The woman broke into the office of Interpol captain, was in 2007 when the New Year bell sounded about.At that time, Lu Qi busy living hand, looked out the window being opened.The window to a police officer apartments, the old Secretary of dormitory lights are still lit.Old director has been carefully nurtured him, he also admired the old leadership from the heart.Tomorrow, Secretary to retire the old, to go back to his hometown in Zhejiang.What souvenirs to send it to the point?Lu Qi reluctantly thought, shoving the old director wrote often mention protectors words on New Year’s day calendar.Just then, a young woman rushed in spite of arresting, looked flustered, incoherent, repeatedly said: My husband is gone, gone Lu Qi managed to calm her down.It turned out that she called Xiaoyu, opened a curtain draper, husband Palestinian people to work in the county power company, from work after helping food business.Eight o’clock in the evening, Palestinian people riding electric car to go out for a long time did not return, nobody answered his cell phone Xiaoyu hit the streets to find a few hours gone forever, so he came to the Interpol brigade report.Lu Qian Wei said, although it is now the middle of the night, but still very lively street, a man Palestinian people, there would be no danger, you may encounter a friend went drinking.Xiaoyu hastily shook his head, said she and the Pakistani people married only a year, usually always together, go out to the Palestinian people have talked about a good, middle of the night did not come home like this, sure something was wrong.Lu Qi Q: Pakistani people, and go cycling or playing?Xiaoyu said: he was riding electric bicycle.Lu Qi heart of a dynamic, fifty thousand population of the county has more than ten thousand motorcycles, who can not tell when it will crash, then call the traffic police force, and sure enough, they say, nine at night accident occurred, a motorcycle and electric vehicles hit by a car, the two men went into the hospital.Listening to Xiaoyu started crying and ran.Lu Qi one did not stop, will be followed to the hospital.To the hospital saw no wounded Palestinian people.Just then, the phone rang Xiaoyu, showing a text message: your husband was kidnapped, limit you to take ten thousand yuan ransom tomorrow morning at eight, not to alarm.Or just missing now become kidnapped!Qi Lu Xiaoyu back to the panic of the police made a record, tune out the caller ID, ask Xiaoyu can recognize the phone owner, Xiaoyu shook his head blankly, Lu Qi said the stranger how have your phone number?Xiaoyu explained, doing business is the number of cards spread everywhere.Lu Qi and contact the communications department to verify, but found that the registration of identity card purchase is false, that is to say, impossible to find this person!No clue.Lu Qili namely old director made a report.Old Secretary decisive set up a task force, and personally, he wants to run the final one case before the hand over power to his own painting to a successful conclusion.He ordered Lu Qi, all police leave canceled, the unified command of Lu Qi, to go all out to solve the case as soon as possible, so that the people live a peaceful years.After starting the emergency procedures, Qi Lu Xiaoyu continued to be questioned.Lu Qi asked the Pakistani people are doing it out?Xiaoyu told him that a young man to buy curtains, to the Palestinian people to volume size, and the Palestinian people want to go with Xiaoyu, the young man said only six windows, one is enough, just like he went to the Palestinian people.Lu Qi Q: The young man looked like?Xiaoyu understand what he meant, saying: That man but twenty years old, wearing glasses, thin and small, a head shorter than the Palestinian people.Lu Qi asked: Palestinian people riding electric cars do not have any marks?Xiaoyu said: In order to Geely, I tied a red cloth on a handlebar.A skinny man to kidnap a tall man on the street is impossible, it can only proceed from the electric car.Lu Qi decided to diverge, a team went Xiaoyu relatives, neighbors investigation, another team to conduct an intensive search in the city, looking retro red cloth tied to the electric car.If criminals hijacked the Palestinian people, the car certainly remain in place, there is the possibility the crime scene.Lu Qi has been in turn the brain, any crime is a causal relationship, criminals kidnapping, for love?Enemies?For money?After a child, the survey information is fed back, Lu Qi has surprised.Xiaoyu and never had improper dealings with other men, and the Palestinian people is recognized as an honest person, they have no enemies, grudges with people.If it was for money, adventure criminals kidnap a person for only one yuan, it seems unlikely.Despite extensive experience Lu Qi, but have never met such a purpose without committing the crime.He baffled, perhaps only the Palestinian people can get to the bottom to find.At this time, Lu Qi can only hope the other team officers.When dawn came the good news in the Phoenix area two kilometers away Building III found the Palestinian people of the electric car!Lu Qi lift your spirits and immediately arranged for district residents, renters personnel investigation.This quickly identified, 205 