[1] on the second floor hallway bulletin board posted the latest monthly exam results, I glance from a distance, Ji Lingqing a lot of top-ranking.Recently his mother that he did not know where to fall in love, and warned him that puppy love will affect learning, achievement go up if she is firmly opposed.In fact, Ji Lingqing in learning has always been on the lower end, if love is not the slightest relationship with.That said Ji Lingqing was a little worried, vowed to take academic post, to avoid being caught out mom.I’ve seen Ji Lingqing holding textbook scratching the way, both upset and moved.Chagrin that he really was not interested in learning, now force myself to work hard, inefficient imagined, more importantly, he was not happy.And I moved, he put our feelings very seriously, at least for now is this.Exam transcript read it?After school we went home together, Ji Lingqing suddenly tilted his head asked me.Ok.I am not at all pleased it up, really make life difficult for you.Nothing, not that thing more books.If you’ve really simple would not be so bad a result, some people are born not get high marks of material.Haha, what are you disguised boast of his good grades.Ji Lingqing joked.He saw me frown not get in a word, it is followed by a sigh.In fact, Ji Lingqing paused, I looked at him he added: In fact, I recently had not forced himself to read, and I have a new way.You discovered the trick of learning?Kind of..Ji Lingqing answer was ambiguous.Although things are moving in the right direction, but I’m still worried, from small to large I have always been a pessimist.After the crossroads when Ji Lingqing pull me up, I noticed a red light, he turned his head to smile apologetically.I saw Ji Lingqing injured left hand, palm wrapped gauze around a circle.Your hands hurt not good?Soon.A few days ago Ji Lingqing to homes for the elderly to do volunteer work, accidentally cut the palm of your hand, you figure there are days the.In addition to his poor academic performance, other aspects are much better than many of their peers at school.Who looks handsome, tall basketball skills are good, the most important is his kind and helpful.Do not let yourself not happy, otherwise I will not be happy.In a separate fork when I say these words to Ji Lingqing.He nodded, his face is to meet the happy face.[2] In order to meet the city’s annual assessment of school organized a clean-up, Ji Lingqing assigned to clean the windows task.He went to our class came to me, let me help.I know he’s not a good hand injury, took the rag fart Britain to follow him.To his classroom and I did not know him as well as a set of cleaning the windows of my rival Qin Xue.In fact, I told Xue Qin and there is no direct contradiction, but we live in the same district, had been friction between the parents, I was ordered not allowed contact with her.Although not have to comply with the ban parents, but Xue Qin This man gave me the feeling is too strong, and I can not be friends with, simply shun meaning parents.I am a person can also be done in.Xue Qin said to me after seeing Ji Lingqing.How that line, I still want to share themselves.Ji Lingqing smiled.Have not you married yet, just you, for me, ah.Xue Qin is like mouth cheap.I’m too lazy to answer her, wrung rag just keep clean the windows, Xue Qin knocked went aside.Ji Lingqing followed my behind for water, wring the cloth together with the right hand and occasionally I.You be careful.He did not remind me from time to time.I was delighted, Xue Qin peek.Her face is difficult to see, so I guess she might have a crush on Ji Lingqing point.To thank me the next day at noon Ji Lingqing invited me to school near Chongqing hot pot restaurants to eat, the World Wide Web.5aigushi.COM We both have been very fond of spicy taste.Because of hand injuries, Ji Lingqing has been for some time does not appear on the basketball court, I suddenly remembered the front desk a few days later the boys say school basketball game wants to do, so I asked Ji Lingqing: Do you want to play it on behalf of your class , it is said to perform well into the school basketball team can do.what?Fog blocked the pot Ji Lingqing face.I say you do participate in basketball game?No good hand injury.After two weeks of competition is something, when hands were okay.I frowned, that thou mayest Cayao no ah, how such a long time is not good, does not it can be inflamed.It should be almost ready.Ji Lingqing clip a chopsticks into my bowl of meat, I do not want to participate in the competition, a waste of time.I still have to spend more time on learning, so his grades slipped and mention this issue let me a headache, I looked at his eyes, he turned his head ducked.You have something without telling me?I put down the chopsticks in protest.