Cool early autumn, yellow leaves of garden trees were blown in one place sometime, too late to turn around, remember to unprovoked strikes, flooded.  That indifferent to the past, hazy and clear, lament fleeting across the hairline at the moment, will do sentimental nostalgia, the share of precipitation ancient dedication.Pick up a yellow leaves, as if to pick up through the fall, listing the emotions, the only eternal good faith, seeking enlightenment share had moved but still have pain sun burning skin, that swaying affair actually have nowhere to hide.Wind blowing, leaves as the sky flying their full Jiao Zi hundred pro, dancing and enjoy the brief vacated comfortable, revel in the fairy tale dream.  Review Chuan interest rates more than the flow of people, the evidence seems clear understanding of the fleeting trace all the way to joy and love Homecoming.Cameo in complex relationships, as the arrest of moths, dilemma, if I’d rather be putting out the fire in order to loyalty I, but the long-cherished wish interlocking fingers.  Fingertips fleeting, bear enumerate.In every “cool through the night early” evening, indulge surging trend, slipping dream of sails, toward the edge of the night, I believe is the beginning of the end edge!  Aizaishenqiu, with several trace.They seek love, once luxurious homes, with safe life!