My life, it is destined to shake hands firmly with the sad / When I / slowly stuck between the branches from a tree head / is shining / Colors of Life / — green glowing hope / With one pair of curious eyes / in Simplicity / patrol colorful world / while also chasing time in / breed love / fall quietly from / crystallization of love — fruit / so sweet / I used sallow / run to nutrition face / kissing —- because that is what I expect of / but why the heart is so pain / I really do not want to – if I can not look at / I try to stick with / in the wind so that you can greet to win / in fact, this is just beautiful mirage / I wiped the last tear / exhaustion of the last effort toward earth / people praise it is a sublimation / I smile / rain stop / name of my face / some parts of my body / Lin began melting / number of insects and some microbes / cruel to implement their decomposition —- transformation / my soul writhing pain / I know / I’m slowly being fused / is in control of a sacred / I want to get out, but could do nothing / I immediately found / If no such torment / my life seems Nonsense / Because I love / I chose to dedicate pain / I’m actually fantasy / day and night to accompany / such as some of my sisters, all year round / but I was destined to become a noble / like a meteor lightly rub / draw gorgeous life / What can I say / look forward to meet another spring /