Kuei one pair vest, sweat disseminated a black spot color, paste in the developed and relaxation brown skin, wrapped in faded under the old trousers wide fertilizer, Dengzhe Jiefang Xie, this is Aki, my childhood classmate. Aki, a small town middle peasants who do farm work early, early development, primary school will have adult-like, read the book Debu Zeyang, but that’s no serious problem, relied on tall blue stadium played quite brave, It was a man.Unruly impressionable age, Aki there laughing Buddha appearance, Mimi others.Primary school, that time no entrance examination, pay attention to family composition, Aki family is three generations of the poor peasants, to send county school, primary school middle school I was shelter, prevails, the less met.He had heard a few years later to become a soldier, home dry on the production team leader. Since the eighties and nineties of the last century, the town massive construction projects construction, land acquisition often, Aki fields at every turn by the team and.Land transaction dealings dinner is only human, captain Aki frequently seated restaurant, Aki had “bacchanal” Hun No..Aki said that after drinking because muddy thing to do, was ousted from office.Restaurant can not go, alcoholism too hard decision, Aki will be with some of the city drinkers gather to drink in powder shop stalls.Aki Chijiu refused to spend money, the old drinking buddy RBI calculations, printing of word of mouth is poor, when they are drinking buddy deliberately Liangshai.Whenever may “happen to encounter,” Aki still seated ha ha. Soon, A Guicheng the field of non-farmers, landless each of everybody to fend for themselves, Aki small contingent wife put fruit vendors, swim in their own markets, there with brute force, only to find chores to do.That year a Sunday morning, I took year-old son to eat dockside powder store powder, take a look at a few get to see Aki and sit around drinking buddy to drink, I call to him and said: old school, over a couple of drinks!I smiled and turned down, then select every few tables seated.Eat a little, eight, nine years old boy broke into the store, Ben Aki go: father!Ten dollars to buy books.Aki grabbed the child Mimi laugh silent, relying on a duck wings to his son.Son while eating hand side: money!Aki smiled and said: Dad pocket money now.The bombing of a son: You just say that to take money!Aki embarrassed look and pile on a smile: Dad went to get the money to do it live, let’s take this uncle.Electric shock-like drinking buddy pointed at his head shake dial: Uncle do not have any money.Two drinking buddy next to hastily dress down: we have no money.The store people laugh, Aki son wah-wah cry.I took the money from ticket said to his son: Go, brother showed books.My son is not happy, I said: the children to help each other.Kid actor clutching tickets ran money, handed it in front of his brother: My dad gave you money to buy books.Aki son look of astonishment.Aki grabbed my son and said: little brother Zhenguai.He turned to his son: Fast Thank you brother, bought a book to learn.Aki watched my son ran back towards me strange smile.I shook my head, knowing grins – this is not bad money Kuei! Although students with Aki, and small town living, but has been living apart, less than please ceremonial occasions, there is no collusion neighborhood.But I know Aki production team who share this house, in the street from newly developed a new home.I occasionally meet with Aki street, it looks like he was smiling, just a bit hunchbacked, a soft body muscle.I think he saw that I would be somewhat sigh: We are old! This year, I had a conversation with Aki, or in powder store.I marked powder, see Aki sitting on the edge of the table to drink Taiwan independence, I leaned over and.Aki smiled show I sat down in front of him a bowl of plain halogen powder, a dish of mixed bowel burn two points boil, bowl of rice wine.He added a stone to give me a spoon, I stopped: I do not drink.I pointed to his Diecai: the elderly, eat this stuff.Aki care: die, I have food on the table to eat a rarity in fat, flavored, lean meat Seya.I think Aki hard labor, consumption had.Old school on the table, white hair gathered, after hours of notebook talk, the topic naturally wander children.Aki said he has raised two girls and a boy, are married daughter, son, after graduating from university to do white-collar workers in Guangzhou large companies, get married two years ago, last year gave birth to a son, Aki wife had gone to Guangzhou with grandchildren.I congratulate emotion: Aki, you perfect virtue!Aki Giggles: My son is disappointing.He sighed: But my son’s burden Shen ah!Aki son in Guangzhou bought a set of three-compartment housing, down payment and renovation spent a lot of money, month of principal also a lot of interest.I said: Aki, money is the people to fight, they will find the young people, you worry about is useless, your grandson is a blessing to repair, you will go to heaven feet high in Alice.Aki and Mimi laughed: You’re also, but I have to find something to eat.I said: You put out a new rent, enough for you to drink.Aki said new homes sold – the son of the time difference money to buy a house, now live Aki moved back to the ancestral home of Old Street.I said: you still have the strength to carry the pick gives kilos?Aki smiled: live football to do during the day to do, I give people the night guarding the site, just to make enough money to drink.Suddenly he asked me: your son in there to make a fortune?This is the point in my Vital!My son after school, looking for work, mulls, implement, and not long after they quit – working too hard.Jumping out of a few years, now home to lie nest, my people are ashamed to mention his.Aki remembered: say ten dollars I owe you do, your son so good, on their own money to run, my son was shocked dumplings, stupidly did not dare take.Aki from Gu said: That I hold your son, his heaven full, slender fingers, the official appearance of the gripping hand, I was sure that he grew up not when the county clerk and professor.I listened really want to Aki and buried her face in a bowl of wine to drown forget.I said to Aki: Aki, you have unsolicited Fu Xiang Fu, I have to find someone to help the geomancy. I slipped out of the plane dark gray face powder shop, Aki still leisurely drink his wine.