There is a very ordinary high school day to the transfer of a boy, tall and handsome, a non-mainstream dress, from the total showing him a noble, rebellious temperament.Of course, for such an ordinary high school, it’s such a good boy will certainly stir the whole school.Sure enough, one night, he made a name received love letters, gifts every day, often girls do not bump into what is almost commonplace.The boy has been no acceptance of any girl.They are not good enough, just did not feel anything for them.Until one day, after a lovely girl saw the boy, he clearly remembers how quickly the moment he saw the girl’s heartbeat.The boy knew he was in love with the girl, though the girl is not outstanding, but he only had feelings for this girl.  After that, the boy and girl please a friend said the boy ready to follow her, the girl heard the news, surprised a moment, then he said; I do not agree!He turned away.After the girl’s friend told the boy friends, girl’ve been hurt, she had a boy very hard to treat, but the boys just take her toys, so she will not dare to accept the feelings, but she dreaded injuries, not to mention the boy then good, girls think the boys will not be true for her.Friends put these words verbatim told the boy, the boy heart pain, the girl had been injured.The boy vowed in his heart, he will love the girls, do not let her be a little hurt.The next day, the boy told the world he likes girls, I once again stir up school.The boy will go to every day girl, with her homework, help her Dafan, take her to the dormitory, rainy day to help his umbrella, wet himself, he never called the girl’s name, has been called a fool because her little boy petit fool would say more cordial…Gradually, the girl that the boy really like her a.One night, in the dormitory to send girls to the aisles of the grove, boys to girls once again declare: little fool, I love you, really like good love, good when my girlfriend bad?So long, you really do not see it I really like you do?I promise I will not let you hurt, my life will be good care of you.Little fool, I’ll hurt you, believe me, please?Shy girl bowed his head: ah boy lowered his head to kiss the girl, the dim moonlight shines on the boy’s face, handsome mess, the girl closed her eyes tightly.A long time, two people became the envy of everyone at school a pair of girls feel like Cinderella, finally found their prince, she is getting better every day happy happy.  But not last ,, girl finds boy these days to talk about her getting cold, and rarely come to her, and even phone messages are very small.Girls panic, she felt as if happiness quickly slipped away.Finally, the girl could not go to the boy’s classroom to find him.Boy girl went to sleep lying on the table, the girl is very angry, the boy would rather sleep also wanted to talk to her, saw the girl at the same table, shook the boy, the boy looked up and saw the girl, lazy to get up from his seat out of the classroom came before the girl, the girl looked up and asked the boy: her husband, why do you ignore me ah?You are not do not want me ah?Boy cold eyes across a trace of sadness, which was then immediately replaced by indifference, he looked down at the girl looked at the girl, said: Yes, so you come to me after the stop!We ended!These words like a lightning bolt, so that the girl shoved hesitated, tears immediately burst down, she pulled the boy’s hand; her husband, you lied to me right?You said that I would care for my whole life ah, you said will not hurt me, do not you?!You said you were my little fool, you will love and care little fool ah!How you could forget those ah?My husband, you must be a lie to my right?The boy looked away do not look at the girl, he closed his eyes, severely throw off the girl’s hands, great strength, that the girl fell to the ground.He said to the girl: I said it’s not clear enough?!I do not want you!I do not like you!It must not come to me!Surrounded full of people to see a joke, everyone on the boy’s startled reaction.Girl heartbroken, but she looked up to face, looked at the boy asked; Why?Boy single-handedly grabbed the shoulder of a beautiful girl next: This is the reason the pretty girls probably did not think the boys will love her, she started froze a moment, then answered a God, to boys who deliberately leaning.The girl looked at this scene, heartache can not breathe faster.She covered her chest, is not it?Everything is original lie, he just play my only If so, why should I like a like a clown, joke for all it?But how to do, my heart hurts girl wiped away her tears, calm the boy simply said: I know, then I will not bore you said then turned away.The boy did not see the moment the girl turned, how sad she cried.Similarly, the girl did not see, she turned around, the boy pushed his face in disgust after pretty girls back seat to sleep, no