rooms were rented to a stranger, according to the situation of the homeowner, in full compliance with the physical characteristics Xiaoyu said, but it is the false ID card registration when buying cell phones!Criminals have surfaced.Lu Qi reported the situation to the old director, then bring people toward the Phoenix area in Building III.They opened the security door 205 room, living room and no one has a cell phone on the coffee table.Xiaoyu took a look to say, this is the Palestinian people’s phone!Careful Lu Qi busy motioned her not to speak.He found the left there is a small room, it has also the placement of the security door!Door to door, this is a coincidence cloth authorities!Lu Qi to understand the situation with homeowner.The owner told him that people are renting from Zhejiang to do business, the man said when the little financial room to room, usually keeping bills in cash, so to install security doors.Homeowners also said that the city has more than a thousand foreign businessmen, we are doing so, gotta be careful away from home.Lu Qi door still feel suspicious.No trace of the house to do business like that with what anti-theft locks?What is hidden behind the door?Lu Qi waved, everyone immediately aimed his gun wickets.A policeman stepped forward to open the door and cried, Freeze!Policemen!After a child, a man from the house, strange to say, you want to do?Xiaoyu cried, Pakistani people!He rushed over and hugged the man began to cry.It turned out that person is Palestinian People.Pakistan Xiaoyu patting people on the shoulder and said, do not cry, do not cry.Does anyone bully you anyway?Police find so much to do?Xiaoyu said, oh!The police are here to save you!Pakistani people somehow say, I do save?It was all right I?Lu Qi put away the gun.The famous mountain town detective is confused at the moment.Lu Qi told the Palestinian people, he came here with that amount of client window size, the amount of finished outside, he entered into this little room, I do not know how, small room security door snapped shut.Customer explained that he accidentally hit the door, the door is reversed position, open on the inside.Customers outside with a key to open the open, no, it said it might not be the key, he went to get people to the Palestinian people do not worry, just wait in the house.Pakistani people not to wait until midnight to see people come to the sleepy, to sleep in bed until I have been awakened.Lu Qi Q: the customer does?Pakistani people shook his head: I do not know.Lu Qi said: Palestinian people, that person is not a client, he is deliberately kidnap you!Pakistan People neck stem: Impossible!He did not kidnap me!He did not beat me call me, just do not accidentally shut the door badly, how this is kidnapping?You police overreaction!Lu Qi was about to explain, then they sent me a text message, Xiaoyu will be 10,000 yuan of money into the designated account, Xuanwu District, Nanjing Bank is a bank.After Lu Qi asked the old director, Nanjing and contact the police surveillance, while people rushed to Nanjing with net in order to be twists and turns, and finally in the Nanjing Railway Station to arrest criminals, immediately report the good news to the old Secretary.However, Lu Qi was a little uneasy.He said in a phone call to the old Secretary of criminals in the case, which is a twenties young man, Wen Wen quiet, not like a criminal record, but killed him not guilty, kept saying that he did not break the law, I do not know not a novelty.Old Secretary uncharacteristically no further instructions, simply put, know.You come back to say it.Having hung up the phone.Back to the Force, Lu Qi personally Tushen, but the young man was not guilty, he said something that surprised Lu Qi, I do not sin!This is not a kidnapping, but a bet!Lu Qi confused, bet?There are so bet it?It turned out that the young man is a master of online games, the story of a passion for the detection of reasoning, he said criminals stupid, if I commit a crime, the police can not certainly break.Others say he was bragging, he and others bet, bet 10,000 yuan.Lu Qi lad oblique glance, you say I have sinned, it is merely an intellectual game, which is called Cool!Do you understand?Besides, my father is the police, I’m going to do a crime?Lu Qi was about to say something, old Secretary livid face came.See a young man, and quickly stood up and said, Dad, you say to them, I am not guilty.Lu Qi suddenly ignorant.what?This is the son of the old Secretary?I saw the old Secretary teeth, majesty said, shut up!I command you in the name of an old policeman and father, plead guilty!Having turned our backs went to the window to go.Frightened young man said, Dad, you’re my son, you can not die no matter what I!He said, but also on land odd splash about knees, and cried gaffe, Uncle, you say something!You save me ah!Lu Qi walked in front of the old Secretary.Old director burst into tears, he took out his handkerchief and wiped his face, no doubt to say, continue questioning!Lu Qi snapped a stand at attention, is!He knew that the old Secretary hearts bleed.This is the last piece of the old Secretary handled the case, he used this unusual way for three decades of his own police career painting the holy period!