School of the mountain trees have copper tree, leisure time I always like a man under a tree to watch the sunset.  I’m not handsome, learning is not good, do not love sports, but do not unite students.But I have an advantage are the envy of everyone, and that is an amazing talent.  Class snapped positive drifted away from the classroom, I was flying teacher chalk accurate hit in the head.How is this trick, it can not be something new?Pick up the chalk was about to head teacher handed.I found the teacher goes as broken Mazhang Fei-like face, very bright smile today.  Students, today we turn to a new student class, she called: purple Tong, a pleasant appearance, like a retro ponytail, looks a little blankly girl.The teacher pointed to the seat next to me: she will help you oh.Purple Tong but very good.  Sure enough, not long before her reputation will be famous school, first won the championship in long-distance race.Then become a squad leader, shortly after the school won the first good results in examinations.However, she obtained such excellent results when she was at the same table as I have become the biggest victims.Like Hunshimowang like me, she was hit instill obedience tube.  I found that I was actually obsessed with purple tube Tong.And then I can not go on like this, throw her a note, which read: less self-righteous, self-assertion, I do not believe you can take control of it I?After a small tube in my school, and later allowed to pull my ear, very shameful!  She smiled at me: you will slowly crush on this feeling.  Purple Tong beautiful, very good.Therefore it captured the hearts of many boys, actually led to flooding in our class love letter, to bring class had a quiet round and round waves.Really hard to imagine that a man could be so good, so good.More annoying is that I always hated her, actually began her fascination.  In the morning, the vice squad collection of all the people in our class.Of course, not including purple Tong.Opened an emergency meeting.He announced that there is one very important thing today.Today, self-study courses rang, he suddenly raised his head and cried in front of purple Tong: I love you.Handed out a bouquet of flowers in front of purple Tong.The class for the purple Tong, promised him.Zi Tong looked daggers at me, smiled and took his flowers.  In the evening, I could not sleep in bed how.Envy and jealousy perhaps.I found that I do not know, I have fallen in love with her.And the thought of her vice squad together, my heart hurts.Upset when I would sit on the stone benches under the purple Tung, looking at the sky quietly in a daze.At this time, a petite figure has long been sitting here, how you will be here?Here is my territory.  I was in the stars, who said!Whoever it is who to.Look at my face, purple Tong mischievous smile.How so red it?You are not like me?  Humph!It did not do, you do not like the vice squad?I no longer see her, and ran quickly ran away.  Soon, the school purple Tong announced a surprising news, the boys over at the end of her examination, she who to talk to friends, and soon the whole school boys crazy to start learning.Of course, this also includes me.For happiness I love the purple Tong, I want her to learn more than the end of the exam.  Maybe I’m seriously study the reason, I no longer care about the purple Tong.Whenever problems encountered in the classroom dispute my answer, she would encourage me.Give me a sweet smile.  In the end of the exam results will be announced today, when I was shocked to read the name on the first place, I do not know is happy or sad.575, I passed her 0.5 points.Tong took the purple classroom transcripts announced its commitment to do my girlfriend of the time, the class muster applause.I snatched the transcript, torn to pieces.This is not what I want, purple Tong after I refused, tearfully left the classroom.  A few days later, we resumed its former life.But a fool to give up the girl the best news has spread throughout the campus.  Do you regret it?Purple Tong Road towards me.  Do not regret it, I know you like me, right?  Well purple Tong smiled, raised his head to think of what the next few days, every day after school, I will go to the purple and purple Tong Tung next, chatting, watching the sunset.  Epilogue: Shortly after, purple Tong gone, gone when she did not tell anyone to go quietly.  I found in her desk in a letter: I love you, you know.?The first time I saw you from my love with you..I like your naughty, like your cute, like your everything.But I’m going, the future will not control you.You will no longer twist ears.But you have to learn, you know.?Maybe one day we’ll meet again.Under Purple Tung mountain, and I have the best memories.