REVIEW: the world’s largest ocean; bigger than the ocean is the sky; bigger than the sky is the human mind!  Each flight, like a window seat to pick up the ticket at the time, as the aircraft crossed in the cloud, in a clear light state of mind, look at the scenery out the window transform the clouds, so pure of heart to the vast long air travel.    With the roar of the plane off the ground, Chongshangyunxiao moment, looked humble, thick floors, vast fields at the foot farther and farther, getting smaller and smaller, until out of sight.In this noisy earth away, also with the heart leap beyond time and space, there is a pleasure in rising prance!    And watches, blue sky, white clouds, convergence in the vast firmament end.Ahead in place, clean, clean, safe, mystery.Living in the air, nothing to tie him down, elegant as possible flying thoughts.There is no reference, like a walk in the clouds of aircraft still in general, if not the engine sound reminder, never believe are seven or eight hundred kilometers per hour in the air.Quietly feel that feeling clear sky, relaxed and comfortable.Or clouds or clouds roll Shu, smoke Si Wu, dreamlike.I can not imagine those immortal clouds on whether seclusion deep in the cloud?    Lang Lang altitude, clear expanse, bright sunshine, no clouds blocking.Either you have the worth of Red earthly care, will be cast aside, and enjoy a clear, broad and indifferent.    If the face of the sea, people feel that the broad expanse, then the face of the sky, give people the feeling is vast and mysterious.    The world’s largest ocean; bigger than the ocean is the sky; bigger than the sky is the human mind!    I suddenly remembered this quote Hugo, I think if we can also trained the “big” than the sky of mind, that this is how a broad range of pure realm of life?    Watch all the way all the way to reverie, the destination is getting closer, all on the ground gradually clear until close to the ground, the roar of the aircraft increased rapidly swept back out of the window tree houses go, will think that the speed of flying.    Oh, after take-off, sprint, walk through, landing.We went back to the ground.Once high-flying, heart enjoy a comfort to Air Tour.