain beautiful face to make you proud and independent breeze frost do not mess this world