European stock markets on Friday by the impact of continuous adjustment in Shanghai and Shenzhen opened lower after weak shocks, GEM intraday pullback after the break 1800 points, ending four with positive trend。
Plate: household appliances, electric power, rare earth permanent magnet, smart home among the biggest gainers, volume shrinking cities, At the close, stock index closed down%, Shenzhen Component Index closed down%, to close at GEM, down 1%。 The weekend several news worthy of note: the Commission is actively promoting the reform of the delisting system, pay attention away from the zombie business, underperformance; secondly Baidu, Netease and other company leaders said the policy allows, I hope to come back as soon as possible, Foxconn Internet, intelligent manufacturing, bio-medicine, environmental protection and other four industries "unicorn" open IPO fast-track, a shares of speculation logic will gradually change。 Also note that in 2018 residents drop leveraged interest rate hike impact on real estate funds。 Rising prices will also continue, after iron and steel, coal, chemical fiber, non-ferrous metals prices, beer, liquor and then to Master Kong, unity have also price increases, price increases leading to enhance corporate profits, concern!Two sessions after the stock upside is a high probability this week motherboard attention bargain-hunting opportunities, is expected to adjust after the GEM 1800 points Difficult, but sustained growth performance of individual stocks can continue to focus callbacks。 Hot market news summary: 1, the exchange welcomed the new economic enterprises, Foxconn will review on soon; 2, iron-General's reform plan has been submitted, state-owned railway concerned mix change; 3, Guangdong and Macao HKU Bay Area program has been approved, the area listed companies to focus attention Merchants Shekou。