Nanshan beans, mining Ju Dong, the night comes licking wine, leisurely fall asleep, I also know how the ancients living a comfortable leisure!    This person holding the mouse, eyeing big screen, they travel outside the thousands of years, is this not the great saphenous between downtown and enjoy the minute of leisure!    Tori Nanshan, bustling today, not clean.Hermit distant era is not without a trace, change is hidden in the house, the same is off from the downtown World.    Bliss stolen half a day!False leisure!    I do not know too busy the rest of the!Really idle!    True that of free space.    At the moment there is no time, empty nothing, time of accumulation can not break in, who know the years of the geometry!    Busy busy to forget, only so-called empty!    Buddha said: empty even color, sex is zero.Until the space-time does not matter, it is the true idle.    None of the mining Ju, on the virtual network!    No idle, idle too!    Leisure does not matter, so naturally idle!