What can eat the skin black to white?Girls want to have fair skin, but some people are born more black, in fact, be to restore balance through diet, then you know what to eat to black skin white it?Following small to tell you exactly what to eat black skin white it can。
What can eat black skin white 1, drink plenty of research to prove honey, honey wash the skin can accelerate our metabolism and enhance the vitality and antibacterial skin, can effectively reduce the deposition of melanin, prevent dry skin, make our skin more the white, delicate, smooth, but also can prevent acne and eliminate wrinkles, etc., play the efficacy of skin care。
Especially the honey has a strong antioxidant, can eliminate "junk" – oxygen radicals, thus there remains young anti-aging, eliminate and reduce the role of skin wrinkles and age spots, look young and beautiful。 Therefore, the daily morning and evening services of natural mature honey plot Ann Church 20?30 grams。 Long-standing, rough skin becomes tender and moist。 2, eat more vitamin?High fruit would like to have a healthy bright skin sunburn easily, almost every dermatologist will let you eat 2-3 servings a day of high-dimensional?Fruit, guava, kiwi, strawberries and so can。 Especially kiwi fruit, rich in vitamin C, can interfere with melanin production, and help eliminate freckles on the skin。 In addition, in order to have strong defenses against UV skin, prevent skin aging must fully absorb vitamin E, vitamin a increase skin resistance and increases skin elasticity calcium, which can be obtained from food。 What can eat black skin white 3, eat barley barley is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, but also eat food, favorable water swelling, spleen dewetting, getting in addition to weakness, heat pus and other effects, but also contains essential amino acids, eat barley can replenish strength under high temperature in summer consumption, play a role in strengthening the immune system。
Meanwhile, also barley ultraviolet absorbent, which extract was added to the effect of sun and UV cosmetics, make the skin smooth orally amount, reduce wrinkles, eliminate stains。
Studies have found that drinking green tea or use skin care products containing green tea component, the sun can cause skin because let sunburn, relaxation and rough peroxide reduced by about one-third。 4, eat red and yellow fruits and vegetables red, orange and yellow fruits and dark green leafy vegetables such as mango, tomatoes, papaya, spinach, etc., are rich in carotenoids and other phytochemicals, antioxidant helps improve skin resistance。 In particular, tomatoes are the best sunscreen food, rich in antioxidants, lycopene, daily intake of 16 mg of lycopene may decrease the risk of sunburn factor 40%。
However, eating cooked tomatoes better than raw。 Wherein the β-carotene can effectively block UV。