[Editor’s note] campus life colorful and more students are innocent, they add vitality to the campus, their growth make life enjoyable.Please click on Jun students read fragments of life, I believe it will inspire your innocence.(A) with regard to the registration yesterday, the school began to sign up.The original grade teacher doll can convert all, are not familiar with.Math teacher looks cheerful, seemed to speak a language teacher frail.Very young.There are 15 yuan tuition fees this job, another $ 40 Insurance.Inevitable meals, not yet closed, about 95 yuan per month, and as usual it, and the one-time paid in full.This was dissatisfied with the original parents, some live next to the school, some families are not very rich, very frugal.But the school at noon let them go, a lot of rhetoric.The effect of it, I do not know other children at home, say hungry baby after school, busy looking for a snack after coming back.Parents of a joke summary sentence: Do you still think about it, people are approved teacher salaries, so no bonus from there to find.In fact, the most critical is that the chef is a foreign tenant, parents are worried about the quality of food that.I do not know this semester the teacher will not be required, pre-teacher asked the students to buy a laptop in a store outside the school, and if such a pattern cover, or the cover of what to buy in a bookstore “explore issues and articles”, “Huanggang small champion” not the same as not allowed to do their homework on it, it will not take away No..Honest parents shopped for the kids led.While looking for that kind of paper made by hand, while set to “student newspaper” .Etc. sorts of things.Math teacher more ways some time ago she was in a private school part-time, regardless of school holiday, each issue of the students in the class slightly prompt, the purpose of dignitaries to attend “Mathematical Olympiad” class.You do not, well, you usually do not know the slightest, he will be heavily criticized not serious learning, stupid.Some will say no intention to participate in “Mathematical Olympiad” classmates now very smart.When even more open parents, insinuating.This is pretty good too, a teaching semester 280 yuan.Now Department of Education to prohibit the offer “Mathematical Olympiad” class, some teachers in their own home or outside the rental office cram a week 100-200 per month.This new teacher semester, I wait and see.Looking at the heavy bag on the tender shoulders, young minds have not yet know how to make money the hard work of adults, or let their carefree childhood had it better.(B) lectures on this day, I heard that the principal should be led business to attend classes, class guard .The teacher asked the students how?Opinions, a small students: the teacher can answer questions on the left hand move, the teacher can not answer a question on the right hand move, a clear.Teacher promised, while improving, looking to run classes on good results, you are ready to answer these questions, he was prepared to answer those questions.Class, class wind rigorous, persuasive teacher professor, the students listen first body end positive.Enthusiastically raised their hands, along with the A pumping, no doubt.Principals and the public is pleased with emotion, good quality of our teaching, teachers Jiaojiao.Hsin Tao teacher counterparts in other classes, learn a trick.Happy.(C) test on the doll can come back, fling the bag on the bed, just to grab on the table sizzling pork.Habitual Mei Niang began to ask about what happened at school today.May Doll said: “Today’s math teacher has stepped up a few lessons to review the contents of the previous few days to the exam.This examination is as if I heard the teacher and other school proctor mutual exchange.”I smiled:” That’s all, teachers do not know examiner will strictly enforce the system, so that those students usually will not do the job uncomfortable.You would not class as another copy as usual, all of them are high.A family conference, their parents see their baby is a good score, look intoxicated appearance, how not to think about the reasons achievement contrast, usually do not pay attention to explain the child’s learning.”But baby quietly says:” The teacher said today, although teachers and other school proctor mutual exchange, but the papers are unified volume name seal.She let us put a check mark in the back-choice, that this is our class the.”‘No way.’I am surprised muttered.Mei Niangshui: “This is some people gain face for the salaries and bonuses to come out another way, usually do not speak the classroom understand, and circle down to her house parents and students to make up classes.That day asked, can a doll.”” Not.”I immediately responded,” to learn the content of which is to talk about homework, the largest advance will give back the contents say about it.Can not the doll’s achievements would not have any impact.”I silently think that, in the end this is a human problem, is still a common phenomenon.I saw something behind, a tainted money, if they were to sour, it seems better to explain some.Shook his head, we all do not want to go to analyze the phenomenon of default, anyone clever, but who did not put forward their views and opinions, but also just as a chat between parents.(Iv) some advice on learning one day, I can combine learning teacher QQ doll to leave a suggestion: Hello teacher, in the new text of each, there are many tables Note spelling of new words, but in the final text alone only some of its listed.When students return home homework or review, focus only on the part of the copying understanding listed separately, for the other remaining new words in the text, it is not so concerned about.It appears not remember, mind is not strong, and after forget, can not afford to dictation, considered incomplete, wrong word and so on, while some idioms in the text of the statement or the beautiful passages, may accommodate a young age, they can not understand behind meaning, correspondingly less attention, it might affect the writing of the essay.Some responsible parents every day to check students’ homework, and found reasons for the problems, and problems.Help students review, point of time, to explain, and student learning together.We hope that teachers allow them to transcribe what vocabulary, idioms.After all, there are inert existence, students sometimes need to give them the guidance given in the reference of each journey.Recalling often have learned the words to review, and sometimes they are learning in order to meet the immediate and not so firm grasp of the knowledge learned.These we all know, more than just a personal mention here, please refer to.Such a long time, QQ no response.(E) on the eve of Spring Spring in March, just peach blossoms.Friday doll can be and students to Peach Hill Spring.Rejoice, thinking into the heart of downtown.Night, I stroll the supermarket, I saw a group of fellow students thirty-two, or accompanied by their parents, shuttling between shelves.Select carbonated drinks mostly, but also have to take boxes of sour milk drinks.Look at them for a moment to take a look at the brand, while discussing the kind of taste tasty.Quirky look full breath of spring.I casually asked a student to ask around him: “You are two small do?”Fat that said:” No, a small.”” Oh, a little Friday also going to spring outing?!After hearing off to a genius, how come today to buy things, oh?”I am curious to ask.Fat that eye is kept on the shelf with the search: “Today’s supermarket reason people do not squeeze it, tomorrow people buy more” next to the skinny little man echoed: “Yes, tomorrow people “Then about two and slipped the shelf next to another.And look around, excitedly figure is one stop pupils, wandering behind them is to serve as a purse or coolies parents, and talk about noisy.Shopping mention box, ham, biscuits, jelly, QQ sugar, sugar Alps, candied fruit, melon seeds.One Less.Some of that amount to buy, I doubt that they can not move back, poor parental love.Even I want to travel, and hiking, flowers, natural feel physically and mentally.You can touch the spring field cultivation of the soil; you can find traces of ancient street the years; you can sit in brick naive farm compound, leisure and fellow Italian TALKING; ecological tea may be hanging around in the pavilions Qulang, fish pond water green, green appreciation potted trees, rockery and unique; you can enjoy farm fresh bean flowers, old style sausage, bacon old, its use of fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken rearing their own production, fresh and healthy.There are also farmers planting peach trees around their houses, and now is floating flowers, pleasing.Not to mention the mountains opened up the peach, it should be eye-catching, different kind of attitude.Each year seems to bloom year-old, the age of each different flower every year, could not help think of that famous first verse: Last year, this door today, Moment of truth.Faces of the people do not know where to go, Love and be loved.I’ve got to draw a time and Mei Niang, dolls can also watch the peach blossom go.[Editor: Butterflies]