An eloquent winter snow falling autumn leaves stuck his head out why you thought looked so chic in such a hurry to disregard my life and my trunk has not yet withered describe Colorful withered brown leaves yet still my heart It is so hot my dream still lingering like that there are so many good things I love the warm sunshine winter snows said I love this green world I had been waiting for a long time can not wait can not wait for the highest power of Japan, longer winter snows disregard it and a ray of sunshine it will be like the heart dismal ablation green world is falling asleep in his arms that white snow that is green Akiba Akiba was not afraid of cold lose the slightest trouble to meet its overbearing sadness chest and snowflakes it was full of pride hit a beautiful snow bound snow glaze that is dazzling ray of sunshine gradually rising snow gradually malaise leave Akiba Akiba head first down gradually frown curled gently falling and I can not wait for that next life reincarnation I I can not wait more that the end of time, etc., etc. I sleep with you and I want to tell the whole winter Acacia tell tell that never miss lots to talk about long love