[REVIEW] is a miracle created by human beings, in the rapid development of modern science and technology process, no idea is not implemented, I believe that in the near future, will be available real air car traffic in the city will get a real sense of stress reliever.      I remember growing up seeing a movie, What the film can not recall now, just remember that where there is such a plot: a hovercraft away from water to land, unimpeded opened from any obstacle, and those car house, etc. after it opened, but all intact, remains the same.At that time I thought, if the car is equipped with such a cushion, you can mountain foot flying everywhere, no longer limited to what the highway, even pressure to hit people who do not bloodshed that nice.    I remember that year, the country is still work day, and did not know turn to such a message on which the magazine: Singapore police equipped with air cushion police car, the car can take advantage of car air cushion generated when there is an obstacle, helping the car easily across an obstacle, especially when highway traffic jam, it can fly directly from the front of the car, compared to a helicopter, this car driving away to chase criminals are most effective.It is said that the Singapore police out of the police when an emergency call is not starting, but called an emergency take-off.  But today when I search the Internet, but can not find this information, I do not know if this is a year of information science fiction.Not to mention that this information is true, even if it is science fiction, the idea and we are now living closer to much, after all, after all, can not be identical with the hovercraft air car under a layer of rubber plus stuff like inflation, the real air car should be with the help of gas to complete normal car can not complete the action.    With the growing popularity of the continuous improvement of the human condition, continuous innovation and development of technology, automobile and other means of transport in the next world, the urban development pattern will change a lot.  Size of the city will become increasingly large, high-rise buildings everywhere will be the time scales than the comb, endless traffic city roads, woven into a giant network, the city together into one network.  Of life, dealing with every day in this city with the car and the road network, traffic jams have become a common occurrence, the city has become a commonplace accident, security issues become problems of modern society are most concerned about.  How to reduce and avoid accidents, and has become a hot topic in modern society, of course, relying solely on the traffic police day and night to keep filling the fine alone on the roadside, have been behind the future of urban development, we should start from the car itself departure, be taken into account in terms of safety, convenience, practicality, development and production of new automotive products.  Air car this vision is in line with the trend of the future of urban development, of course, we do not like can be seen in science fiction movies like, you can let the car everywhere, but at least at the time of urgent need, the use of air cushion across any obstacles was solid for the automotive plug in a pair of wings, take off to achieve the effect of a certain sense.    Just search on Baidu readily to such a message, that is also the future of the city and the world of cars.City of the future is kind of how it, the United States, “Popular Science” reported that according to “Future City” design competition winner, in the future of the city, the city will no longer use the car fuel in the traditional sense as a propellant, and with alternative energy sources such as hydrogen, the city will be full of fog collection and utilization as a supplementary source of human life, city life was full of people in the future will be skyscrapers, intricate lines of communication.  Finally, the winner of this game is a company called IwamotoScott architectural firm, they are specially designed for this purpose called “hydrogen network” urban underground transport network, using the Internet and computer networks similar principles, the overall network uses distributed architecture, network no connection hub or central station.The tunnel is made of a carbon nanotube network, capable of storing large amounts of hydrogen energy, where people can open circle filled with hydrogen fuel automobile, an automobile can always on the tunnel wall to inflate.  Of course, these are just the future of urban life and the idea of traffic conditions, but also can be seen on modern concerns the future of urban traffic generated, it is also the future sociologists, scientists must be concerned with the problem.    The ancients saw the birds, I think you want to have a huge pair of wings, fly freely in the sky.  Today appeared the aircraft, spacecraft and other aircraft to achieve the aspirations of mankind for thousands of years of flying.  Modern urban traffic congestion, the germination of the people some new ideas for the future means of transport, the demand for air cushion vehicles is no longer just imagine the problems, and become a modern city, an urgent need for the future of transportation.  Miracles are created by human beings, in the rapid development of modern science and technology process, no idea is not implemented, I believe that in the near future, will be available real air car traffic in the city will get a real sense of pressure, ordinary people off the dream will become a reality.