Xian Wei and Gao Bin Ye began to love from the sophomore, living together for four years after graduation, she has repeatedly hinted he would like to Gao Bin Ye married, can Gao Bin Ye has not been able to give her a clear answer, they have been advances and retreats the wandering, is to get married or break up?This is a topic they have been avoided.In her own words, their love is suffering from depression.  Wei Xian Gao Bin Ye know that the heart has been still preserved in a pure memory, the memory is the share he has been hesitant.It was one of his high school female students, called Cher, she is a girl as beautiful as snow, with the year they learn in a small town in southern Jiangsu.Although there has been no commitment between them, but they have been the exchange with his eyes.When completing the College Entrance Examination, they invariably chose the same school, but it did not, because the difference between Cher thirds and fallen off, after she has been avoiding him.When that day Gao Bin Ye embark on a long journey full of melancholy to the station, she suddenly appeared, handed him a hand-woven pure white scarf, said simply: I heard that cold north, bring it!It tears ran away.This is their one last time, then he has to find her, but I heard the South to go to work, and then later it would not be news.  Gao Bin Ye all these years has been treasured Cher send scarf, pull it out and see nothing, Wei Xian have seen, it is a white cashmere woven scarf, in addition to the uneven stitches nothing special.Thought of this, Wei Xian got up and opened the cupboard, from the inside out seven scarf to, this is the story she heard Gao Bin Ye secretly woven, weaving a year, but did not dare to give him, he said he was afraid of mere copycat.  Wei Xian is stroking scarves roads of this love, the door came the sound of footsteps Gao Bin Ye, he came back!Wei Xian quickly panic all her scarf close up.  She got up to go to end the meal, her work every day than Gao Bin Ye as early as one hour in the morning, she was ready for his breakfast and then leave at night, make delicious meals in front of his back.Meal, Wei Xian tentatively asked aloud: My mother and reminders, and asked When did you two get married?Ye Gao Bin without thinking, and he said: It is not said that yet, not this year.  Wei Xian listened to my heart could not help a pain, like the accumulation of a volcano, she suddenly broke out: I’ve had enough You’re neither hot nor cold look!Especially annoying scarf!Are you all put it out in front of me miss her, when I was Hollow Man?I did not feel it?Now we only have two way, one is married, one is breaking up!You think about which to choose a!  Gao Bin Ye listening to her words apparently taken aback, indeed, he had never thought about it: I was wrong yet?These can you knew from the beginning, you were not like to hear me say that these do?  listen!Gao Bin Ye!I started to like to listen to, then we can not be lovers!Now I’m your girlfriend, you should take into account my feelings!I’ll give you a month time to think, only not, then we broke up.  Gao Bin Ye no longer speak, Wei Xian right, his heart has always been fit that feelings, this is their problem.But he could not bear to break up with Wei Xian, he was not a macho man, seven years, he has grown used to Xian Wei.  Wei Xian gone, she’s gone a bit upset to let Gao Bin Ye, Gao Bin Ye think twice after the decision to go home, to see Cher side.  He started with high school students to inquire about the whereabouts of Cher, Cher married someone said Northeast, it was said Cher divorced return home, it was said Cher doing business south of Gao Bin Ye will fly while the Northeast, while back home, while to the south Shenzhen, just looking for a little hide and seek partners in childhood, like, every disappointment will be replaced by the joy of the next message, he gratuitous believe any news about her.  That day, a classmate told him that last month saw Cher Street in Huangshan City, where she opened a shop.He rushed to the airport to buy a ticket to go to Huangshan, but just before boarding a quarter of an hour, his cell phone suddenly rang, the original is the leading hospital sudden onset, let him go back to stay wherever he goes.No way, he had turned around, went back to Beijing.  Two weeks later, Gao Bin Ye finally flew Huangshan City.Because it is not tourist season, the streets deserted.Occasionally, there are few tourists pass by here, especially people who buy things less.He stopped at a store called Cher knitted his pace, he saw hanging in the shop with a lot of hand-woven hat, sweater, lovers as well as scarves.  The feel, he knows that this is his Cher, as beautiful as snow girl.  