Between fleeting, summer vacation is already past.Memory, everything is vague, except that serenity and peaceful campus Midsummer Night!    When the hot sun disappeared below the horizon, the air becomes restless Wen Shunqing when it was new, my heart unknowingly flew down the tree-lined campus, the side of the road.It seems midsummer night has become a long night my partner and accompany me to sleep with pleasure!Day midsummer, the sun late fall, soon after the sun goes down, the night will slowly come, to be the night before the arrival of the moment, I stepped out of the house, shelter in this quiet and relaxing campus.Because it is summer, deserted, without the hustle and bustle of weekdays; because that night, when the rest, they will not have a busy day.At this moment, walking alone in this beautiful scenery, the hard work during the day, the hearts of depression also vanished, leaving empty the mind to accommodate the serenity of the Midsummer Night.    University of street lights, warm yellow light emitted from afar, like two Jin Yi, but life does not always accompanied embracing.That light, some cracks are exposed from the roadside trees, listless, like early man’s eyes; some draw a beautiful picture on the ground, as if an imaginative painter; some bright suddenly lit the dark down, but suddenly lit up self-care, like a lullaby, soothing and long!These people do not need when waiting alone in the street in silence when people need arise, why we should not get people’s attention and praise it?It is they, give us light in the darkness, in the heat of midsummer, give us a peaceful night Oh!    So walking aimlessly, inadvertently went to the front of the library, this place is known as the best place at the moment but we extracurricular lonely standing there, made it very quiet, it seems to talk with their dissatisfaction.It was alone in front of a green, still tireless absorb heat during the day, cooling the surrounding that piece of the sky.By this fresh shares, stuck on a day of insects also jumped out, the flowers, among the leaves under the lights.Everywhere you can see them beating the figure, you can always hear their cheerful chirping.The next person stood quietly next to the library of that tree, despite the clear wind in my hair, frogs shaking my eardrums, moonlight stretched my back, so that pent-minded enjoy the release of its excess , joy, anger at funeral music, success and failure, compared with the beauty of this midsummer night, but also what it is worth?    Suddenly, the sound of car horns along with a bunch of dazzling light pulled me back from the endless thoughts.University of the road, a car roaring past, also brought to my attention there.I saw small groups of people walked leisurely pace Suixiao, talking and laughing to go home, perhaps, these people hard day, like me, only in the moment to appreciate the value of life now!During the day we squeeze the endless sweat, the night but gave us double the pleasure, or, and this is where God called it fair!Distance, science floor below, self-study students walked returned tired but relaxed pace Congcong Wang bedroom inside rush, perhaps, that pot of cold water, that fan, that a mat, that is, they have to rush the line reason for it, who knows?Perhaps it is a dinner!These are braving the heat to create the future of students who, in this deserted, the silence of the night, to bring people a glimmer of hope and sustenance, even tired during the day power!    Moonlit, but the stars looming.Connaught large campus, along with the deepening of the night, the more quiet and peaceful.Only that light, that library, that flowers in the stick.Perhaps, they are well-brewing another tomorrow!I walked along the same route, slowly back away, although everything is so familiar to see, I have not the slightest fatigue, there is only comfortable, but grateful!In this hot summer, what beautiful gift can match such a wonderful night of it?Hence it is: your God shut a window at the same time, will help you open a window to another, so I want a good life, good fight, abandon worry, just to live up to this tranquil and peaceful campus Midsummer Night!    Night, I had a dream in which I not only have a night like this, more so during the day, this life!