Kohiki evening, breezy, good early rise, a man I take the time to climb the roof top, not to shade, nor is it like to visit other Kunlun vast, ancestral Lang Ching Wan Shan bear the heavy snow of wonders, And that makes Xinjing sway, proud afterglow of sunset, gorgeous sunset.Only one reason: Which is hanging dried apricots.  I was born and raised in Shaanxi Guanzhong baby earth, seen overwhelming, contiguous rows of a variety of persimmon tree, home walnut tree, red jujube, not how great orchard.But, like along an infinite, gigantic big apricot, moving the Qianwan Mu, moving the production of one hundred thousand tons, Ying-day blocks out the sun, which is rare occasion vast knows no boundaries.As long as the experience of picking apricots drying season, the whole orchard floor carport, whole wheat fields and squares, as well as roadside and pasture roof, green everywhere dense, glistening, chubby, such as gold jade, such as mountain sweet Hairuo tired tired, fragrant, golden yellow butterfly strokes provoke bees, bright as platinum, Canruo sunset apricot dry, really moved by the occasion, people suddenly sigh experienced and pious people of South Xinjiang majestic mind and Taizhiruoyu.    Classification and rumors summer Meteors in July, has come to the middle after the southern end of apricots still have not got the meaning of.Apricots large family, variety, quality, taste, color effect is not the same.All I know is dedicated to dry apricots apricot color Amat, such apricots flesh hypertrophy, less water, high sugar content material.The fresh and presented their loved ones, entertain friends, there are huge physical, flesh plump, sweet juice large apricot; there are a lot of popular varieties of its fresh and delicious, full of meat thin, carefully peel off, will be bright colors, such as the potential Crab, fragrant.Its benefit-core (non-stick wood core); also flesh and core sticking very close and difficult to separate; as well as sheep Stan as thin delicate, this is a local apricots retain varieties, low yields, though not the way good-looking, but chewy environmental protection, as well as eggs in soil nutrition, taste fresh, stand, Gaorenyichou.There are many called on the name of the variety to choose from.  He said: “eat peach, apricot wounding plum tree dead lift.”It is a bit alarmist, I think any good things, eager for their appreciation, so long addicted addiction binge drinking or overeating, exterminate gluttonous feast, it will provoke the mishaps.It is because of the time and place of or lack of health knowledge, the occurrence of pesticide poisoning or perhaps.Normal tasting and appreciation will not appear much of a security problem.  Rather eat a fresh apricot, do not eat rotten peach basket.Righting a wrong to be too positive, this is my beads Hui insights for insights.I had not belittle the nutritional value of peaches, apricots and out of thin air to raise the special status of the.Celery, radish, all have love.Since the Xinjiang this three or four years, was invited to participate in the Apricot Festival several times, picking apricots and walnuts festival harvest festival, I would like here apricots and walnuts thin-skinned.    Accept gifts apricot my home was a wooden horse called the mention of Uighur apricot owner gift, each have several large cardboard box, about dozens of kilograms.Eat and eat, want to give it away, and everyone has felt less rare on the market, only one to two yuan one kilogram.Want at home dry shade, in fact, it is also impossible unrealistic.Because even the best apricots, as long as mature, it will naturally becomes soft, sweet until bad, even rotten ulcers occur attract gnats, air pollution.After washing with water it can not ted, it can not be expected as the water evaporates quickly as pipeline.Because, apricots Xinjiang because of special lighting and weather conditions, abundant, its high sugar content.There is also a very meager water, air and light must be in place to dry, so the sun has a strong role to absorb moisture, quick drying and ripening sterilization, there is such a hot-air swimming warm, clean and comfortable environment, optimum drying.Less than one week or slightly longer time, the original rounded fullness of fresh apricots will gradually become wrinkled, and then close the water concentration, and the colors are bright, the texture soft, lingering aftertaste, the essence of apricots will not have too much of dissemination and lose.    Dried apricots drying tower where my family Kashgar, the floor is not too high, only six.The design features a straight-through, you can go directly from the roof ceiling.This design has many advantages: it can expand the scope of activities, broaden their horizons, but also for fitness venues; can be drying clothes; things can be in full bloom, enjoy the scenery, flowers boxing, cock fighting, dog-walkers.Of course, there is such a good environment, not to use air dried apricots, it seems a pity.  Sun roof on top floor, there are a few square meters of the small platform, both subtle and smooth, high four sides, intermediate level, up from watching other parts of the roof, is not easy to find the most suitable air dried apricots.My horses are dried apricots time to take advantage of the early morning air is cool, the sun is not how vicious put up until careful observation, flip, stir a few times, when fully meet the collection standard is down to pick up collection.  Dried apricots drying frighten most worried about the cold weather or hail encounter rainy.When this kind of weather when overcast sunny, sometimes thunder and lightning, sometimes torrential rain, the rain feet like hemp, once dried apricots are injured or are prolonged soaking rain, there will be spots or mildew, become contemptible hair feces garbage even barely dry, its quality and taste will be greatly reduced, but will lose many nutrients.    Harvest pride sunset, red sun sink Ruxikunlun cove of a mountain, colorful, colorful, splashing out ten thousand stunning sunset backlighting, reflects the distant mountains steep Leng lofty outline.And not far away in the south, within reach of a series of snow-like white barrier Kunlun Mountains, the Asian tournament angel teen idol, Qionglouyuyu, stands in Yunshan amid the fog, the tall Cui Wei, watching from the side glance.The famous Chogori, the “tip of the father” reputation Ata peak, kongur nine other on the show in front of the Peaks.Whole sky is blue, such as washing, there are a few belated wild geese flying.At this time, the full moon is also eager East, I can not wait to be cited frivolous soft white clouds high care, with a large retinue, the hustle and bustle to climb out of the horizon.She is big and round, like most of a beautiful girl handsome face, thoroughly dazzling in the warm evening breeze, elegant, charming fresh.While I speed up, he kept picking up the fruits of labor, while multi want to look at this light and shadow, day and night, brilliant and utterly still thousands of miles long days in the transfer of ever-changing interpretation of gorgeous scenery.  At this moment, I feel very open, happiness was straight to jump straight to burst into tears, feel dizzying, not enough heart, two hands completely suck the sweet dried apricots in syrup, just felt slimy fragrant, sweet white Sang Sang, carrying a bag of dried apricots time downstairs, I step back, like a miss as every Sanqiu lover, reluctantly looking back, lamenting this summer the most wonderful scenery, really want to enjoy the cool air upstairs family about the experience, so that they again share a memorable return to the moments of beauty, bearing in mind this very moment rapture.    2011-7-16 (about 2200 words)