That burst of the late Qing Dynasty, white blue states have a cow Pingzhen six houses have Arita, considered a well-off in the local.Bovine six parents died, he was not yet a wife, a single person, eat and drink costs very casual, never knew the word frugal.One day, a pair of fleeing to the town of mother and daughter.That daughter is only sixteen and seventeen, hungry skinny, sunken eyes, a look of dishes.Bun shop boss gave them alms several beef buns, just give the old lady a daughter to eat, the rest are all stuffed into broken burden of.Others asked why she does not eat, she said, can not eat, such as the day the event is not on the charity of the good-hearted people, can save lives.Cattle six to watch for a while, when moved compassion, thinking their own home anyway, some house, some food, put this poor mother and daughter back home, day three meals, eat full control tube.Water Mingjiao daughter, who lives in six cattle for some time, his face shiny with a look, it was in a very pretty young lady.A water have six pairs of cattle meant water on the whereabouts of the Arab-Israeli mother propose marriage.The old lady anxious it, one hundred promise.That night on the arrangements for the two round the room, picking up a six white cow wife, saving money even media.After marriage, the mother and daughter became the owner of the guests, six cattle food in good order.Cattle six pairs of mother and daughter ninety-nine satisfied, the only complaint is that the wife’s mother felt a bit annoying.Six cattle used to eat and drink, thinking about how to eat to how to eat, eat, regardless of shining white rice or flowing fat oil to pour a bucket, do not feel a little pity, do not know Yang Zhu a chicken ah one to pick.After the mother and daughter, watching cattle six so spoil food, terribly distressed.Eat every meal, the mother and daughter not only the rice bowl of rice a pullout is not left into the mouth, falling on the table rice children, they also pick up clean, even in the rest of the dish juice children, I can not bear to discard, keep rice under the Dayton.If let the old lady to cook, it is even more absurd, she even left Dayton on rice crust are reluctant to wash, then pour it into the cooked rice.Boiled rice, treat her baby, not a drop left the whole drunk.Cattle six times looked very angry, the heart that I’m not enough of you to eat, really Sigui cast tire, hungry, scared!One day, six cattle uphill want to play game, to take cover when debris room, saw the corner was a small child urn.Kicked kick, feeling very heavy, glancing curiously opened the urn lid, which actually is a urn full of rice.He exclaimed, scratching his head and wonder, migang obviously placed in the outhouse, who is in possession of this urn a meter?I thought that he come to understand that this woman must have been a good thing to do.Then he came to the gas, you live and eat in my home, my family was still secretly hidden meters, in the end want to do?When he was angry, simply not up to the mountains, put the urn meters hold out, shouting to mother and child.Look a little old lady urn, was immediately understand why my colleagues, and even said: my possession, something to do with the Arab-Israeli water.Cattle six straight face ask: do you hide meters?Want to change money so take it?The old lady hurriedly waved: No, no, I I I I just want to hide something to eat, so that my heart was at ease.Cattle six dissatisfaction hum loudly: really want to do forever hungry!The old lady uneasy, looking down along the brain listened son made a pass temper, sighed softly and said: Cattle six Yeah, you’re right child, you are not tasted hungry, I’m hungry and scared to.From small to large, I have been over the full meal hunger and meal, when her family enough to eat, married people have enough to eat, my biological mother, and you never met the wife’s father, as well as two Arab water siblings, are to die of hunger,.As the saying goes, when you think of hunger when food festival, when you think of winter clothing when married, although we now worry about food and clothing, but also can not patronize the immediate future was thinking, hiding something to eat, if and to what time, but it can help her six cows hiccup hiccup weave said a Chase, some of them angry, waving: line of the line, until that time you say it.You give me something to hide out, this will not be at my home in eastern Tibet Tibet!The old lady whispered softly mouth, would like to say, A water hastily pulling her sleeves.The old lady sighed reluctantly, had to take the cattle stolen from six to go.Cattle six followed her all the way around, turned around in their own house, and saw the old lady come up with the same kind of thing in a nook and corner, just like magic in general, let him see straight eye.Since finished placed in a pile, all eat, there are meters and valleys, there is oil there is salt, cassava, sweet potatoes, taro and all his family and some things she stashed some.Cattle six looked at this pile of food, is simply dumbfounding, he said a few old lady, this thing is over.After some time, the old lady suddenly ill afford, and soon died.After six cattle after a funeral, finishing houses, but also from many nook in the corner to eat out a lot, so this old lady still can not change her problems, still surreptitiously hiding things.After the old lady died, six cattle still occasionally found hidden in the house to eat, the original A water with her mother, but also love to eat hidden problems.WWW.5aigushi.COM Every time found that six cattle always ridiculous, will inevitably have to care about it A water.A water each time did not dare to tell, always said that the future must be changed, but I could get rid of.One day, heavy rain, to the evening, suddenly came six cattle revelry.What may not have ready-made dishes at home, the rain stop, can not go to town to buy, chickens to kill ducks, always find it troublesome.And turn in the house suddenly remembered that there are a few pieces of bacon at home, it is the finest delicious drinks.He opened the store bacon cylinders look, inside empty.He even racking our brains, there are a few clearly remember Yeah, these days they ate, how it’s gone?I asked A water, A water face shabu red, whispered softly said: yes, yes I hid Tibetan Tibet,!You hide ass ah?Cattle six fire, I do not give out!A water ran over debris in the room, holding a pile of debris in a small urn to.Into the daylight look, I can not help but pale.The original cork top half of the lid missing, look like being bitten off by rats.Removed the cork, reaching a dig, just pull out the leftover pieces of rat skin.A water fall that fell to the floor, tears streaming down shabu, plus she is sad remorse, good bacon was hit mice ruined.Cattle six current rage see stars.He was quite sad rats eat bacon, but now feel the burn, anxious and other food drinks, who knows his wife actually made such a stupid thing, and today it is the Dayton wine drinking does not become!He angrily slap shot past, then shouted: After you learn your mother again, I go back to your home to go to, when you Sigui it!With this the lesson, A water really changed something wrong, he did not dare to eat a possession.