Yes, now a group of parents opened a new "baby sun" mode: When the parent-child conflict broke out, the children presented a painful state, parents do not rush to quell the fighting, but excitedly held up the phone, press the video capture key, and for the first For a time advertised。   People formerly very taboo "skeleton in the closet", now these parents'd be happy to take the initiative, "windows" wide open, warm and inviting friends and relatives familiar, unfamiliar users with the door to see, judge by their children is to show how unbearable demeanor。   Children crying a little while and then you, Mom and Dad to take a video made circle of friends, collect 100 Chan。
  By video to outsiders judge, a child and decide who will win, motives are wrong earlier in the micro-Bo, there was a video has fueled fierce accusations。 Video, a weak figure of a little girl sitting in the middle of the room, was weeping and trembling, and parents arguing behind the lens。 Although the little girl out of breath to speak, but she seemed mature than many of their peers, but also a very clear logic。
  Through the video of few words, probably can guess the plot: daughter made a little mistake and has apologized parents, parents can take off the gloves tugging at it to continue to make a big fuss。 Daughter bathed in tears, and calm rebuttal stressing each syllable: "I have apologized and I in the end how the?"Perhaps the daughter of 'aura' to the surprise, the video of the parents go on a lot of sound intensity is weak, it seems pretty hard to hold back laughter, but pretending to try to stabilize the situation majestically。   User comments below the video, the photographer did not expect to stand aside: "it is very funny video?Look how I cry, poor little girl and I am a child of exactly the same ah!'' Parents 'vexatious' attitude reminds me of those childhood shadow……'Why daughter despair So far, parents also overjoyed to share live video, wantonly spread child sadness?  Teachers' Psychological Development and Education Institute of Wuhan University, Chen Wu believes that some parents love the sun made a video of suffering children, first of all may be unconscious, they reveal painful spot no special feelings for the child, even though the conflict is similar to normal family life。   Secondly, parents share videos conflict, largely due to "let the audience judge comment" motive, errors in children, not their own。
"In psychology, can be called self-presentation, generally there are five self-presentation: please, competent, pleading, role models and threats。
The kids love to share video on the Internet of negative emotions of parents, is integrated over several psychological self-presentation。 Some parents may prefer to psychological 'self-protection', I want others to say that the child does not do well, too headstrong, and then shows that he is very dedicated as a parent of "。
  However, self-affirmation, the desire for self-protection, it is the place to deal with when parents have not been done in the parent-child relationship。
"Children want to decide who will win, motivation is wrong。 Children are very young, even if wrong, and also the family rearing styles are related, but not necessarily a very serious matter。
Parents concerned about who is right, such an idea would follow the development of parent-child relationship towards a worse direction。 Remember, children need to be protected, rather than the parents need to be protected. "。
  Publicly released video, the parent-child discussions may lead to the deterioration of relations in the circle of friends, after a 80 because of his father who is the "school bully" and therefore after learning of his son's father got the idea very。 He pushed his son homework every night, it is also arranged a bunch of extracurricular exercises。   Unexpectedly, hopeful heart is too urgent, he arranged for his son's math or English words to recite the task, the son can not successfully completed, the inevitable conflict between father and son, son against a whole table book crying。
  At this moment, good human teacher's father was very proud of, pick up the phone record under his son "stupid enough incurable" horrors, send instant circle of friends。
  Less than 5 minutes, the crowd of friends came one after another。
We carefully review, "Oh child is still small, why make things difficult for people," "You worry too much for his son to learn," but no one point of praise。 Behind acquaintances meet, but also inevitably take the matter when the talk quietly talk about it: Could that be the leader reprimanded Mr. weekdays too useless in the office, actually get out on the kids, to regain a sense of accomplishment?  Chen Wu believes that parents take video and communication to the public, has the nature of "media", while the child was taken not to allow filming behavior, or they do not understand the shooting behavior, sharing behavior what it means。
  Chen Wu felt that the parents took a child's negative emotions video, may cause an unexpected discussion on the Internet, regardless of the extent of the discussion and the outcome, are likely to have a considerable impact on children。 On the one hand, after the children stumbled on this video, his feelings are difficult to predict。
On the other hand, circle of friends, microblogging evaluation, will affect the parents' reaction, and thus will affect the relationship between them and the child。   "If users criticize the child, parents peace of mind, strengthen the act and will be unscrupulous, spectator became unconscious accomplice; if users criticize parents, has a strong ability to reflect some of the parents may therefore convergence; but there are also pregnant with their parents send this video We have strong incentives to 'prove me right', opposite results and expectations, cognitive dissonance, this time parents should maintain their own cognitive and consistent power, find a way to rationalize their actions, subsequent behavior is not known, most likely for children negative side effects。
"The ability to influence public share video in the network, far beyond the expectations of parents and control。
Once out of control, it will result in the deterioration of the depth of parent-child relationship。
  Children need to grow up, not the sun around you, but in reality all the time you locked the children sad, angry, vulnerable face for the first time using a mobile phone camera, and then sharing is projected to more unknown field of view of the audience, this is the absence of parenting, as well as parental controls excessive side want to reflect。
  If the child is dealing with the expression of strong unease in front of you, parents should pay attention to and deal with the emotional boy, listening to their ideas, and then return to the matter。   According to the analysis of psychological experts, we live to see the so-called rebellious "bad guys", in large part because home is small bundle too much, too many parents think outside the box by the intervention, and lack of self-independence, no sense of control。
  "If children are still expressing anger, your child is a relatively good state, because he depends on your attention this way。 If parents can not continue as the child may no longer speak no longer resist, and looks very quiet and well behaved, ignore the parents, which evolved into 'learned helplessness' in psychology, parents complete loss of confidence bad, most likely really do matter。 "Also part of parents often share parent-child conflicts video, not necessarily for 'self-presentation', but confusion in education, anxiety, so that he urgently needed solutions, such as now some young mothers often put such a video sent to girlfriends micro-channel group , departmental staff group, contradictory feeling helpless, an urgent need "to seek the views of the collective."。
  Chen Wu opposed to this solution。 "This is a particularly self-expression, children occupy most of their emotions, all aspects of their focus on kids。
Only care enough to think of a public share this concern, the heart requires infinite zoom, this situation is very dangerous. "。   Territorial Expansion stressed that parents should adjust the current living conditions as good as possible, the world will become rich themselves, some of diversification, rather than rely on children to be met。
  In addition, no boundaries, does not consider the privacy of the sun Video has potential risks。   Chen Wu believes that regardless of the nature of the video positive negative or not, children sun it will make parents lose a child and really happy together, true companionship。 "Children do not need your sun, but you need all the time."。 Trainee reporter Shen Jie group。