Looked at the subject, can not help but put my thoughts into it late seventies, passionate high school……    1976, we graduated from elementary school into junior high school ninth (later renamed vocational schools), and soon, “Gang of Four” was crushed, education front poke haze, with one of the spring and King Ming.After ten years of turmoil and our edification, is covered in a “missing” word, lack of knowledge; the basics of almost zero.Lack of morality; fight, fight serious.The lack of lack of education; no head teachers, teachers do not respect.Lack of organization and discipline, rambling ideas……We urgently need a body that can help us cut cancer, reshape our beautiful soul with a noble spirit to help us on the right path of mentor, while the teacher is our junior high school teacher – Dong teacher.    Dong teacher from Beijing, after graduating from college, was assigned to the city, lovers in Beijing, also with around one daughter started school, competent body, Qi ears, short hair, a standard Mandarin, giving an extraordinary intellectual temperament.Dong teacher bishop chemistry, but also and our teacher, she served only from our teacher the day, everything in our body has undergone enormous changes…..    First of all, we have a strong organizational discipline.First day, we almost did not go to self-study course, because on a self-study course, and that is our freedom lesson; speak, walk, slapstick each other; with the teacher’s words, “three miles outside could hear the noise” Therefore, Dong teacher often self-study course schedule is full, sometimes, we also use the self-study courses to private tuition, or simply put their lesson plans back in the classroom, students often hold back some naughty Aoao called.After renovation, the first two days, we can consciously self-study courses on learning.Dong teacher was very strict in our study, then, just smashing of the “Gang of Four”, gradually into formal education, teacher Dong great vision and said: “Now, the state undone, the future certainly by the University College Entrance Examination, and your ultimate goal is through years of efforts, the ideal of the university, will be a future.”She asked her class achievement in grades is ringing, excellent in all respects.Although she is a chemistry teacher, also taught us mathematics, physics.So when we respect that poor academic performance, she can give us a tutorial that knowledge, often meet this situation, she is giving us tutoring math, math teacher entered the classroom, she had embarrassed smile, out of the classroom, the the podium to give math teacher.    In the study and at the same time, she often in our ideological education, give us a vivid political class, talk about some philosophy of life, for us to instill good things, the development of our young people truth, goodness and beauty of human nature, warned us “industry , diligence, and waste in the play, ” ‘Him’.To abandon some bad habits in primary schools to develop the.Dong teacher and mentor and we both are good friends, we often invited to her house to play, we increased the feelings between teachers and students play in.Therefore, a three-year junior high school, our class atmosphere is very good, all aspects of performance has been among the best in the year.    Primary school for five years, I have not had formal teacher, unexamined mixed primary school since junior high school, he met Dong teacher, I truly understand: “Teacher, why preaching, Tuition, doubts also.”Only understand the teacher is a respectable profession, and understand the importance of our knowledge, they would understand a lot of truth in life.    Since my childhood in literature had a strong interest in the leisure class I often soak in a bookstore, read extracurricular books, literary classics.After Dong teacher knows, in the class to me many times praise and encouragement, so I have a deeper affection and gratitude Dong teacher, the teacher in order to repay my love, and I study harder, language scores in the same class top.In particular essay, my writing is often the teacher as Pham Van, reading in each class, the more essay writing better, writing classes often became my essay writing class.I also represented the class in a school essay contest and won the first prize, which I have always maintained good grades to junior high school graduation.    But in sharp contrast, my performance has been hovering in the middle and lower reaches of science, foreign language achievement is not good, and never able to stand up.    My reason for writing has been good, I can not do without any of several language teacher for my guidance and assistance.Most affected female teacher surnamed Xing, in his thirties, is a beautiful young teacher.Another male teacher surnamed Zhang, a tall man, wearing spectacles, gentle.She (he) or called me into office, when faced with criticism guide my writing, or my writing reviews in the class.I remember once writing, “rain”, I put the spring rain described as “thunder and lightning, large coins rain falls on.”When reading this essay in class, laughter in the classroom, I was shame not wait to have a way to seam drilling.After class, Xing teacher called me to the office, where I pointed out the good essay writing, lack of places, those places lacking in common sense, again let me rewrite the article, and read in class, for me to restore face, I was very grateful.There Zhang, face to face once told me a good article, what should the idea, foreshadowing how to play, how to write coherent, and said: “When you lay the draft, do not rush to revise, set aside a day on every you a chance to modify; so, you will find that there are many undesirable places, and the original idea and different, and open your mind, and broader than the original idea, the better. “.Zhang inculcate, I still remember, benefited greatly influenced my half, I still write in this way the teacher.    Junior high school three years passed quickly, in which junior high school three years, I was fortunate to meet mentors on these roads in my life, I put these teacher called my teacher opened the door, she (he) have opened my soul door, opened the door of my life, I opened the door of knowledge.    2080, I left the junior high school, came to the school two years of high school on the fourth, this time, the college entrance examination system has been restored, students who for their own bright future and worked hard with.From the very beginning ,, high-class learning atmosphere is very strong, more competitive, more pressure, often study up to eleven, to the High School, points the arts, science classes and regular classes.Is a group of science classes, double shift for the liberal arts classes, a, collectively referred to as second class key class.I did very well because of the language, he was assigned to the liberal arts classes.At this school, attaches great importance to college entrance rate, teachers often told us previous students admitted to the University, to inspire us to learn; we encourage the development of a comprehensive liberal arts, not one-sided emphasis on liberal arts.And our class a few liberal arts performance good, very good writing students (including me) have seen a fatal side branches phenomenon.Done quite liberal arts, science and foreign languages often fail, our class is any teacher, a history teacher, told us every day the dangers of side branches, well-meaning, and predicted that this continues not enter the university gate.Although, I also know that side branches as much harm, but because the infrastructure is poor, weak economic foundation of esoteric science is not interested in; do nothing to dull the language, the less inside the door.I remember when we teach a foreign language teacher is golden, the city is well-known foreign language teacher.To improve the performance of our language, foreign language class, she classroom seats divided into two parts, one side is a good student academic performance, while the poor academic performance of students; teaching according to the level of students taught while teaching side; ingenuity, well-intentioned.But I still do not increase the foreign language achievement, in retrospect, really regret not hard to learn.    Bring serious consequences are side branches; I was destined to get into university gates.To those of us who are not university students deformity.When I looked jealous classmates took notice of the University elated look, sighed the unfairness of fate; why others trees bear rich fruit?And their tree has withered in the autumn, withered?    With the entrance exam, I graduated from high school, my school days came to an end, I am about to say goodbye to the campus into a turning point in my life — to the community.So far retrospect, five junior high school; happiness is often painful; there is joy, there is also regret; there are lucky, there are regrets.But all over time, it becomes history; only remain on paper, on the desk, open the read, take heart from Yee ripple, not a good feeling in their hearts.