It was a Sunday night, is to study hall, just past weekend due to school, I am a little busy.Etc. The next morning, just listen to the students talk about small Reiko did not come to school.  My heart whispered: She never late, today is how, and will not be sick, will not have anything at home?Suddenly, a sense of foreboding in my heart, I do not know why, my heart pain, seems to have been torn general.  The next few days, still no news of the small Reiko.I went to her house, the family also did not know, but disappeared the day called and said to go to the students for a few days, as to which the students, why go small Reiko did not say they do not know!  One night a few days later, Reiko suddenly small and dad went to school together.Small Reiko announced her decision in the classroom, and that is to drop out.Say a word, immediately he shocked everyone.With her performance, even if it is now directly into the exam, the test to a university is not a problem in general, who also could not imagine her actually at this point, even he chose to drop out.Students looked at each other, then turned to me together.  After I listened to is just like the sky falls down in general, his face frightened, confused color.He really can not figure out, I can not imagine why she should suddenly drop out, how to do after dropping out?Why is not she in advance and discuss their own, if she did have their own plan, he himself will firmly support it!Why did she disappear to these days, these days she disappeared in what happened in the end?No, I have to go and ask her, in the end what happened!Less than many think, stood up and shouted: small lemon!  But found that all the students looked at her, the eyes full of surprised and bewildered eyes!Chen Xu said: shonan, small Reiko had gone!I was surprised, frantically chasing out of the past.Just ran to the door and saw the teacher was about to come in, I gave a lot, pushing the teacher run, just heard the teacher in the back shouted: I, not class it, Where are you going!  I went to the playground and see the little Reiko and his father was about to get on the train.I screamed: small Reiko, wait for me, I have something to say to you!Small Reiko seemed reluctant, in his father’s pro-destroy, reluctantly agreed to talk to me.  Although it is early summer, tree, chirping cicadas have been barking.  why?I asked anxiously.  what why?Reiko little to say, his face full of contempt of color.  Where were you these two days, I almost frantic, and why you suddenly do not go to school, in the end what happened, you tell me?Speaking of excitement at me, she took him by the arm and asked,.  Reiko small break me, indifferent smile, said: You are my people, why should I tell you?Her words just like a bolt from the blue, in my heart explode.I was pale, stay a while, speechless, finally courage and said: I’m your boyfriend ah, ha ha ha I shrill laughter reached my ears, the laughter made him feel a little hair cold, cold little while Reiko smiled, and said: you have the face to say that I was your boyfriend, my boyfriend did not you do like this!You do not look like yourself, little man, ugly, I bet you must be the last generation to be sleepwalk killed his wife Wu Dalang.Before you do find my boyfriend, I’m really young and foolish, blind eyes.I love to talk to you for so long, when you care about me, helped me and reduction pressure.More than that, might finally together at some alone with you, you are still advised me over and over again to study hard, I was admitted to a good university!You said a few promises to me, and you said a few good words for me, you have our commitment to the future how many!I’m sick of!  I never thought she would say such a remark, even by their own piece really like her contempt, my mind went blank, and stood, did not know what to say, but do not know what to say, and perhaps himself tonight We never should have come here.  Small Reiko see I do not speak, added: my beautiful little Reiko talent, many boys chasing me, this great youth Is Why would you waste in this elm pimple body!Having small Reiko finally calmed down later, around the moment into a silence, so still take your breath away!  Long time, I break the quiet, whispered: You’re right, blame was right, these aspects I did well enough.But, I hear you say a word, okay?  Yes, I have not depicted the future for you, I have not told you how much sweet talk, I did not take you to play, to take you to the kind of entertainment to relax pressure.However, I do this to How about you, not because of my love for you do?This year most of our lifetime most important year is the most difficult year?I know you have a lot of pressure, but we just bite the bullet, hang in there, so we admitted to the university, we will be able to relax a!  What is our future, do not you know?Our future course is to get married, then get down safely over a lifetime, which I also used to say you do?If you do not get married, but for a lifetime, then why should I fall in love with you, we remain friends like it?  Yes, I have not told you a few good listener, I am the person speech was clumsy, I can not tell what a good listener?But even if I do not say, Do not you feel my love for you do?Why do not you just feel it in my heart is yours?  Yes, even so, I should make a commitment to you, so do not worry.However, I am not still learning it?No material basis for it?I can give you any promises, I can only promise you is my heart, my life is to love your heart, do not you feel Well!I am a man, I have said it must be done!  I can only swear to you, no matter what is occurring in the future, I will always love you, and I will tell you, for me, this love to take my full responsibility.I think we two good study hard, find a good job later, and then get married, Ann will be determined to spend rest of his life, that it is wrong?  Small Reiko laughed and said: Are you really a fool, dumb big, big wood, under the sun the biggest fool!Having sped away.And that I am the only tree on empty playground.Horizon moonlight hit his face, I looked up at the moon, felt very lonely and anxious heart