I’m sorry, I love you, it is light, easily overlooked, yet is so memorable.    First met on the fourth day, the gate when I was in school, silly standing, counting the vehicles curb dealings, you gently by me, holding New Concept English Reader, look hurry, you completely ignore you speak with the boys, and soon disappeared in my eyes, that I did not encounter too much to leave you with the impression that the other party.    At this point, I thought he would not touch you again, but, fate often very clever.    After the test, my grades plummeted, at their own expense on a home only fifteen minutes drive from second-rate school, the first day of military training will I see you, you’re wearing camouflage uniforms, lean body stand in the sun, so I was you wipe the sweat, you were active was named the activists in military training school in recognition of the day I saw you smile on the podium so beautiful, many boys as you pour.    High moment, a lot of boys to show you, you are a successful deal between them, he did recognize this brother, he did recognize that his brother, there is an ambiguous with him, speak ill of people gradually began to rise , then I do not know how to describe you, because my high school division of Arts, the relationship between parents asked me into the focus of the class, you focus through merit into the class, I suddenly felt this might be a fate, God made me and when you meet the fourth day, it dawned on me that you have literary talent is a girl, a girl with personality, you like poetry Xu, like Qingzhao, when you fight no matter who the other side will not budge from.    But then I have complained to you, because I think you’re scheming, you get along with others to be used always feel that I and a few friends talking about you will be very disdain, you frequently change her boyfriend, who your ex-boyfriend let me give you a pass over the note, together with other students when I see you making out with your ex-boyfriend.    High school sophomore when I communicate with you is too small, I feel that we are not in the same way I always closed his own heart, you sometimes take the initiative to pay me to stay, I rarely respond.    High School, when you contact with my friends, I urge careful consideration friends, friends he was fascinated by you, I admire you very powerful tool, and eventually had alienated friends, because I doubt if you really on your friends, I had told him to say, he always believed that you are a good man, for he was sincere, I’m helpless, only alienate him.You do not know, but what you did made me feel very means you can deal with and not offend them among so many people, not just the boys, the girls, too.I do not know what time was in love with you, but it is certain that after I did the same table with you closer.Middle school life so I find any results worsened, facing heavy pressure at home I only have the heart to relax, that exam, I came in last few classes, teachers ranked by score and you let me sit sitting together, and my friend was sitting in front of you, you smiled and said to me like you closer to him some.Then somehow the heart, a kind of sense of loss.    I cautioned myself not to say too much with you, and you do not want to have anything to do too much, but I could not withstand the kind you gradually open heart, you and I talk about life, talk about ideals, joking with me, let me you understand a lot, sometimes I think you misunderstood is not too deep, I still remember you in class lectures, the way to class when you steal the play phone look, my phone did not charge you pay to help me, help you I like to buy things, my history class in school can, your knowledge of history is relatively worse, every time you ask me my opinion very naive question, I can not help but laugh, you gently pat I told me not to laugh.    I am very worried and you get closer to make your boyfriend jealous, after all, he is my friend, remember one occasion, I call you to help me in class on a website, he found, and rebuked you, I’m afraid he did not blame me on the other hand it is very guilty.    I remember when I was his first mock exam did not test well, you advised me not depressed I’m grateful, then tune once asked if I would take you back to you one, I declined, afraid of being misunderstood say, you laugh laugh.    I thought there will not be any connection between us, but there you propose to help me day to occupying a seat on the school bus, I declined, but you stuck with it, not once does not account for even this also with you the friends had a falling out, which makes me very guilty.Every day in the morning on a school bus, I sat with you together to talk about current events, talk about going to college entrance examination after the.Sometimes you play phone, listening to music, I will close my eyes and thought about my things, I enjoy quiet time with you.Remember the trouble you with his contradictory when you’re angry behavior between him and the other girls, the day he became very long-winded discussion of the difficulties girlfriend again, I advised him like a fool, second day I think he was lying on the table burst into tears, and later ask you how you are going to say just to scare him to break up with him said, I advise you to grasp with his feelings, you smile.    Every time I saw you with him intimate act will be lost, and you did not visit the school and what time to school, I do not know that he knows of crystal clear, and afterwards I laugh at myself, what am I I was just a passenger, you and he talk to you, my heart is extremely helpless.    When I realized I was in love with you, I told myself not to show it, because you are my friend’s girlfriend, and you want to draw a line in the Classmates I wish you to write on his feelings and bear fruit, I say to you as a friend and you want him to go all the way, I often joke with him when you pull in, you say Fuchangfusui, I tried to hide myself, I am not going to take the college entrance examination a week before the school bus do not you help me make up seat, just to be with you very clearly divided, you also talked with me a little as if the very tacit understanding between us as well.Two days after the entrance, you pick up the camera gently walked beside me, said to me at the same table I want you to take a picture, I put on a v-shaped gesture, so you took a photo, I do not know how heart empty,.Volunteers will be open to apply for that day, I slapstick with your boyfriend, you pat me say I’m bold, I nodded heart filled with emotion, if the Bowl, just stay in my time with you first met that afternoon nice.    You have decided to go to Dalian, your boyfriend might intend to go with you, but I have been lonely, Guizhou decided to go there I have a dream, I am ready to pack, ready to flee, maybe the two of us the connection between this disconnection, life is no longer there intersection.    I’m sorry, I love you, gentle, light, I hope not to bother you.    I’m sorry, I love you, created a false emotion at the wrong time, our life may not intersect, but I wish you happiness, you are in my heart lay the mark, not just deep and shallow there, late at night, occasionally think.