He quietly went inside, meet the numerous dream scene flashed in front, that would be kind of romantic?But he was soon to burst vulgar laughter shocked, the original store a women and three men playing mahjong.The woman with a hot blast head, face powder piled thick, dark lipstick painted lips, dressed as prostitutes.  She is Cher.  Some people simply frolic, not someone come hello.There is a bald looked at him, he was reached for the woman to play a bit on the head, then shouted: Mom, a door hook, like staring eyes like his aging mother, his aging mother did not see you had a look at?Bald!Fast play cards right!Today, his aging mother lost miserable!Gao Bin Ye had not noticed her hand was still clamped a cigarette.  This impression with Cher in passing, but still a little Gao Bin Ye did not give up, he took out a scarf Cher who sent him, and asked: Is this your house shop selling it?He thought well, if she really Cher, does not know this scarf.Scarf woman looked at, and then he turned a bit red eyes, apparently does not remember who he is: Where to pick up the broken posing as my craft?When I was a good bullying?Let you taste his aging mother’s powerful!She said, suddenly stood up, fucked around a pair of scissors, make a determined effort to cut rotten scarf in his hand.  madman!She is simply a madman!Gao Bin Ye quickly escaped, the woman holding scissors to catch the door.She looks so fierce, that would never be like snowflakes beautiful girl.  Gao Bin Ye left, Cher wept severely.After that, she washed the powder face, took off the wig, revealing a sober face to.She married and divorced because of emotional incompatibility, and now she lives a person with a child.She also knew Gao Bin Ye have been looking for himself, for him, she also exists a good memory, and he can have imagined again later.She has deliberately destroyed his image in the minds of Gao Bin Ye, it is for the girl.  A few days ago, she came to the shop a young city girl, she did not say anything, just use a hostile eyes looked at herself.That is how the eyes yo!Cher never forget, there is jealousy there have resigned sad, Cher quietly at her back, she too had heard that Bin Ye have a like-minded lovers.  Vision in the eye, the girl looked down, she dropped a bag of something sadly left hand.I looked at the girl slumped back, Cher opened her bag, which turned out to be seven scarves!Each corner of scarves are embroidered with silk thread out of the line of small print ilovebinye.  This girl is the Wei Xian, the other day, she started secretly recording equipment on the phone Gao Bin Ye, you know Cher address.She also wanted to meet her lover dreaming that makes people what kind, so that his defeat was convinced.She originally wanted to use the scarf to defeat Cher, Cher did not expect to do as a career yet weave, and she felt she had lost, she left the.  Wei Xian gone, leaving Cher at her scarf stared in a daze.Later, some students called to tell Cher, said Gao Bin Ye will come to her.So she made an important decision.  Since then, her makeup every day, invite some friends to play mahjong, smoking, drinking, friends surprised by her change, no one knew she was waiting for Gao Bin Ye, she wanted to overturn the image of himself in his mind, let him go back to that girl around.  Gao Bin Ye really come at the right time when he took the scarf, she almost revealed the secret, she choked back emotion, showing the appearance of a shrew scare him, she let him give up hope, because there is a lovestruck girl waiting for him.  But when he really left, she felt lost and from the heart.Just at the right time she wept, and playing cards with her the return of the bald man, Cher said nothing, she flew into his arms.Bald no small surprise, he pursued for many years Cher, Cher has been available to him lukewarm.Before leaving he saw Cher mood is not right, some do not trust, they came back, I did not expect this moment to impress Michelle Gao Bin Ye driven to distraction returned to Beijing, but found Wei Xian had to pick him up at the airport.Gao Bin Ye was full of surprise: January deadline has come.But I do not think of what this time, he found just left of Cher Wei Xian is so considerate, maybe she is the most suitable for their own.  Soon, Gao Bin Ye and Xian Wei held a wedding ceremony, accepted the pro-people’s blessing.Honeymoon, they received a gift, opened it, was actually seven scarves.So far, Gao Bin Xian Wei Ye know that everything has been done for him, he moved to hugged her: Thank you my love cure depression!You let me know think love is like a mirage, only to seize the happiness around, is the most important!