one saw the boy climbed up on the table at the moment, his eyes red.The boy can not help it, he’s dead heartache quickly, even breathing becomes tingling, he really did not want to hurt her, he gave her a promise he never forgot, he also wants to achieve these commitments ah!He also really loves his little fool, ah, he want to come to hurt her lifetime ah, but since the hospital received the list goes on advanced cancer of all this can not be a dear little fool, my lovely my wife, my future is not in the side, you have a man to live happily, my husband will love you in heaven.Wife, forgive her husband’s selfishness, I’d rather hurt you, not let you look at me die, even if you hate to let my life, I can not let you take so much pain.My wife, I’m sorry, I love you.  The next day, transfer the boy, no one knows his whereabouts children.  Girl back to the dorm, the sound at maximum, a man hiding in the yard crying a very long time, for two days, do not eat or drink, no matter who advised to no avail.She just lay for two days.The next morning, she finally got up, brushing normal, normal wash, eat normal, normal school, nothing like a man.Asked her friends are concerned about is not all right, she just laugh it off; you feel like I do for you?Friends told the girls, boys transfer, the girl indifferent shrug: oh.Watching the girls do not care attitude, we all thought the girl had forgotten the boy, in fact, only girls knew, she never gonna forget the boy, even if he lied to her, but she still can not forget to blame the boy she is gone later, the girl did not talk about love too, we have used the mind on learning.Six months later, the girl admitted to the Shanghai Jiao Tong University.In college girls have not talked about love, because her heart is still with another person, although that person cruel to her, but she always forget boy.And she did not want to forget those memories are good, but because of the time she did not want them to forget, even if these memories mingled with deception.  Six years after the day the girl back to the high school, the school is also the same as before, plants and trees are not changed.Entered the school gates, memories of the flood, she and the boy bit by bit at the moment is like a movie, screened in her mind.Did not take a step, her heart was more than a pain.Small woods after school, she still clearly remember they were here walking together hand in hand, he said to her; fool my wife, I want to love you forever when she blushed, and my heart is sweetness.These screens as if it had happened yesterday, she still remember so clearly.  Suddenly, her eyes inadvertently fell on a grave, she surprised the school’s grove how it could have grave?She went into looked at: ah!All of a sudden the girl after seeing the name on the tombstone limp to the ground, the boy’s photo on the tombstone has yellowed, I still could not conceal the boy before his death Chun Yung.Under ignorant girl all of a sudden, he is not a transfer of right?How could die too?But the photo on his gravestone is obviously ah!This in the end how ah?A sweep through the woods when the uncle went to see the girls were scared to sit on the floor, propped busy girl, comes; girl, do not be afraid ah, ah this boy, to be afflicted with lung cancer die, and I heard him at that time our school and a girl in a relationship, two people love each other very.Later, the boy knew he had cancer after intentionally hurt the girl, left the school, and soon, the girl admitted to the university, the boy was dead.He had died down this grove with money that must be buried here after death.He said he was in here because of the girl promised to love her forever, so he wants to achieve this commitment.Alas, it is a poor child ah uncle said as he left the sweeping.Girl brain is a blank, limp to the ground again until sweeping uncle left a very long time, she finally could not help but burst into tears, her piercing yell; you son of a bitch!How you can fool me for so long!How can you make me hate you so long!Bastard!How can you do this to me?!Why did you have to die without telling me you actually still make me hate you?!I do not want!!!Girl dismal voice echoed in the grove, and finally are shouting hoarse voice, she cried and climbed to the tomb of the boy, stroking his picture, his mouth muttering; her husband, a man you stay here for so long must it is very lonely?My husband, you always say that I am stupid, in fact you yourself more stupid, why do wife cheat?Victims of wife hate you so long.Husband, very cold here very lonely ah, wife to accompany you, OK?  The next day, sweeping uncle found the body of a woman, with a fruit knife to commit suicide, died very peacefully, lying next to the boy’s grave, on the ground with a line of words written in blood; please take me with him buried together, thank you