When a meteor across the night sky, I silently promised a wish, I sincerely pray for God to fulfill my desire.  I do not know since when I fell in love with learning, I do not know since when I do not drink Coke, but I do not know since when I fell in love with lollipop.Probably after I met Ying.That year I was on the third day, grades in the class last first.I do not know why, my grades for parents and teachers never cared, because of this, I think no one will care about me.  Daily life is facing the ceiling in a daze, looking at how it does not know the bible.Or to the playground to see the beauty, frankly, I was kind of very popular type of girls welcomed, they said I was a long cool, sweet smile, the girls really know how considerate.  I always received a lot of girls love letters, now filled with a small box.This is where the content is nothing more than I am handsome, flashy like some of the words I like.Although I am longing for love, but I knew that ten thousand leaves did not belong to me that a.I am eager to make my heart appears a girl’s desire for a pure love.Recently in a dream, always dreamed of green grass on the lawn, and a long-haired girl hugged kiss, but can not remember the faces of the girls woke up.  A chance, I met with long hair, simple, lovely girl.That day, I was on the outside and classmates slapstick, accidentally hit a girl, I quickly helped the girl up, at this moment I seem to have had a kind of feeling of heart.sorry?I’m embarrassed scratched his head and said,.  Humph!who are you.Are not allowed close to her, we do not dare to bully her promise, four or five students took her around in the middle.Of course, I do not know her name.Later I learned that she called Ying.And all of a stranger, she and I talked to from the formal to the familiar, but time is always so beautiful, noisy room, in time continued to tick away.  The reason why we will become good friends, I think it’s because, like Ying and I alone, as no one loved.Ying very young parents often travel abroad, only to take care of her grandmother, but three years ago, has been taking care of her grandmother died, from Ying often a person’s life, it slowly withdrawn.Ying just know she is very shy and rarely take the initiative to speak, I leave no stone unturned to make fun Ying.To make faces Ying.Hiding in a corner of her sudden scare.Or in front of her class shouted her name in her class.  Ying love to eat lollipops, I often use parents to give her pocket money to buy.Sometimes in class I’d slipped out of the classroom, quietly handed her lollipop.Ying happy to see that, I always enjoy the.At first she was shy and blushed like apples, I always laugh at her silly.Slowly, she began to get used to.Hi!Beauty, so greedy, ah, so you eat a lollipop, even eat a hundred tire?I saw Ying will lollipop in his mouth, looks more lovely.  Ying threw me a white winks and said: this lady is eat, how the?I would also like to eat a lot of it.There are later allowed to say that I am greedy, I’m not picky eaters, so this lady slim.  I played very good basketball, ball, passing, scoring, omnipotent.Each time you play will cause a lot of girls in the crowd.Of course, this also includes Ying.After each kick the ball, I would habitually drink a bottle of Coke, I’m not allowed to drink after Ying know.She said: Coke to poor health.So, after each kick the ball, Ying will get mineral water to me.  Once I hang out with some friends outside school, I met Ying, Ying took me aside and told me that they are not a good boy, do not you okay with them?  Well, I nodded..Although such unreasonable demands for Ying.But I could not find grounds for refusal.Later evidence Ming Ying was right.A few days later, a major news spread throughout the campus, the three together and my youth, betrayed punishment for theft.I have with them, the students wear the reputation of being a juvenile delinquent.  The next morning, I stood in front of the classroom Ying, waiting for her early.It thanks to Ying, if not her, maybe I will.Ying see out of the classroom, I quickly stepped forward to hold on tightly to the hand of Ying, Ying thank you.  Ying smiled at me, blushed, what friends are for.  Two Shortly after, Ying, we walk it together?  No, I have to go back and review it, I’m very busy, goodbye.  This was the third time rejected me Ying.Ying hurried back to the classroom, how it’s going?Ying will play with each of.Always avoided me recently how?A surge of jealousy in my heart.  I do not know when to fall in love, perhaps from Ying gave up my bottled water when it.Ying face of indifference to me, my heart hurts.I decided to no longer ignore her, I want her to forget.Soon is the end of the exam, I am interested in studying, subjects have to hang a red light.  