The story takes place in a high school boys and girls in a year with the same class.At first, they are not very familiar with.After all, this is a new group, we all need to know.Girls relatively good, started school and soon was spotted, and, more and more people took a fancy to her.Gradually, the boys are also the heart of a lively woman, but he is a man of character, he had told no one, including his best brothers.    Boys have a good friend, I do not know why but also took a fancy to a girl, and girls intercourse and up, the girls also seems to have that aspect of meaning, with his increasingly close relationship.The boys looked not too happy, but he said nothing, as usual live.Just do not ingratiate themselves with that friend, and in front of his boys always disguise themselves.But a friend who does not know it, every day at noon and the boys still go to Internet cafes, also talked about his affair with the girls, but he did not know, he said, each word is deeply hurt the hearts of TV drama Boys.    I do not know what happened, the relationship between the friend and the girl gradually alienated, even to the last word is not said.The friend also became silent, fallen.The boys finally could not suppress his urge to start approaching girls.But this time, girls were also discovered the advantages of boys.In this way, we came together.Start, boys may be afraid of hurting his friend’s heart, perhaps for fear of accusations of public opinion, the students asked him when he always quibble with.However, the paper is smoke there’s fire, the boys finally admitted their relationship, they become disclosed.Time will dilute all, a friend who gradually forget the sad events of the past period, unlike in the past the depression.Ye men of heart by some.    Holiday, boys and girls kept in touch from time to time it will be private.In this way, they had a vacation in the sweet.    Soon, the school, the placement.Unfortunately, boys and girls could not be assigned to a group, but they still maintained a relationship Ai taste.Boys are happy.God is always to make fun of some of the lovers.In a snowy afternoon, the girls about boys went out to dinner, the boys readily agreed.But he did not know that this meal has affected his life.Dinner, the girls told the boys she was leaving, going to a very far place to go to school.Boy was surprised, but he said nothing, no emotion.Because he has to show strong man.Girl was crying, she said she would miss him, saying they hold together.Is a snow day, the girls left.Boys are not suppress crying.Since then, the sad schools in the addition of a sad man.He is not as lively as the original, even also learned to smoke.His friend saw him very suck, and yet not much help, made him go.    In that distant city, the girls saw him in a dream, she smiled, but his eyes are hanging crystal tears.