16 years old, I published an article in a magazine, there is a neighbor city boy wrote to me and said, I love you text.That was my first time there from a heterosexual, get such a sincere compliment.My heart, like the once shy lotus, infinite tenderness down.So began the book to the letter of the day, put a heart the most delicate emotions, quietly writing on paper, attached to the beautiful stamps, and then dropped into the mailbox in clove under the green.It was the best time for a young, my heart filled with enlightened and shy.All the sorrow and joy girls, dull and bright, for the first time, in front of a boy, flowers, and love with the unique sweet and fragrant, a prosthetic blossoming.  One day, in the letter, the boy said: Shall we meet?You come, or I go.I hold the letter went crazy on the playground stands tall, and then go step by step down.I finally realized that the feeling of vertigo, and it is so true around me, like clouds nestling Rays, light them nowhere to hide, nor want to escape.Passing a mirror of the stairs, I accidentally glance, you can see not only the girl’s face flush, there is a simple dress, wearing glasses clumsy girl who has no aura.That is the real me, in addition to writing a advantage can no longer expose girls.The written word, I just dream of longing, that there are many people like the perfect girl.But, but why, in addition to her mother, and then no one said I was beautiful.The teachers always said: ordinary girl like you, if you do not study hard, what can you do?The girls also said that around, see what a security is bland, ah, she is clumsy even sing it.  But I am still a boy again and again request, the reply to him and said: Well, I ride to your city.Letter sent to that moment, I began to move out all of their beautiful clothes, piece by piece, wash with water to remove traces of those folding.I also bring their own money to save, optical shop, quietly with contact lenses for yourself.The owner is a gentle woman, she looked at my forehead acne exuberant new comes out, he said softly: You’re so young, wearing contact lenses for the eye bad.I looked down in silence, just rushing poured piles of coins, a number of good, quickly turned around and ran away.After returning home I looked at my mother wash the clothes, rubbed my matted hair, said Ann so diligent when it?I smell the scent on the clothes of the sun, then suddenly laughed, I rushed Angtou mother like a baby, she said Ann really changed yet?Mom laughed and said, yes ah, Ann 16 years old, more than ever it cute and well-behaved.  Mother’s words, I suddenly filled with joy and confidence.I remember wearing a princess dress that piece of lace from the courage to go out, I think you can light pink with matching sandals, there can be loosely rolled up purple blue hair ribbon.Perhaps, they make up the ugly duckling beautiful, and I think.  So get on to the neighbor city car, hiding in the corner of the carriage, he pulled out a small mirror on the dresser from her mother secretly brought a lipstick, painted and painted, rub and scrub.Finally, in the mirror, he surprised to see a pair of eyes over here, was unprepared to put up lipstick.But also because of panic, an ugly blot of red, out there in the white dress.I desperately ah rub rub, but that traces, but it is increasingly obvious, until finally, I finally decided to give up sadly.At that time, the car is also slowly entered the station o City.I am at the door of the station and saw a lot of men and women to meet the train, look lazy, but also a look of dust.It’s just a dusty town, and no vigorous branches of the plane and clean and fresh quartzite road boy described in the letter, and the woman who peddle flowers he had said it, how have absolutely no trace?I sat in the car, see eye pain, finally convinced that he did not come, will not come.Because, he may also simply a low self-esteem than my boys, he lied, but not like I have the courage to face those little white lies.  Quietly returned home, my mother was helping me sort bedroom.She still smiled and asked me, Ann private tuition in school today you happy?I walked over and hugged her mother from behind, silently crying.After a long time, my mother was turned back, gently asked me: see you with contact lenses, is not because of discomfort, regret, so want to cry?I did not look up, but choked, said her mother, Ann had not read in college, because the United States will no longer wear contact lenses.Mother would pat my head, smiled and said: But do not wear safety glasses really beautiful, mother believe you must dress the most beautiful girl in the class today, right?No one more than us safe, it is more like a princess!  Then one day, I was in his drawer and found a new one Maybelline lip gloss, and a small contact lens case.I took off the heavy glasses, wear contact lenses carefully, and look in the mirror, lightly coated with a layer of lip gloss, that naive, I immediately become bright and moist up.That day, I was 18 years old, about to enter college, this special birthday gift received is from Mom.She said in the note, Ann, today, you finally grow up, no longer as humble and self-pity, you can also brave worries to pursue true love and beauty.  Low self-esteem to the man who tried to use someone else’s praise to encourage their girls, and finally old enough to have an age of lip gloss.The growing bitterness and pain, so at the time, the smoke, like calm naturally fade.