That day, I played basketball at the playground, Zhang came to me and saw I was drinking cola, a wins over.Not promise I will not drink Coke yet?How do you turn to drink?  To you tube, I interrupted her, hug played next to a girl, this is my girlfriend, this will not come to me.She would be jealous of.  Ying did not speak, throw away the hands of mineral water, and ran away the next few days, Ying did not come to school, her classmates told me Ying fever.I quickly arrived at her home.Her parents traveled abroad.At this point Ying was lying in bed groaning with pain.I touched Ying head, hot scary, I burned her water, she took the pills help, they have to turn away.Do not go, stay with me please?Yingla my clothes.  Let your boyfriend to accompany you right.I have a touch of that.  No, I will accompany you, I did not have a boyfriend, what he learned to help me, help me review the end of his examination, I’m so lonely, stay with me please?  Well, I’ll stay Come.Baby, but you have to do my girlfriend please?Do you like me?  Yeah..!Who do you girlfriend ah?When did I become your baby, your girlfriend can do, but you have to promise me one thing.  I put my arms Ying, yes, as long as you promise me anything I promise you.  After you learn it.I do not want people to say I had a bad boyfriend learning!Ha, if you can get good grades, I’ll be with you.  Well I promise you, when to be allowed to lie, oh?Well puppy is shamelessly!  You’re the puppy does, large, extra large dog.Look at your nose, how much ah.  I began to study it, to know nothing from the little knowledge, then proficient.Among these I gradually fell in love with learning, fell in love with circular geometry, language sentences, English words.When I as a fifth of the exam.  In the middle of the night, the mother will end on supper my desk, when I kicked the night will be a quilt cover on me when.I found my mother had also love.  However, three happy life is always short, and the day I Ying a walk together, I suddenly fainted.Wake up mother and teachers around my side.The facts tell my mother.Originally, I was suffering from a hereditary disease, my father died because of this disease.Maybe I will because this disease died of it.Tearful mother to hold me in his arms.In the mother’s efforts, I decided to go abroad with her mother to heal my illness.  That was the last time we meet, Ying cried, cried a lot.In fact, Ying also gradually can not do without me, and I’m used to go to school together, school together, went to the cafeteria to eat, and I got used to the distant sea.  I pretend not to know the way, naughty asked her, how, silly girl, bother you?  Not you, to go and I do not say.  Well, I was silent, the original Ying did not know my illness.But I also do not want to tell her, I’m afraid she will be sad, sad.I was afraid he would cry for me.I still hurt so than sorry.  I will come back?Ying looks at me and asked daydream.  I pondered this for a long time, it might be!But to do for a long time.Besides, I do not know that time you will not love me.An sad mood spread through the heart.  Of course I will love you.Ying clenched his fists, love you, love you like I love the lollipop.Remember to bring me back a gift, fool, I want the biggest, largest lollipop, you know.?  Silly girl was so greedy it.I stick your finger in the Ying head, you’re a Chanmao.Well, I remember.  Ying smiled with satisfaction, I will wait for you, come back to marry me know?  Humph!To do a long time, who knows you will not fall in love with someone else, or someone else has to chase.You are so beautiful.  No, Ying covered my mouth, firm says.  I suspect, is not it?But there are many people like you, oh?Take for instance the corporal, he was tall, handsome.You say I have to wait.I want to prove that you gave me?  what?I do not have valuable things, Ying face looked at me warily.A treacherous look like the same guy.  How silly girl Yeah I think so, how could I do so vulgar?I stopped frolic, serious again.I want you to kiss, hope for a long kiss.  Well, Ying asked to live my mouth, and I Ying face was crimson rose.Moment my mind went blank, eyes closed tightly.I know Ying lips leave lips long time before I show up.Fool, you look shy, Ying smiled at me.Pointing at me, just two years, two years later, you have to come back.I’ll give you what you want, you have to give me, oh come back to marry me?Ying ran away.      After the end of three years, with a strong build my body back here.Can Ying was gone, the neighbors told me that two years ago she moved out, before walking a day, she spent a whole day on our lawn once.  A few days later, I traveled the streets.Looking Ying breath.  Later, I heard that Ying went to the far south.  Still later, we have not heard from Ying.