2009 while he and her high school, he was a very quiet boy, and she really loves to play very mad!Because placement They are assigned to a class, or around the table!He called dragons, good grades at school, the teachers liked him!Her name is Jill, because love playing poor academic performance, teachers are regarded as bad as her students!    Tensions high school life for people breathless, after three years of effort just to be able to return for a good school entrance of notice!    One day in class, have thrown dragons on the desk a note. It reads: how can you not love to talk to the girls ah, what would blush?The genus name Jill!    He looked down on slips of paper wrote: No, ah, I never take the initiative to talk to girls, I feel quite attractive!    After seeing Jill smiled, feeling quite humorous dragons!So by writing a note relationships nearly every day, one day They became lovers from students!    From dragons academic performance has been declining, the teacher talked with him several times!Came more than a month before the college entrance examination, dragons did not go to school, and now he has learned not go!    After the exam, the exam dragons!He went to a field of colleges, but Jill is in the city on a local vocational school!They separate the two because of school, but over the phone, they continue to insist on the Internet!Although they are not together but still feeling so good!    One day Jill cold, no one to take care of her in her side, dragons know, bought a train ticket to see her that day, also bought her cold medicine!    Jill moved to tears!How time flies by, they have been together for more than a year!Many former classmates say he was stupid!Stupid is as stupid does, he got her love, he felt very happy!    Suddenly one day Jill told us break up dragons, dragons thought it was a joke, it comes to you kidding ah!Jill says is true!He went to her and asked, why break up, do not you love me yet?Jill say love, I’ve been in love with someone else!He took care of me in my side!And you really can not do!    Dragons cried, tears streaming down his eyes down, he paid so much to determine the final return for a break for her!Fool away, without leaving anything to go under the gray sky began to rain, mixed with rain fell in little fool who, rain and tears have been a fool not distinguish love is not wrong, he just likes she just!